Transcript #406 How GMOs and Glyphosate Are Related to Skyrocketing Diabetes, Infertility, Cancer, Obesity and More with Jeffrey Smith


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  1. Find out what’s in store on this Myers Detox Podcast with Jeffrey Smith, who joins the show to discuss how GMOs and glyphosate are related to skyrocketing diabetes, infertility, cancer, obesity and more! Jeffrey talks about how glyphosate and GMO seeds have wreaked havoc on India’s crops and farmers well-being, the coverups deceit and landmark cases against companies that produce these products, the many types of health complications that are caused by glyphosate and GMOs, and what you can do to help the cause and prevent their effects.
  2. Find out what made Jeffrey become a leading voice on the dangers of GMOs.
  3. Find out how GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are made, and why they are so dangerous.
  4. Learn about the many different health complications that are caused by GMOs and glyphosate, and how they cause these effects.
  5. Find out about some of the major lawsuits against Monsanto and Bayer, and some of the ways they tried to hide evidence of GMOs’ dangers.
  6. Learn about the wide variety of cancers that are caused by GMOs and glyphosate, and how there is evidence that these are causing an increase in animal cancers as well.
  7. Find out why it is so important to eat organic produce and meats due to GMOs and glyphosate.
  8. Learn how Monsanto exerts power over farmers, the media, governments, and scientists to keep GMOs and glyphosate on the market.
  9. Find out about the GMO situation in Mexico and why the government was able to ban GMOs.
  10. Find out more about the dangers of GMOs and what the future holds if we do not do something to prevent their spread.
  11. Learn more about Jeffrey’s Institute for Responsible Technology and what they are doing to stop GMOs and glyphosate.
  12. Find out what steps you can take to heal from the effects of GMOs and glyphosate.
  13. Read Jeffrey’s parting words and the overall message he would like to send you. 


Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. I’m Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. Today we have a really important show. We have one of my heroes, Jeffrey Smith, on the show. He’s going to be talking about GMOs or genetically modified organisms and glyphosate. He’ll discuss how those are related to skyrocketing rates of cancer, diabetes, infertility, obesity and more.

Wendy Myers: On this show, we will talk about so many shocking facts. How, in India, Monsanto, who makes much of the glyphosate and genetically modified seeds, had infiltrated India and caused massive crop failure. Massive cotton crop failure that resulted in the suicide of 258,000 farmers in India alone.

Wendy Myers: We also talk about the different types of cancers like non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, liver cancers, bladder cancers and other cancers shown in research to be correlated to glyphosate ingestion and genetically modified organism ingestion.

Wendy Myers: We also talk about the landmark cases that have been won against Monsanto, who’s now owned by Bayer, and the victories of the plaintiffs. There were thousands of plaintiffs that had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that won their case against Monsanto. We also talk about how Monsanto is able to infiltrate governments, farmers and scientists to twist the data, twist the facts. We talk about all of the insider documents from Monsanto that were revealed which showed their coverup, showed their deceit, showed their malicious intent to harm other people, in general, to sell their products.

Wendy Myers: On a lighter note, we also talk about what you can do to detox glyphosate and how to make better choices. We talk about the devastating impact of glyphosate and GMOs on your digestive system, your gut microbiome and your ability to make neuro-transmitters.

Wendy Myers: We talk about obesity as well, how glyphosate basically chelates all of the minerals out of your body. All the vegetables you eat are sprayed with glyphosate and also have all the minerals chelated out of them. Conventional animals are also fed genetically modified corn, soy, alfalfa and other food products that are tainted with glyphosate in this vicious cycle.

Wendy Myers: We discuss all these things and more on this very important podcast so thank you so much for tuning in. I know you guys listening to the show are concerned about your body’s burden of toxins and want to know what toxins you have in your body. I created a quiz at You can take a two minute quiz and then afterwards get your results. You also get a free video series that talks about many different aspects of detoxification. It also answers a lot of your frequently asked questions about detoxification, how to rid your body of toxins and the health issues that they cause. Go to and take it.

Wendy Myers: Our guest today, Jeffrey Smith, is a leading spokesperson on GMO health dangers. He’s authored two global best-sellers, directed five films, delivered 1000 lectures and 1000 interviews in 45 countries. He’s trained 1500 speakers and organizations and over 10,000 grass root advocates. He’s now sounding the alarm about the serious, even irreversible, hazards of the new genetic engineering techniques which can lead to health and environmental catastrophes. Jeffrey leads the global Protect Nature Now coalition urging governments to stop release of all genetically engineered microbes. You can learn more about Jeffrey and his work at

Wendy Myers: Jeffrey, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Jeffrey Smith: My pleasure. Great to be here.

Wendy Myers: Why don’t you tell us a little bit about how you became so passionate about glyphosate, GMOs and educating the public about their dangers?

Jeffrey Smith: 25 years ago I went to a lecture by a whistleblower. He described how genetically engineered foods would soon be growing that year in Iowa, where I was. He said that, “It wasn’t ready for prime time. It was dangerous.” He was an award-winning genetic engineer. He said, “There’s no way that any human being could go in there with current knowledge and safely manipulate the DNA without putting the population and the environment at risk.” I thought I’d help out a little and 25 years later, 45 countries and a thousand lectures, a thousand interviews, two books, five movies and now I guess I’m the “non-GMO guy”.

Wendy Myers: I love your work so much. It’s important. You completely changed my life and educated me about the importance of eating an organic diet and avoiding pesticides and genetically modified organisms, as well. For anyone who’s not in the know yet, can you explain what are GMOs and what is glyphosate?

Jeffrey Smith: Sure. Genetically modified organisms, GMOs, are when you either take genes from one species and force it into the DNA of other species, or you go in there with gene editing tools, snip and you mess things up. The most common result of genetic engineering is surprise side effects. You can create massive collateral damage in the DNA. You won’t necessarily read that by those promoting their ideas. They’re going to say, “Oh, it’ll create this effect and this effect.” Typically, it doesn’t always produce what it’s supposed to. Often it produces a lot of other things that they end up cleaning up or ignoring. They’ve ignored genetically engineered foods and the safety dangers, which have been predicted and named clearly by the FDA scientists. They have to weigh in on policy for GMOs. They said, “It can create toxins,” which it does. “Allergens,” which it does. “New diseases and nutritional problems,” and urged their superiors to require testing.

Jeffrey Smith: The person in charge of policy at the FDA, Michael Taylor, was Monsanto’s former outside attorney and later, Monsanto’s vice president. Monsanto is the big GMO maker. It was no accident because the White House had instructed the FDA to promote GMOs and so they’re on the market without any safety testing requirements and without any labeling. That’s of significance. Now we know that the concerns raised by the scientists at the FDA in the early ’90s have been validated and they have been vindicated.

Jeffrey Smith: Over on the EPA side, they were also told to promote GMOs, but they worked with their clients to try and get toxic chemicals approved. There were whistle blowers recently in Washington that did a hearing, five of them saying that they, “Systematically ignore, downplay and rewrite out incriminating evidence about chemicals and other problems in order to satisfy the clients and put the public at risk.”

Jeffrey Smith: We didn’t need these five whistleblowers because we had the transcripts from the round of trials showing that Monsanto had its own lapdogs in the EPA working on their behalf. That’s exactly what happened to get glyphosate approved. Glyphosate is the chief poison in Roundup. When you look at how it was approved, it was based on fraud, manipulation, deceit, ghostwriting and pressure, but not based on science. The manipulation was stunning and it is extremely dangerous.

Jeffrey Smith: Most GMOs are sprayed with Roundup or are Roundup Ready. Soy, corn, cotton, canola, sugar beets and alfalfa are sprayed with Roundup. In the crop stage, it gets absorbed into the crop and we eat it. Roundup is also sprayed on wheat, oats, barley, lentils and mung beans. It’s found in orange juice, wine and beer. It’s nasty and it’s around, so we look at both of those.

Wendy Myers: It just completely permeated every part of our lives. Even organic food can have glyphosate if it’s located near a farm that’s spraying glyphosate. It’s sprayed in your neighbor’s driveway, all the city parks all over the United States. It’s just unbelievable how this company has infiltrated, using this pesticide, in every aspect of our lives.

Jeffrey Smith: That’s right. It’s 300 million pounds a year in the United States. It’s found in the rain, it’s found in the air, it’s found in water and it operates at very, very low levels. The likelihood of someone avoiding it completely is very low, but we need to do our best to avoid it whenever we can. It has been linked to more than 30 diseases. When I say “linked,” it’s astounding, the evidence we have now. Whereas, let’s say, 30 different diseases or more are rising in parallel with the increased use of Roundup on GMO soy and corn, or the increase of GMO soy and corn. Is it the Roundup or is it the GMO?

Jeffrey Smith: One scientist, Gilles-Éric Séralini, a famous toxicologist from France, tried to find out. He took Roundup Ready corn and fed it to rats for two years. They had multiple massive tumors, early death and organ damage. At the same time, he fed another group of rats just the Roundup Ready corn that hadn’t been sprayed. Multiple massive tumors, early death and organ damage. You could think, “Aha. It’s corn. It’s genetically engineered,” but another group was fed the Roundup in the drinking water without the corn, and they also had multiple massive tumors, early death and organ damage, compared to the controls. So GMOs and Roundup, individually or together, are to be avoided.

Wendy Myers: Very interesting. I have a story about glyphosate. My brother was given up for adoption and I spoke to him for the first time three years ago. He’s a cotton farmer. When he called me for the first time, me of all people, he was mixing glyphosate to spray on his crops without any protective clothing or gear, and he had done that his entire life.

Jeffrey Smith: Whoo.

Wendy Myers: It just really took my breath away. Needless to say, he does have cancer now and is seeking out alternative health treatments for that. He’s going to be fine but it was really shocking how I met him, and that he was mixing glyphosate of all things.

Jeffrey Smith: Let me take that and run with it for a second. Monsanto’s own research showed that people need to have a lot of equipment: gloves, goggles, the proper suit and boots. They internally told their employees to suit up when dealing with Roundup or any glyphosate. Yet, in the TV commercials, they showed people in tank tops, shorts and bare feet, spraying, saying that it was completely safe. This came up in the trial as a complete hypocrisy, putting the public at risk and ignoring the health dangers.

Jeffrey Smith: Now, we talked about absorption in the skin. There was a study, in order to get the pesticide approved, they had to show absorption levels into human skin. They took cadavers, cut the skin away and added the Roundup to the skin to see how much was absorbed into the dead bodies. It was over 3.3 times the amount allowable by the EPA. They never told the EPA. They lied. Instead, they took human skin and put it in an oven and baked it. You know what happens when you bake meat? It gets really tough, but that wasn’t good enough. They took that baked human skin and then froze it, then they applied the Roundup and it hardly was absorbed. They gave those numbers to the EPA.

Jeffrey Smith: They were also aware, shown from the documents, that when they applied the Roundup to the shaved skin of rodents, there was an incredible amount of damage. There were some deaths and there were some tumors. They were aware of it. They acknowledged that the “dermal application” in their words, of the Roundup, could be related to these deaths and these tumors.

Jeffrey Smith: A friend of mine, Dr. Anthony Samsel, was spraying coyote urine around his organic garden.

Wendy Myers: I’ve done that also.

Jeffrey Smith: Okay.

Wendy Myers: Sprayed it in my yard.

Jeffrey Smith: It keeps the deer away. He was also spraying Roundup near his greenhouse, and when he ran out of coyote urine, he decided to fill a Mason jar with his own urine and see if that would work. Where he had sprayed it, the plants died. His urine was a herbicide. He had no idea. He double-checked it in his lab.

Wendy Myers: Oh, my God.

Jeffrey Smith: Sure enough, it was. He stopped spraying Roundup and his urine was no longer killing the plants. He said, “The Roundup may have gone through his rubber boots into his skin systemically, and not his urine.” The thing is there is a chemical added to the glyphosate to drive it into the crops that also drives it into the skin and drives it through materials. The attorneys told me that when they put Roundup on a Tyvek suit, they dropped it on and it dripped through the Tyvek suit. So it is really penetrating.

Jeffrey Smith: When you tell me that your brother was applying it without proper safeguards and now he has cancer, I can understand the lineage behind that.

Wendy Myers: I mean, this was his entire life. He lived on a cotton farm and was a cotton farmer his whole life. You can only imagine the pesticide exposure.

Wendy Myers: There’s thousands of individuals who are suffering from health conditions and then switch to an organic diet and improve. We also know that there’s many health conditions, over 30 health conditions, attributed to GMOs and glyphosate. Can you talk about a few of those?

Jeffrey Smith: Basically, it’s almost all the ones that you know about, that are on the rise: autism, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety and depression, sleep disorders, ADHD, suicide by overdose and all sorts of things we now know have plausible pathways.

Jeffrey Smith: When I was touring, after I released the movie Genetic Roulette, I had spoken at some medical conferences since 2006. The doctors were starting to prescribe non-GMO diets to their patients and reporting to me dramatic improvements with, basically, their entire clinical population. It was shocking. I went to verify it by going to their clinics and interviewing patients, it was also shocking to me.

Jeffrey Smith: Then I went to farms who had taken pigs and cows off of GMO soy and corn, and they got better sometimes within days. I started asking the audience, “What did you notice that you got better from when you switched to non-GMO or organic?” The hands went up. I asked, “Okay. How many people suffer from this?” In about 150 lectures, including two dozen medical conferences where the audience wasn’t speaking about their own experience, but about their patients so the sample size was enormous.

Jeffrey Smith: The number one improvement was always digestive. When we surveyed 3,256 people who subscribe to the Institute for Responsible Technologies, the membership or subscription list, the number one result was digestion. 85.2% noticed improvement in digestion and not just a small improvement. At least 80% of those had a significant improvement, nearly gone or completely disappeared.

Jeffrey Smith: Then there was fatigue, fatigue and brain fog were always the number two in all these 150 lectures, but I broke them up in the survey. Fatigue was number two; weight problems, number three; brain fog, number four; and then anxiety and depression, food allergies and sensitivities, and we’re still at about 50%. More than half of the people got better from those particular diseases.

Jeffrey Smith: If you look at the disease charts, the correlation is incredible. The correlation doesn’t prove causation, but it’s important as an extra set of data to evaluate whether there is, in fact, causation. When we look at autism, for example: The correlation number is .997. A 1.00 is a perfect correlation. This was .997 linking the amount of Roundup sprayed in the United States over the previous four years and the incidence of autism at six years old. When you look at the lines, it’s just breathtaking.

Jeffrey Smith: Now, is there a relationship? Well, my friend, Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a senior researcher at MIT, who’s an expert at pulling down and looking at biological trends with all data to find patterns and causation. She was trying to find the environmental insult that was causing autism. She brought down all the data about the physiological changes in autistic people. She looked at why that could create the specific symptoms. She understood that. But she couldn’t find the environmental impact until she went to a lecture by another friend of mine, Dr. Don Huber, who spent two hours talking about glyphosate.

Jeffrey Smith: Stephanie said she sat at the edge of her chair and could not believe it, because she had never heard of glyphosate. She had checked every other chemical, industrial chemical and pesticide that she knew about. Never had heard of glyphosate, but it fits, hand in glove, into being the causative agent linking to autism.

Jeffrey Smith: That’s not all. If you look at glyphosate, we can get into the GMO causation also, but glyphosate is easier to talk about because there’s more data. There’s hardly any studies by comparison on GMOs. Glyphosate damages, and for those interested in detox, rebuilding and repairing, consider what the damage is as I go through this list. Glyphosate was originally patented as a chelator to descale industrial boilers and pipes. Chelation is used in detox to grab the harmful chemicals, but this grabs all the minerals and makes them unavailable. It creates mineral deficient plants where it’s sprayed and mineral deficient animals that eat the Roundup Ready crops and the Roundup residue.

Jeffrey Smith: We eat mineral deficient animals, mineral deficient plants and extra Roundup doses in the food, which then grabs to the minerals in our bodies, making them unusable. Mineral deficiency causes a long list of diseases, right? That’s one.

Jeffrey Smith: It’s also patented as an antibiotic. The microbiome, I assume that many of the people listening to you know how important and critical for life the gut microbiome is, and the microbiome throughout our bodies. 80% of diseases are now linked to changes in the microbiome. If you look at the changes in the gut microbes when you apply Roundup, it moves the health in a way that could link to all the 28 different conditions that were described as people got better from or they switched to non-GMO organic.

Jeffrey Smith: I went with a microbiome expert who did the research on Roundup, and I listed every one of those conditions. He explained, “Oh, yeah. The short chain fatty acid depletion could do this. The changes here could do this.” Micro-disruption can also create leaky gut. Leaky gut is linked to virtually every disease. You can look at the published article, All Diseases Begin in a Leaky Gut. It damages the mitochondria, causing another long list of diseases because the mitochondria are the energy centers. You get brain fog and fatigue, that explains it.

Jeffrey Smith: Even sleep disorders are explained because glyphosate blocks the ability of the gut microbiome and certain bacteria to produce the precursors to serotonin, which then changes to melatonin, which governs our sleep. Even without sleep, if we just look at the serotonin, that could explain our anxiety and depression. It also has a problem with producing dopamine. These are the chemicals that we really want, but we’re dismantling metabolic pathways to create them. The neuro-transmitters can get messed up. The hormones can get messed up. The DNA can get messed up, which is linked to cancer, which is why the World Health Organization’s committee declared it “A probable human carcinogen.” It can create birth defects and it can create epigenetic effects like changes in gene expression that can go on generation after generation after generation. They injected Roundup into pregnant mice, the great grandchildren suffered the most. 90% had serious disorders. It was increasing over time as the epigenetic changes were passed on from one to the other.

Jeffrey Smith: If you look at those, you can understand the causative pathways. Now, we can relate it to high blood pressure, diabetes, weight problems and all that. This is one reason why, when people switch to organic and get rid of both the GMOs and the Roundup in one fell swoop, we see amazing recoveries.

Jeffrey Smith: I don’t know if you’ve seen the movie I did with Amy Hart, Secret Ingredients? We looked at people who switched to organic. Kids on the spectrum are no longer on the spectrum. Infertile couples had kids. People with brain fog, fatigue, digestive disorders, cancer and all of these different symptoms and conditions, improved or disappeared. The doctors say, “This is what happens in our clinic every day,” and the scientists explain why.

Wendy Myers: It’s just mind boggling when you look at these charts though, you see when the glyphosate use began in the 1990s, and as the glyphosate use goes up so do the rates for obesity, autism, allergies, asthma, and some of these other diseases that you talk about. When you have an illness, when you have a health issue, you have to look at the underlying root cause. Toxins today, especially glyphosate, are the number one primary root cause of disease. Everything you were saying really supports that.

Jeffrey Smith: It’s interesting when we talk about toxins. The body, as you know, and you’re an expert more so than I am, has detox pathways. There’s some detox pathways that get compromised with the presence of glyphosate. First, there’s the liver or the big detoxifier, the P450 cytochrome pathway. Forget about what I just said if you’re not into jargon. If you’re into biology, then you go, “Oh, my God. It hurts.” Yes, because those enzymes created by that pathway help the liver to detox. When the liver can’t do that, all the other toxins that would normally be ushered out, can hang out and do their dirty work.

Jeffrey Smith: In the cells you have the Nrf2 pathway, which releases toxins from the cells. That is dramatically reduced, dramatically reduced. You have problems with the kidneys, as well. Kidney and liver problems were very common in the rats that were fed GMOs or Roundup.

Jeffrey Smith: There’s a disease that has been killing so many farm workers in Sri Lanka and Central America, where they spray Roundup and where there’s arsenic in the soil. There was a study that showed that the glyphosate, remember it’s a chelator and probably grabs onto the arsenic, then smuggles it into the body where it gets into the kidneys. The acidic nature there splits the bond, and now the kidney is destroyed by both the arsenic and the glyphosate. The number of people on dialysis machines, who have died from kidney problems in these regions, is absolutely horrific.

Jeffrey Smith: When we look at the other toxins and their ability to leave the body, they’re compromised because of glyphosate and Roundup.

Wendy Myers: Glyphosate is one of the reasons we’re seeing so many health issues today. Can you talk about the lawsuits regarding cancer and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma that have been brought against Monsanto, and the results of those lawsuits?

Jeffrey Smith: There’ve been three, so far, that have finished. There’s some going on right now and I’ve been involved with that. I’ve interviewed the lawyers. I was on national television with one of the lawyers and plaintiffs, The Doctors TV show, for an hour. In fact, there’s a memo about me from Monsanto’s files that made it into the lawsuit and into the trial where it was read in the closing arguments. It was about how they tried to go after me when I exposed the fact that children are most at risk from the health dangers of GMOs.

Jeffrey Smith: Fortunately, the millions of pages of documentation that Monsanto was forced to turn over to the plaintiff’s attorneys, were actually made public. It was a trick that was done by the plaintiff’s attorney. He had studied it and made a statement that was not responded to within 30 days by the opposition, so he was able to release it publicly.

Jeffrey Smith: It was a shock to Monsanto because they never thought they’d ever have their internal documents exposed because if they had thought that, they would never have said such incriminating statements. They were bragging about ghostwriting articles about the safety of glyphosate, when their own hired consultant who was the best in the world said, “No, no. It probably causes cancer.” They disregarded his report and never showed it to the EPA, which was legally required. They ghost wrote an article with the opposite conclusions and paid people to sign it.

Jeffrey Smith: When the FDA originally said, “It’s a possible human carcinogen,” they pressured the FDA for years, hiring a schill apparently, a doctor to challenge it by saying, “Oh, here’s the control. You could see there’s a tumor here.” No one saw the tumor, but the documents pointed out that he was going to come to that conclusion even before he had ever seen the data. It was part of the setup. It found that the laboratory which did its initial submissions to the FDA, did it in such a way that it was so fraudulent that members of the executives went to jail.

Jeffrey Smith: The Justice Department said, “It was the biggest scientific fraud in the history of the United States, possibly the world, for this Biotest, which was doing all these tests for Monsanto and many other companies. It was one of the largest in the world. It was all fraudulent.

Jeffrey Smith: As the jury was listening to all of these things, how they rigged their research, got scientists fired, put pressure on reporters, paid off a journal editor to retract a study that showed that the Séralini study would be reported on, which then was published by another peer-reviewed journal after it passed its third peer-review. It was amazing that all of the dastardly dark things that you would then imagine that the worst corporations would do, it was right there in black and white.

Jeffrey Smith: The world’s experts on toxicity were speaking on behalf of the plaintiffs. Monsanto brought in people that were not speaking in their area of expertise. If they had brought in the experts, they would have been forced to come to the same conclusions. They were scientists in the jury, there were very intelligent people in the jury and they were angry. Not only did they award compensatory damages, millions, for the loss of people’s health and the loss of life, but also punitive damages. The punitive damage bar is higher. It has to show that the company acted with malicious intent and they did in every case. That’s where the huge awards came. The first one, 39 million in compensatory, 250 million in punitive. By the third, I think was, 52 million in compensatory, 2 billion in punitive.

Wendy Myers: That sounds more like it.

Jeffrey Smith: They wanted to hurt Monsanto.

Wendy Myers: That sounds more appropriate.

Jeffrey Smith: The judges brought the numbers down because they had to, according to certain rules, but now Bayer, the aspirin maker which bought Monsanto, they’ve been suffering from their purchase. They’re now offering about 16 billion in settlements for just non-Hodgkin lymphoma, which is just one of the cancers it’s associated with. Just one of the disease classes, which it’s associated with.

Jeffrey Smith: I sent a video to the shareholders of Bayer saying, “If you guys don’t do this, this and this, other juries are going to be angry at you for trying to withhold this evidence. Either you pull glyphosate right away or show us all the evidence and do the research, or you will go bankrupt if this goes to trial, again and again and again, with all these different disease categories with far greater numbers than the non-Hodgkin lymphoma of actions.”

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I loved it when the Bayer stock went down after this verdict came out about Monsanto, and that the lawsuit was won against them.

Wendy Myers: What are some of the other cancers that are caused by glyphosate and Roundup Ready weed killer?

Jeffrey Smith: Well, I can say, because I have to make friends with my attorney, I could say there’s amazing evidence showing causation. The World Health Organization’s committee said that, “It definitely causes cancer in animals,” because there’s a lot of animal studies. You don’t generally put humans through studies like that. Based on what we know, there’s a probable human carcinogen and a definite animal carcinogen. More information has come out since they have done their research confirming that.

Jeffrey Smith: If you look at the data from the correlational gathering, you see that the Roundup use and also GMO use, are correlated with cancers and deaths. Cancers of the liver, bladder, deaths from acute myeloid leukemia, kidney cancer and breast cancer. Studies show that with breast cancer, it interacts with another element that circulates in humans. Because it circulates in humans, it allows for the carcinogenic process to go on.

Jeffrey Smith: There’s ways that certain elements will trigger tumors and others that will accelerate the tumors. In the research done by Monsanto that was talked about in the court case, they found that the greatest damage was accelerating existing tumor formation. When they added something to rodents to create the tumor and then they put glyphosate or Roundup exposure in one and not in the other, there weren’t any tumors in the control group, but there were 40% more tumors in the other. I mean it was dramatic.

Jeffrey Smith: When I talked to Dr. Anthony Samsel, he was able to get some secret EPA submitted documents from Monsanto with the help of his Senator, and found tumors all over the place in all sorts of organs. It’s not easy to say where it stops, we don’t know if there’s a cancer that’s not promoted, either initiated or accelerated by glyphosate. We know that dogs don’t often have cancer. It was not even taught much in veterinary school by the veterinarians that I’ve interviewed. We have a pets and GMOs website. For example, Dr. Barbara Royal, who was Oprah’s vet, said, “When GMOs were introduced, some Roundup was introduced into the human food supply because the animals, the pets, ate the byproducts of the human industrial food system”. They were getting tons of Roundup and GMOs, then taking the glyphosates, and it started to accelerate. Now, dogs have the highest rate of cancer of any mammal. One in every 1.6 dogs is the estimate right now.

Jeffrey Smith: I remember talking to one doctor who wrote a syndicated column for 25 to 30 million readers, Dr. Michael Fox. He said, “When GMOs were introduced, he got a raft of letters from dog owners saying they’re dealing with itching and other allergic reactions, diarrhea and digestive problems, right away.” He wrote them back letters individually saying, “Get them off of the GMOs.” He said he has, “A file cabinet filled with letters confirming that that worked.”

Jeffrey Smith: When you have practitioners before, during and after the introduction, like Dr. Michelle Perro, a pediatrician, who saw the devastating damage among the children that she was working with. Another veterinarian that I talked to who looked at the cows, there were devastating changes. No one else was putting it together. The other practitioners that started their practice after GMOs and Roundup were introduced, they consider that normal, because it is normal today, the glyphosate, Roundup and GMOs are in so many things.

Jeffrey Smith: Finally, when you look at the actual studies that are done by the industry to try and prove that their GMOs and Roundup are safe, they do such terrible things. I told you about the cooking of the human skin, that’s typical, right? One thing that they do is they feed standard dog chows to their rats and mice and those are filled with GMOs and Roundup. Their experimental group has GMOs and Roundup and their control has GMOs and Roundup.

Wendy Myers: Of course.

Jeffrey Smith: It’s not quite science.

Wendy Myers: That brings me to another question, another round of questions. People that are eating organic or trying to eat organic vegetables, if you eat conventional animal proteins and meats, they’re all fed genetically-modified corn and soy. Can you talk a little about that?

Jeffrey Smith: The six major GMOs, they’re all Roundup Ready. Some of them also produce a toxic insecticide called BT. Soy, corn and these are all fed to animals. Cotton and cotton seeds are fed to animals. Canola seeds, sugar beet pulp and alfalfa, it’s devastating for the animals. There’s a lot of reasons. Their gut bacteria completely changes. I talked to one veterinarian, who said a Clostridium A that he was looking at just over clover, exploded and became toxic. He had to produce a probiotic. There’s a way that the glyphosate kills the bacteria that keeps the botulism production in check from Clostridium botulinum. That gets knocked down easily, so the botulism can go up and you have chronic botulism, which is deadly for animals and can cause sudden infant death syndrome. It’s linked to sudden death syndrome in children and babies.

Jeffrey Smith: There’s a lot of problems with miscarriages and infertility. There’s mineral deficiency. There’s all sorts of deformed births. We’ve identified, in peer reviewed studies, where they’ve seen that the animals that have deformities have high levels of glyphosate. From the animal side, it’s devastating.

Jeffrey Smith: Then we eat the diseased, mineral deficient, glyphosate ridden, animals. You don’t have to be a scientist to be put off by it. I was interviewing a woman whose husband ran their family farm. She said she’d seen the recently butchered cows that were either non-GMO fed or GMO fed. The GMO fed cows, she said, “they smelled terrible. They were discolored. It was disgusting.” She said, “Just by looking and smelling them, she would never feed her children animal products from animals that were fed GMOs.” I’ve heard that many times. In fact, the animals look like they’re 15 years older, according to some people I’ve spoken with, because it ravages the body.

Wendy Myers: I’m assuming a lot of times they just add red food coloring to it to make it look healthy and pink, because it’s definitely not arriving at the stores looking as red and appetizing as it does. No way.

Jeffrey Smith: Well, I don’t know what they do to dress it up because I have never seen conventional meat. I think I know about that too much. When you know about it, you gotta make some decisions quickly.

Wendy Myers: How does Monsanto exert influence over the farmers, over the media, over the government and the scientists? How has it become so powerful and enabling, really poisoning the United States and the entire planet? They have really tried to infiltrate every single country with their genetically modified seeds and pesticides.

Jeffrey Smith: You name the big four. These are the categories that I’ve identified as their targets: farmers, academia which includes the scientists, government and the media. I have exposed that in my books, in my movies and in articles. It’s pretty comprehensive.

Jeffrey Smith: To give you an example, when the World Health Organization’s international agency for research on cancer declared that glyphosate was a probable human carcinogen, Monsanto was tipped off by one of their lap dogs at the EPA about the fact that IARC was doing a glyphosate analysis, so they had months to prepare.

Jeffrey Smith: And so we now have the document of how they planned to exert influence. They had had their handy paid scientists, including the scientists they pay to try and discredit me. They had front groups, they had people who were farm organizations that get paid by them, so they are doing their bidding. They ghost wrote articles for scientists and supposed opinion leaders for Forbes and various journals. They created a so-called independent panel. They paid people to be on the independent panel and then wrote their conclusions and had them sign it. They organized among their influence in Washington to try and defund and discredit the World Health Organization because it had just declared it’s chemically toxic.

Jeffrey Smith: It was incredible. I mean, a friend of mine, Carey Gillum, wrote a book and there’s a whole multiple spreadsheets about how they were going to attack her and get reviews written for Amazon and others by their people that they would write and other people would sign, that were written in advance. I had to face the same thing with Seeds Of Deception. I had to contact Amazon and say, “This is a shill.” In the Roundup trial, it was brought out that they have a budgetary item called let nothing go. Where if anyone mentions anything negative about their products, they counter it. They have troll farms for social media. They will attack scientists. They’ll try and get them fired or censored and it’s pretty remarkable how effective they’ve been.

Jeffrey Smith: They’ve hired PR firms to rate, or PR and intelligence firms, to rate the reports by different reporters who were doing reports on Monsanto’s materials. Then they would hire another person, another group, to reward those who were positive and to attack those that weren’t. We have transcripts and leaked documents of how they did it, when they went into India to try and convince the farmers that genetically engineered cotton would give them riches. They rigged their research, they hid facts. They had big pictures of supposed farmers that made money that weren’t farmers at all.

Jeffrey Smith: One was a cigarette salesman, or a farmer standing by his tractor. They took a picture as if he had bought the tractor because he could afford it after using the cotton, when that person was tracked down, he said, “No, no, I’d never use that again. Tractor had nothing to do with the cotton.” But they were able to convince the … and they had Bollywood actors and they paid the most popular and wealthy farmers in the area to hold free festivals, where they gave out seeds and everything. It was just a full court press and it was such a disaster, the seeds, which they didn’t sprout properly, or they didn’t generate, they didn’t germinate. They had a root rot, or leaf curl, or took more labor, or were poor quality. A lot of the farmers who were believing this full-on marketing effort, couldn’t get loans from the government to pay for these expensive seeds, which were over a thousand times more per gram than in the US. So they borrowed money from the secondary market, loan sharks, that were charging 7% a month, for example. When the end of the season came and they couldn’t pay back their loans, they were facing losing their land and many committed suicide. 250,000 cotton farmers that were planting genetically engineered cotton committed suicide.

Wendy Myers: Is it that many people, that many farmers?

Jeffrey Smith: Yeah, it was 300,000 that committed suicide, and we believe 250,000 was specifically because of the failure of their BT cotton to perform. That was based on door-to-door surveys of every year, a hundred families where there was a suicide and about 95% were direct or indirect because of that.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, it’s just unbelievable, the destruction this company causes. Can you talk about Mexico? I currently live in Mexico and I was really happy to read that Mexico had decided to ban glyphosate and phase it out by 2024. Part of me was like, “Let’s see how long that lasts.” And then lo and behold, I saw some new news that they decided to appeal that, do you know what’s going on there? Why  was that revised?

Jeffrey Smith: You know, I’m not sure it is currently repealed, it may have landed in … last I heard it was still on, that there was an effort to repeal it by a minister who was one of the ministers of agriculture, who are really like ministers of Monsanto. I’ve spoken in 45 countries and the activists locally first give me the lay of the land and say, “Okay these ministries, or these ministers, these regulatory agencies, they’re all captured and then these ones are independent.”

Jeffrey Smith: Yeah, I think that the government may be holding to its ban on glyphosate, its phase out, as well as GMO corn. It’s interesting, the US government and the industry immediately decided to put pressure on Monsanto to reverse that decision. But the non-GMO farmers in America were saying, “We can give you what you need.” Everyone else was saying, “You’re going to be starving, we can’t give you all that.” It’s like, “Yeah, we can, we can give you non-GMO corn. You want it? We can create it. We’ll plant non-GMO seeds.” My goodness, this is what farmers can do. They can meet the needs of their customers.

Jeffrey Smith: So with Mexico, they’ve been in the pocket of biotech, sort of, on and off, Mexico is the origin of the genetics of corn, a lot of varieties of natural corn. So, they didn’t want GM corn planted there. In fact, even though it wasn’t allowed, it had been planted and the pollen traveled and they found contamination far from where it had been planted. In fact, they found contamination in the cotton 2,000 kilometers from where they were planting GM cotton in Mexico. So, my friend Ignacio Chapela, who’s a professor at Berkeley, discovered contamination of GM corn and was basically threatened and he was just treated terribly by the industry and he published an article and they forced a retraction, they lied about … I mean, it was just the classic hatchet job, which I described in Seeds Of Deception, but it was trying to get Mexico to adopt GMOs.

Jeffrey Smith: A beekeeper was able to keep it out of one region because he showed that it was going to damage indigenous corn and mess up the bees. Finally, The government saw the light and said no GMOs and no glyphosate because of human health concerns. So, it’s a rare thing for a government to stand up to the US government and Monsanto, because the US government has been working lockstep as Monsanto’s enforcement wing. If you look at WikiLeaks, you can see that ambassadors to France, to Spain, like the ambassador to France had urged Washington to create a retaliation list to cause harm, cause some pain in those countries that were blocking GMOs.

Jeffrey Smith: The Spanish ambassador said, “I just met with Monsanto’s director in the region and can you please help the Spanish government create a pro-GMO policy and this and this and this.” I mean, the US government is working on behalf of the biotech industry. Phil Bariano, another friend, was debating someone from USAID, the Agency for International Development in South Africa, more than a decade ago, maybe even two decades ago. After the lights went down in the TV studio, they continued to argue privately and at one point, the AID person said, “You just wait, we’ll plant so much genetic engineered corn in South Africa, the entire continent will be contaminated and then no one can be non-GMO.” By design, this was.

Jeffrey Smith: So if you look at it, the US government has been a bully. Monsanto has been a bully and still consumers have now rejected GMOs in large numbers. 51% of the US population thinks GMO foods are unsafe and I helped make that happen. 48% of the world’s population. So, the consumers are dictating marketplace realities because food companies like Kraft and General Mills, et cetera, are systematically removing GMOs so that their competitors that have a non-GMO label on the same shelf, don’t steal their customers.

Wendy Myers: Yeah and it’s sad that you talk about the pollenization of crops that are non-GMO or organic. The concern is since GMOs have been planted since the ’90s, there’s been a substantial amount of cross-colonization inadvertently. So, what’s in store for us genetically in the future, for genetic engineering in the future? I mean, is it true that genetically altering microbes can cause all these different problems, and even collapse of our ecosystems?

Jeffrey Smith: I’m afraid so. Let me say that we’ve been very successful in educating consumers, changing policy of industry, and in many cases, changing policy of governments related to GMO foods, but now there’s gene editing. So, the biotech industry was aware that they lost the public relations debates on GMOs. So, they were dead set on trying to convince governments most importantly, and then consumers, that gene editing was not GMO. Gene editing is GMO, it’s genetic engineering. It’s a new version, but it also creates massive collateral damage causing all sorts of side effects as one nature writer wrote, chromosomal mayhem, just potential disaster, but it’s cheap, it’s easy. You can get a gene editing CRISPR kit for $169 on Amazon. You can build your own lab at home for $1,000 to $2,000 and make new GMO microbes every day and escort them out the door, take them for a walk, name them for your friends.

Jeffrey Smith: It’s absolutely tragic because GMOs, if they survive, if they can survive in the wild and many do, it’s irreversible, they will propagate. If it’s a microbe, they can travel around the world. They can mutate. Microbes go to swap meets and exchange genes. So, if you release a gene-altered microbe in your garage, it may end up on the other side of the world. The gene may be in hundreds or thousands of different classes of microbes, wreaking havoc. We now know that the microbiome is so important, not just for human health, but for the environment, for the soil. So if you go to, which is our new campaign that’s trying to prevent this existential threat from taking place, the genetic engineering and damage of the microbiome, if you go to, you can watch my latest film, which is my shortest, 16 minutes called Don’t Let The Gene Out Of The Bottle.

Jeffrey Smith: It shows one example of a genetically engineered bacteria, which had it been released as planned in the ’90s, it theoretically could have ended terrestrial plant life. Another one, had it been released as planned, could have theoretically altered weather patterns. The gene-altered microbes, if they had done what they were supposed to do and had a survival advantage, it could have been a disaster. It doesn’t even take into account the side effects from genetic engineering, the mutations and the gene swapping, all of which amplify the risks.

Jeffrey Smith: So Protect Nature Now and I’m emphasizing that, I’ll explain why, Protect Nature Now is a campaign to convince governments, to lock them down, to not allow any outdoor release, and this is urgent. Now that we have gene editing kits, and home kits, and high school kits, and college kits, and big government laboratories, and especially the biotech industry with the ability to produce thousands through robotics-driven bioartificial intelligence, we could see millions of new GM microbes introduced into our environment this generation.

Jeffrey Smith: That could destroy the nature of nature. It could damage or collapse ecosystems. It can create new diseases in our bodies. Something released to help the soil in Arkansas could destroy the microbiome of an infant in South Africa. We don’t know, and we don’t have enough data and understanding about the microbiome to take these risks. So, what we are doing is educating and activating. The film is the quickest way to educate, Don’t Let The Gene Out Of The Bottle. Right next to the film, you can click on an advocacy platform, enter your information, and all of your elected officials show up with that month’s campaign. We want your elected officials to get that month. You click and send it, or you customize it and send it. You can tweet them, you can send a press release or press materials out to local media in your area and people who visited have sent out tens of thousands of messages to elected officials in media, in the United States, and Canada, UK, EU, and Australia. Those are loaded right now into the database.

Jeffrey Smith: So we have now, I think the current one or just finishing is the gain of function, because we also want to stop the laboratory enhancement of potentially pandemic pathogens, which if they escape will create new pandemics. So, we have two goals in the campaign, no gain of function in hand of pathogens that can create pandemics, duh. And two, no outdoor release of any GMO microbes that can disturb or destroy the precious microbiome, and that has co-evolved with us for billions of years, that we’ve outsourced 90% of our daily metabolic functions to, that take care of our children, that help us heal. That helps us digest and detox, we want to protect the little guys who are working on our behalf and we need to do that now. So while you’re at, please also make a recurring donation so that we can know that money is coming each month and hire the people and make the educational assets we need.

Jeffrey Smith: So this is a global new movement, a new global movement, that gets echoed in the halls of regenerative agriculture, which we’re requires the soil microbiome to function, which echoes in the halls of functional medicine, which requires a healthy microbiome and animal rights and birders and gardeners, and every major movement that needs the microbiome to meet their goals, echoes this need to protect and safeguard the nature of nature by eliminating genetically engineered microbes from being released into the environment.

Wendy Myers: And this is such an important message. That’s why we at Myers Detox, we support the Institute for Responsible Technology. I encourage anyone out there that is feeling very moved by this podcast and by this message to also support with a recurring donation at Jeffrey’s work, because it’s incredibly important. I mean, just the impact, the existential crisis that we’re having right now on this planet as a result of GMOs and glyphosate, it cannot be just overstated. It’s just so profound, the negative impact these technologies are having on the earth and on our health.

Jeffrey Smith: Thank you for that. Thank you for your support, Wendy. I find that the message now is way easier to convey. People get it. I mean, what’s interesting is we now have a deep understanding of the corruption of regulatory agencies. Everyone understands that regulators are often captured by the companies they’re supposed to be regulating. Everyone understands now about the … Well, a lot of people about the microbiome and about its importance. That has been made more clear from the pandemic because everyone now knows that microbes can travel around the world and mutate and wreak havoc. So, there’s an awakening in the population, receptor cells are opening and because of the 25 years that we’ve been spending, and others, on educating people about the dangers in mishaps of GMOs, it’s all coming together.

Jeffrey Smith: So, we now have members of Congress who are interested in speaking with us, because they’re interested in supporting our goals. I’m going to go to DC soon and I can’t name the people I’m meeting with because you know what’s going to happen if Monsanto hears that, but we have unprecedented support right now. So, we’re scrambling to meet through opportunities. We’re doing a webinar on regenerative agriculture with some of the world’s greatest minds in that area, because they have ways to draw down carbon into the soil. But if we mess up the microbiome with GMOs, then their goals are unattainable, unattainable. The ability to pull down excess carbon back into the soil, it’s available, as long as we allow the microbes to do the heavy lifting.

Jeffrey Smith: So, I’m very optimistic. We have more opportunities than we can handle right now because we have very small staff, but we ultimately need to open up offices in every continent. We need to have the PR person, the marketing wing, or firm. We have a production department, we’re just scrambling to keep up with conveying it. So, thank you for supporting us and we’re not going to let you down.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And I mean, I personally believe the dark is working for the light. Everything that some of these evil corporations do wakes up more people to then become activists and help make better choices, but with their dollars. I think more and more and more people are waking up to what is going on. I think the things that they’re trying to do ultimately won’t work, because it seems like a very formidable foe to have this multi, multi multibillion dollar corporation and they are fighting against this person and other people as well. But I truly believe that we will win out over this corporation and more and more people will wake up and make different choices.

Jeffrey Smith: It’s working. I’ll tell you, I’m not a scientist. I didn’t go to school to fight GMOs. I’m more of a strategic communication person. When I learned about GMOs, I realized there’s no real opposition to them being formed with proper communication. No one’s going into the health dangers. No one’s sharing that information in a way that can get out. We’ve seen that our efforts are paying off hugely. So, I know that we can do this and I’m very encouraged by the early indicators. I mean, we just started, we basically just launched Protect Nature Now formally this year, we’ve got about 60 international organizations that are allies. We have members of Congress interested, we’ve written two white papers, a legislative report. We’ve got the, Don’t Let The Gene Out Of The Bottle and it’s trailer has had more than a million views together and we’re doing some more educational assets, but it’s getting out there.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. And so how can people heal from GMOs and from Roundup? Is there any hope?

Jeffrey Smith: Well at, I try to answer that with the help of 18 experts in a summit that I did, called Healing from GMOs and Roundup. So, that’s and I’m not a scientist, I’m not a practitioner. So, I’m not qualified to answer the question, but I’m more than qualified to ask the questions. So, I asked the great minds that I could put together over the last few years, what their recommendations are, what products, the type of sauna, the type of this, all the different things that you know well in terms of detoxing. But when you think about it, there’s very specific things that glyphosate, for example, does. It chelates the minerals, so you need to remineralize. It damages the neurotransmitters because it robs of L-tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine.

Jeffrey Smith: So, you have to stop taking glyphosate, but then maybe compensate there. It can mess up the hormones. It can damage the mitochondria. It can cause toxicity, or changes in the DNA, which can lead to cancer. It can cause leaky gut. There’s specific things we know that it does, and so the regimen that these doctors and practitioners have handle it from different angles. So, I don’t try to compile all of them into one, because again, I’m not qualified. I could just say, “Here’s what this doctor said. Here’s what this scientist said. Here’s what this nutritionist said.” So that people can make their own protocols that work for them.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I personally love the ion cleanse foot bath, that’s one of the things I personally think is most effective against glyphosate. That’s what I use. So, tell us more about where we can learn more about your work and make a donation. I’m encouraging everyone listening to contribute what they can because Jeffrey’s work is so, so important. So tell us where they can do that.

Jeffrey Smith: I’m going to give three websites. We’ve mentioned two of them already, so I’ll start with those. is all about our new campaign to protect the global microbiome. Watch the free 16 minute film, go to the advocacy platform to get the word out and make a donation if you can. It’s a nonprofit. The name of the nonprofit is the Institute for Responsible Technology and its website is Lots of information on genetic engineering and glyphosate and you can get a report there of which foods have high levels of glyphosate residues, and which ones have low levels. So, if you can’t eat organic, which doesn’t allow the use of glyphosate, take a look at that. You can avoid the GMOs and you can avoid the high glyphosate sponges to eat healthier.

Jeffrey Smith: Then Live Healthy Be Well, that’s the name of my podcast, how you can access the secret ingredients movie, a 90 day lifestyle upgrade to help people move into an organic lifestyle, the Healing from GMOs and Roundup. So those are the three websites,,, If you have pets, go to I think that after the discussion today, the first stop would be to watch that film, Don’t Let The Gene Out Of The Bottle and Protect Nature Now.

Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic. Well, Jeff, do you have any parting thoughts or anything that we left out of this very comprehensive conversation that you want the listeners to hear?

Jeffrey Smith: Sure. We covered a lot of ground, Wendy, and it’s like a lot of people typically will go, “I can’t believe they would do this.” There’s outrage to be had. We can all get a big dose of outrage just by reading a little bit about Monsanto. It’s incredible or a little bit about the FDA or the EPA. Absolutely incredible. And we can blame them and we can offload the problem to incompetency, option, narrow thinking, et cetera.

Jeffrey Smith: An underlying cause of the whole problem is the sense that things like that are other people’s responsibility. When I travel around the world, I’ll speak to members of parliament or regulatory agencies or whatnot and they say, “We don’t have to test GMOs, your FDA has tested them and approved them. We can just accept them.” I tell them, “You know, the FDA does not test their GMOs.” They have no required approving process. Their policy is that they let Monsanto and other GMO makers decide if their foods are safe.

Jeffrey Smith: If you look at the research that Monsanto does, I talked to a former Monsanto scientist. He said that when they found that corn damaged rats, that was genetic engineered corn, instead of withdrawing the corn, they rewrote the study to hide the effects. So, no one is taking responsibility.

Jeffrey Smith: So, when you hear about all these outrageous things, we can feel disempowered. We can feel angry, we can feel sad. We can feel frustrated or fearful. We can digest this information in a different way, though. We can adjust it and instead of feeling like a victim, feel like a victor. Instead of giving away the power, we can take our power back, become empowered and say, “I will choose what I call food and what I call food-shaped objects. I will choose and not have them chosen by Monsanto or their enforcement wing in Washington. I will protect the microbiome now that humanity has reached the time where we can inexpensively redirect the streams of evolution for all time. I’m part of that humanity. I will do what I can and take responsibility,” whether it’s passing on information to your senators, making a donation, becoming an advocate. Who knows what works for you, but it’s the attitude of, I’ll take on this responsibility. I’ll undo the training of giving away my power to schools and governments and media and doctors and say, “No, no, no, no, no. That’s an epidemic of mis-thinking.” We’re all in this together. What can I do?

Jeffrey Smith: Now, let’s not think, “Well, I can’t do everything. So I can’t do anything.” That’s the other thing that keeps us frozen. We think, “Well, there’s this problem, this problem, this problem, this problem.” Overwhelm. First of all, if you are really digesting the emotions, you’re not getting overwhelmed. I’m optimistic. I’m not fearful. I’m not angry. I’m not upset about this. I’m moving forward, and so are so many people. So, that is internally making this sustainable, so you can pay attention to it and not be hurt and stressed and disabled by it.

Jeffrey Smith: Second, you take an inventory of what you can do and what you can’t and you feel good about it because you’re not going to be able to do everything on your ideal to-do list. I can’t, no one can, but we do what we can and don’t turn away the opportunity to take responsibility and to share the inspirations that we got that made us interested in taking charge with others so that we can build our ranks. I guess that’s what I wanted to say to your very highly educated audience, that has been working already to clean itself, clean everyone. They’re working to detox and now they have a lot more energy.

Wendy Myers: Yes, exactly. Well, Jeffrey, thank you so much for coming on this show and I just love your passion. I love your dedication, the decades of work that you put into educating the public. I know there’s been a lot of personal sacrifice in that and attacks and things like that. So, I applaud your work and your heroism. I respect you so much and thank you so much for coming on the show.

Jeffrey Smith: Thank you, Wendy. And thank you for the great work you’re doing in this toxic age. Detoxification is super important. Thank you for being a leader in that.

Wendy Myers: Thank you and everyone, thanks so much for tuning in every week to the Myers Detox Podcast, because I know that you’re very concerned about your health and I really love educating you about the impact that toxins have on your health so you can get to the true underlying root cause of your health issues and enjoy the health and the joy that you deserve. So thanks for tuning in every week and I’ll talk to you guys very soon.