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  1. Find out what’s in store on this Myers Detox Podcast with John White who joins the show to talk about the shocking benefits of Rife devices, and the different frequency programs you can use with his Rife machine to revolutionize you health regiment. We discuss the different types of health issues it can help address, how the Rife machine works, testimonials from his Rife community, and how I personally use this amazing technology.
  2. Find out how Rife devices work, and how using specific frequencies can to be used for healing.
  3. Find out why John decided to engineer his own Rife devices, and some of the ways it differentiates from some of the competitors.
  4. Hear about some of the ways Wendy has used John’s Spooky 2 rife machine on herself and others.
  5. Learn more about how John’s Rife devices work, how they scan frequencies in the body, and what they can do with this frequency information.
  6. Learn more about John’s companies heart centered approach to producing products aimed at health.
  7. Find out more about the Spooky 2 rife, and how it can help you take back control of your health.
  8. Learn more about how the Spooky 2 remote works using quantum entanglement, and how his Plasma device works.
  9. Find out more about Spooky’s huge community of people helping other’s navigate healing with Spooky devices.
  10. Spooky is constantly updating frequencies that you can use to address a variety of things including new strains, pathogens, etc. Learn more.
  11. You can learn more about John and his Rife products at
  12. Also check out Spooky 2’s Holiday Sale!


Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone. I’m Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. On today’s show, we’re going to talk about the shocking benefits of RIFE devices. These are frequency devices that deliver different programs to your body. We have my friend, John White, on the show. He’s a developer of the device called Spooky2, it’s a RIFE device. He’s an engineer and spent many years kind of reinventing RIFE devices and making them open source, so people could upload their own frequencies and things that are working for them to this device. It’s actually amazing. It has tens of thousands of frequencies that you can use to address any manner of ailments in your body like infections, parasites or fungal infections. Whatever you’ve got going on, there is a frequency or a program in the Spooky2 device that can address it. We talk about the many different ways that I’ve used it.

Wendy Myers: John talks about different testimonials and stories about his friends and how they have healed from so many different health issues. For instance, I’ve used it for different infections. I’ve used it on my daughter, one time when she had a fever. I’ve used it on a friend that had a concussion. I’ve used it on myself. I pulled a back muscle while dancing and I used a cortisone frequency, magnesium and muscle relaxers to address my back very successfully and very quickly. There’s a myriad of ways you can use RIFE technologies. I want to explore that on the show today.

Wendy Myers: Our guest, John White, is a RIFE researcher and inventor from New Zealand, now living in China. With a background in electrical engineering, physics and computer sciences, he’s been researching and developing solutions to serious diseases since 2008. John specializes in energy, in scale or resonance healing, biofeedback in PEMF therapy or P-E-M-F therapy.

Wendy Myers: With an insatiable desire for truth and knowledge, John has collaborated with other research groups to discover answers to our many health issues. At the beginning of John’s career, the death of John’s grandparents influenced him greatly. He felt the helplessness of being unable to extend the lives of those he loved. The subsequent death of Peter Garbed, his teacher and mentor, brought focus to his determination to find a solution to illnesses. He believes that sickness should not be a business and restoration of health should be our primary objective. His vision was to provide people with all that they need to take control over their own health. You can learn more about John and his RIFE at John, thank you so much for coming on the show.

John White: It’s a pleasure being here, thank you for inviting me.

Wendy Myers: I wanted to talk about RIFE. This is a technology that’s something that I’ve been using personally for several years, for my own health. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about what RIFE technology is exactly?

John White: Well, the word RIFE came from the gentleman who discovered something very important. He discovered that applying specific frequencies can heal specific problems, specifically disabling viruses, bacteria and parasites. He developed a machine that could target these pathogens, as they’re called, and kill them outright. RIFE is the process of applying what’s termed resonant frequencies, these specific frequencies to kill these nasties that are in your body.

Wendy Myers: Yes, I love my RIFE. I actually just bought two more because I’m opening a clinic here in Mexico in Playa del Carmen, more specifically Puerto Aventuras. I’m very passionate about energy medicine, frequencies to heal the body and to address the body. I think I’ve just been amazed at what I’ve seen with my own health and with the health of my friends and family that I treat. My uncle has brain cancer right now and lung cancer. My mom bought him a RIFE, Spooky2 RIFE specifically, that you developed, to address that.

Wendy Myers: I have so many different ways that I use this device. It’s essentially a flashing bulb, or you have a tube that just flashes light at you. It’s a plasma device that  flashes light at you and it sends these frequencies to your body to kill different pathogens and does all kinds of things. Let’s talk about what made you want to design your own RIFE device? There’s a lot of different RIFE devices out there but yours is called the Spooky2. Tell us what was the genesis of that?

John White: The field of healthcare, albeit mainstream or RIFE, is all about business. It’s all about how much you can get away with selling a product for and how much money you can get into your pockets. To me, that’s always been wrong. So, I decided to make a change, to make a big change. We developed machines that were better than the others but also considerably cheaper. Most people would have their heart sink to the floor when they see the prices of these other machines that have got the RIFE label. With our machines, which work better, you can buy them and then add to the system afterwards, because Spooky2 is modular. You can just add another component to it and grow and grow and grow, if you wish. In that way, you can treat your whole family with all different conditions, simultaneously.

John White: I wanted this paradigm change because there were some deaths in my family. Family who I saw leaving before their time. They looked perfectly fit and healthy, until they got this specific disease. Then, they went downhill extremely fast and I had no answers, Wendy. I had nothing to offer them. In a way, I guess I was living with self-guilt. I mean, I didn’t cause the problem but I couldn’t really be of much help. They went through the procedures of chemotherapy, drugs that you’re given and radiation but there was nothing that could really solve the problem. So, I took it upon myself to bring solutions to other people. It was too late for myself but certainly I can help others. So, Spooky now helps hundreds of thousands of people take control over both their own health and the health of their loved ones.

John White: It’s a little bit disheartening when you go to a doctor, you pay the money, and you get 15 minutes of their time. I believe the best doctor is yourself. You know how you’re feeling. You know all these little tweaks and pains that are hard to describe to another person, but you can feel them and they are there. Sometimes, you can go to a doctor and you can see it in their eyes, that they don’t really believe you when you try to explain to them what it’s like, or they just brush it off, “Oh, this is just a regular condition.” You can look after yourself in such a way that you can overcome quite even serious conditions by yourself.

Wendy Myers: I want to talk about the RIFE device that you developed because it’s something that I’ve used a lot for my own health. For instance, I went dancing the other night and I sprained my back. I guess I was twerking too hard or something and the entire right side of my back, from my neck to my bottom was sprained. 

Wendy Myers: I couldn’t roll over and I was in a lot of pain. So, I went on the RIFE device and I put in cortisone, muscles and muscle spasms and did that on my back. I was amazed at how much better I felt pretty quickly. I mean, my back healed in three days. I was throwing a lot at it like red light therapy and other stuff, but primarily I was doing the RIFE, the Spooky2 RIFE, and it helped a lot. I was thinking about going to get a cortisone shot because with a really bad muscle sprain and some intercostal muscles involved, which don’t heal very well, but I thought, “Well, why don’t I just do cortisone on RIFE?”

Wendy Myers: There’s 50,000 different settings, well, there’s more than that, of every imaginable mineral and medication. I also did magnesium to relax my muscles as well. You can do the frequency for magnesium. I had a girlfriend that had a concussion. She hit her head really badly. She fell over and she was slurring her words. I thought she had been drinking or something. I asked her, “Are you drinking?” when I saw her on the street one day and then I realized it was a concussion that she had. I had her come over and I did three sessions on her. I did the concussion setting and she was so much better. Her headaches went away, her head pressure went away, and her speech returned to normal in three sessions. The doctors really had nothing for her except to give her some anti-inflammatories. She was in a lot of trouble, for sure, and she’s totally fine now.

John White: How did it feel to have the tools and to be in control, to actually be able to do something? How did that feel for you?

Wendy Myers: It’s amazing. It’s great to be able to have a device like this to address whatever it is that you need to. I had another friend come over, she’s a psychiatrist and she’s actually the person that I’m partnering with in the clinic where we’re going to have the two RIFE devices and an Echoscope, to do various things. She had some GI issues in Mexico. When you drink the water here, you get GI issues and parasites in the food, things like that like everybody does.

Wendy Myers: We did a couple RIFE sessions and she was fine. She noticed a huge difference after just one session. It’s great because you can do a scan of your body. You just put these sticky pads on your body, and scan your body. You do a quick five minute scan or a longer, high quality, 30 minute scan. The device figures it out, exactly. I’m doing the podcast now by the way, but I’m answering the questions for you. I’m so sorry I took over. You do the scan, the device will figure out the top frequencies that you need, that are resonating for you at that moment, and then send the frequencies to you. Can you explain the whole process?

John White: There’s two different ways of doing biofeedback. There’s a pulse method where your body gives the feedback. Then you have a resonant frequency, a frequency that’s killing a bug, your whole body has this reaction, like a nerve. It’s a physical reaction which makes your heartbeat increase in distress. Spooky will scan through a wide range of frequencies and detect exactly which frequencies are for you.

John White: The other way is using a very special generator of ours that you connect using tens pads, that sort of biofeedback is much faster. Again, it scans through the range of frequencies but that kind of frequency the biofeedback scan is looking for is physical changes in the electrical signal. It picks up the resonance that way. It’s a different way of doing the same function.

John White: I’ll tell you an interesting story, Wendy. Now, we get lots of feedback from happy customers, people that are blown away by the technology and how much their health has improved. This one particular person, she did a biofeedback scan, she thought that there was nothing wrong with her. She was perfectly healthy like you and I, sort of going about our lives, but she did a biofeedback scan and she ran the frequencies at the biofeedback scan found. The next time she passed a motion, she felt the need to do so, pretty soon after doing the scan. She looked down and there were worms, she had docked out the worms, the parasites, the large worms inside her body.

Wendy Myers: Thank you for sharing that.

John White: She was amazed. Well, I can go into more description but I think we’ll stop it  there, in the physical sense. The thing is, she thought that she was well, she thought there was nothing wrong with her. After that time, she suddenly felt alive, really energetic and able to face the stresses of day to day life so much better. Even things like her mind function and her thinking. I guess it’s because her body was putting energy into trying to keep the invaders at bay, these parasites.

Wendy Myers: That’s why I bought a Spooky because I want to kill my cooties. I want to get rid of all the cooties. I don’t like taking all these parasite cleanses and taking all this stuff for a month. Then it doesn’t get everything and you have got to do it again and again and again. I’m over that. I have graduated beyond that and I like the exactness of the device, where it detects what parasites you have and a frequency nukes them, their membranes explode, and then you’re done. It only gets that, it doesn’t get any of your other healthy bacteria.

John White: That’s right. It’s very specific, that’s right. When people get sick, quite often, it’s very, very gradual and very slow. You don’t notice it until you start looking old, you get these wrinkles prematurely, and these other outward signs and inward signs like you feel less energy, your emotions, you start feeling a little bit depressed. Then, you start the tablets and start to spiral downwards. It’s quite nasty how it happens.

John White: I don’t like the idea of having freeloaders inside me, I just don’t like it. So, I did something about it. I know that now, I’ve got no parasites. I know that if I’ve got any virus, it’s getting hammered. I just feel great. Every day is a good day. Every day is a great day. I  just wish that more and more people realized that they can live a day and be happy about things. The energy, the roar of a furnace inside you, comes from eliminating these parasites, making sure that you have all these essential nutrients, of course, Spooky has frequencies to emanate these nutrients as well.

John White: The best toolkit that you can have in your first aid kit is a Spooky2, broad spectrum. Let’s see, I’ve got a migraine coming on, let’s run a migraine program and there won’t be a migraine. There’ll be lots of migraine programs to choose from. If you’re not sure why you are unwell, you’ve got a cough but you really don’t know what it is, run a scan and find these magical frequencies and then run them.

Wendy Myers: I had a bladder infection one time and I just typed in bladder infection and a program for that came up, I ran that and it’s great. I feel very in control of my health, I feel like I don’t need to take any unnecessary antibiotics or medications or things that I don’t want in my body. They’re going to be harmful to my immunity in the long run. I can just scan my body on a regular basis. You can do a scan every four days. If you have your Spooky and you want to kill all of your cooties, you can go on a cootie killing spree, do a scan and then run those frequencies every day. Then after day four, do another new scan, run those frequencies, and kill away. Go on a killing spree. It’s awesome.

John White: People quite often don’t think about the side effects of the drugs that they take to try and kill these cooties. They might take one drug for blood pressure or for cholesterol, but then a side effect is your muscles start wasting away or your bone strength starts to diminish. Then, you’ve got to take other capsules to compensate for that and they have side effects. After a while they find that they’re taking 5 or 10 capsules a day, each one trying to negate the bad things of the other, and having it add on a few bad things as well.

John White: To attack issues using frequencies, there’s no side effects. There’s no other thing you need to do apart from, I guess, drinking more water to flush out the poisons that these frequencies are releasing in your body if they are poisons. It’s always wise to drink lots of water anyway, so that’s got that appeal as well. When you talk about the Spooky, I think it’s important to realize that there’s a lot of frequency devices that we have. There’s more than one way to butter away a slice of toast. We’ve got the Plasma, which you’ve talked about, but we’ve also got Scalar, Spooky Scalar. We’ve got the Contact Mode which is historically on the generators. We’ve got lots of different methods like cold lasers.

Wendy Myers: I have them all. I’ve got everything. I’m like, “Give it all to me.” When I first had you on the show, actually, it was a couple years ago, and after I spoke with you, I was just amazed at how versatile your RIFE was and how inexpensive the RIFE was. I had always wanted one but they’re $10,000 and up.

John White: Oh, that’s crazy.

Wendy Myers: For most businesses, most RIFE’s are out of reach for most people. Yours is half the price of that, it’s actually a lot less, that’s for the whole enchilada if you want to get everything that it offers. You can start with a few hundred dollars just to get started, which is amazing. Sorry, I didn’t mean to interrupt you. Tell us about the other components and what they do.

John White: We’ve even got the remote where you don’t have to be connected to anything. You can just treat yourself all the time. We were developing the Scalar as an example of what drives us, okay? We’re developing the Scalar, it took a few years. It’s quite a complex machine with a lot of heavy science. A friend of ours contacted us. She had a cancerous tumor in her breast and it was growing fast. She asked us for help because she knew that we were developing this special machine. We gave her a prototype of the Scalar device, she went away and started treating herself. When we finally finished the development and it came into production, we had an American tour and we were setting up the first conference. We were all excited, hundreds of people were there and we got a text message, “Tumor gone.” Things like this, boy, we were buzzing for the rest of the tour.

John White: We were so happy. That’s what drives us. It’s really not the money side and you’re talking about it’s cheap, yeah, it is cheap but really what drives us is the feedback of people saying, “Yeah,” they’re healthy. It’s a terrible way to run a business. I’ve got to tell you, Wendy. It’s a terrible way to make friends with other businesses because they hate us. The second generator that we used was our XM generator. We wanted that to be as cheap as possible but also have extremely high-end functions. We were selling it for something like $110. It was very popular because it was a very capable high frequency device. We ordered a lot more components than we did the previous time so it was cheaper for us to make this generator. Now, we thought, “Hey, wouldn’t it be cool to sell it for under a hundred dollars? Can we do it? Can we do it? Well, screw it. We’ll do it.”

John White: So, we passed all the savings that we had to the customers. We didn’t get the benefits we could have, and this is what other businesses would’ve done. They would’ve gotten more profit. Instead of ordering a hundred of so many components, we order a thousand components and then do it by mass production. Well, we didn’t do it right, did we? We passed on the benefits. Even now when the prices of components are going up because of the pandemic disrupting the chain supplies of all these microprocessors and things, it’s more expensive. A lot more expensive actually, for us to produce these products. You can see it in the prices of cars and things as the trickle down takes place.

John White: We have not increased our prices. In fact, we’ve increased the amount of money that each person donates to charity. Every time someone buys from us, we take a little bit and throw it into a charity because that’s a blessing to the person. I believe that with blessings, the person will heal faster. They also become a better person whether they know it or not. We increased it from $1, we call it one love but we made it $2 for each order. No matter what size an order is, as well as a certain percentage of profit gain towards the trusts that have been helping children in hospitals, orphanages and things. The company is really not focused at all on the money side. It’s truly focused on our customers and on their health, not just making them live longer but live better.

Wendy Myers: That’s what I love about your approach. You’re so heart centered. I think you’re just an amazing person and bringing this device to people is just so amazing. I can do a lot of different modalities, anything that I want, I’m using the Spooky all the time. I have a friend that’s coming over, he lost his sense of smell, and I’m going to use the Spooky on him to try to restore his olfactory senses. I know it’s going to work.

Wendy Myers: There’s so many different things you can do. My mom bought a system for her brother, my uncle, he has COPD and he was having a hard time breathing at night, a hard time sleeping because he was always waking up and coughing. He did the COPD settings on the Spooky, he had phlegms breaking up in his chest and he was expelling it, he was sleeping better, sleeping through the night. I mean, within a week of him starting the treatment with the Spooky.

John White: That is very, very good. The moment that people realize that they can take control over their own health, that’s the moment where their lives change for the better. They realize they can actually do something, not just passively go through a system. We’re not sheep. We don’t go through sheep depths and then, nothing else is done. We can actually look after ourselves better than other health professionals because we are closer to ourselves. Our bodies are giving us feedback all the time. That’s right.

Wendy Myers: I know people pay the price if they hand over all of their health decisions to another person. Even if they perceive a medical doctor as being very capable, an expert depending on the health issue, their hands can be very tied in the treatment modalities that they can offer you or they’re very limited in their knowledge base even if they have a medical degree. For instance, my father died of cancer treatments. He had esophageal cancer but he died of his treatments. He would’ve had years and years and years had he not undergone treatment. What I love about your device is that you can do scans if you have tumors and address that just like any parasite, any virus, bacteria, infection or fungal infections. You can do scans for those. The scan picks it up and starts addressing those things that are the priorities that your body needs.

John White: Absolutely. I think it’s important for people to realize that we’re not anti-doctor or anti-mainstream medicine. They’re great and doctors really have got their heart in their job but the fact of the matter is, they’re seeing maybe 20 to 30 people that day and they can’t put their heart and soul into each and everyone, they just can’t. They’d be frazzled by the end of the day. It would be too taxing for them. They have gone, they’ve been registered, they’ve been to their medical school which merely touched on but haven’t covered everything. They’re applying what they’ve been taught in the best possible way. It’s nothing against doctors or other specialists, it’s just the way it is, the way that the system is.

John White: Hospitals have their board meetings. They’re not talking about individual patients. They’re talking about the financials. I, myself, wouldn’t be feeling too comfortable if I was just a financial consideration, “So, how many percent of our return for a day?” I feel more comfortable if I had a name and people were actually truly hearing from me. I know that I care for me so I’m perhaps the best suited person for the job. It’s a mindset that people need to change. It takes a while actually, Wendy. People are comfortable. They think the more money they pay out, the better the result will likely be. People are happy to spend $10,000, $20,000, $30,000 or even more for some conditions in the hope that they’ll get better. As soon as that money runs out, they’re on their own, especially in America. It’s very scary. America’s a terrible place to be poor. Health insurance? No?

Wendy Myers: Yes. Good luck.

John White: Good luck. Good luck. Good luck. Good luck.

Wendy Myers: One of the problems with being here, I live in Mexico, but it’s the same issue where people just don’t have health care unless they have money. With a device like this you can help yourself, your family and your friends. It’s really remarkable too. The least expensive option which I recommend people can get started with, it’s called the Remote. There are these blue remote devices, they work remotely where you can just take a clipping of your fingernail, put it inside the remote, run a program on it and choose whatever program you want to do. There’s a detox program. There’s a liver flush program or whatever you want to do. You can run that program and whoever’s fingernails are used, it hits their DNA by quantum physics. That same frequency, the modality, whatever you’re trying to run will hit that, will also go to that human as well wherever they are, anywhere in the world. That’s why it’s called Spooky2. Can you explain the Albert Einstein quote why it’s called the Spooky2?

John White: Well, Einstein couldn’t understand it either. If he can’t understand it, I can’t see at this present point in time, other people understanding it. There’s several factors. Any molecule can have more than one state at one time but if you split a molecule or have two molecules which are from the same source molecule, they’re still linked through the information between the two. If you put energy into one molecule, that energy is reflected in the other molecule. It sounds absolutely nuts. It took me a year to prove it actually works. Now, they’re using quantum entanglement for space communications because it’s instantaneous, which is a nice thing to have, instantaneous communication. It’s not slow like the speed of light. By vibrating a molecule at one location, it’s daughter molecule will also vibrate at the same amount, at the same frequency and the same programs will be run from one to the other.

John White: This is how our Spooky2 remote works. You put your molecule inside the remote, your own DNA and that information is transferred to the DNA in your body. It doesn’t move from the nail to your body. It’s instantaneous because they’re still linked. People have tried to understand it by thinking, “Well, there’s no such thing as distance. Everything is time”. If there’s no such thing as distance, then we are as good as being actually inside these remotes as you apply the frequencies and the effect is the same. If you’re a nonbeliever, it’s not expensive to buy one and try. It’s really quite amazing the first time you hear a ringing in your ears, you think, “Where’s that from? I have never heard that before.” Quite often, people only hear that when they first start the treatments. It’s their body sort of hearing frequencies and reacting, the nerves are tingling and creating the ringing in their ears.

Wendy Myers: I have that.

John White: That may go over time just during treatments or when they’re treating themselves for health conditions that resolve themselves, the remote is very subtle. It’s not a hammer. It gently resolves health issues. You realize over the course of a week, “Hang on a moment. This is gone. I no longer have this rash or this lump or this ache or this whatever but I didn’t notice it was gone because it’s all so subtle, the change.” Just as health conditions quite often creep up on you, it can also creep away and diminish over time. What our remote is doing is actually applying these health giving frequencies because you’re not connected to any device, you can run it 24/7. Whatever’s making your life hard or making your life miserable is being removed. It’s got no chance of recovery because it’s always being applied, these frequencies.

John White: If you’ve got a very serious health condition and you want to hammer the virus, bacteria, fungus or whatever, inside your body, then you use something like a Plasma device or Contact. Those do apply a heavy amount of energy into your body. You give them a real punch, these pathogens. It’s important to note that when we are developing our Plasma, it is important to us to develop the best. Other manufacturers, I know there’s lots of plasma devices out there, but they use what’s termed a carrier frequency. That’s a fixed frequency, it’s sole purpose is to light the tube no matter what they try to tell you. They’ll try to tell you that it’s going to create harmonics that go up and up and up. No, Wendy, it’s only to light the tube.

John White: The problem with a fixed carrier is that your body is getting this very high power frequency which is not needed by your body. It’s only needed for the tube. You get what’s termed frequency fatigue, where you start feeling tired, you get these headaches because this frequency is being applied to your body. The frequency is not killing anything, the harmonics of that carrier frequency maybe, but not the main, strongest frequency.

John White: We designed, what I believe to be the world’s first Plasma device which doesn’t need a carrier frequency to run. You can apply, using laser precision, the frequencies that were discovered from your biofeedback, exactly. Bang, bang, bang, bang, and catch those critters that are making your life miserable. This is one instance where we’ve really got our mindset, our focus on the people that are looking for answers and the best answers out there. Then we had this device, we could have charged $10,000 or $15,000, like the rest of them, but no, we screwed that up, didn’t we?

Wendy Myers: Well, I’m glad that you did. I’m glad that you did. 

John White: It was down to zero, didn’t we?

Wendy Myers: The thought is zero, for sure. Well, I wanted you to explain a little bit, so people can kind of conceptualize how this device works. You can get just the remote, put the fingernail in it and send frequencies to you but it’s not as strong as say, getting the Plasma which is like this kind of a round ball. It’s like a crystal ball and that’s sending frequencies to you. That’s probably the strongest that you need if you’re quite ill, you’re going to need the strongest device that you offer. There’s also these sticky pads that you can add, a new contact mode with the sticky pads on you or there’s rods you can hold, there’s other modalities and you can stick that on your body and get some frequencies you want to deliver that way.

Wendy Myers: It’s very versatile. There’s a lot of different things you can do with this. It looks like, when you go on the website, a little bit complex when you first go on there. You have a whole video series that you can watch. I’ve set it up myself and it took me a couple days to kind of sit down with it and watch the videos and get it set up. Once I got going, it was very, very easy to use, once you kind of get your head around it.

Wendy Myers: It isn’t difficult because you take people step by step on a video series. You have a podcast and you have a whole university for people that really want to get into it and dive deep into what the Spooky can do, which is a lot. You also have a Facebook group so if you get stuck with something, I’ve gone on there many times and asked questions, especially as a beginner as I was a couple years ago. When I was on it last, it was 30,000 people. There’s a lot of people on it that love Spooky and are happy to help you if you get stuck on something.

John White: When you’re sick, the very last thing you want to be is alone. You need answers. You don’t know where to turn. No one’s giving the answers. So, we’ve got the Facebook group and we’ve got the forum for the more technical issues. We’ve got a lot of people that have got the same condition as you and have resolved the condition. They’re willing to tell you how they did it. You can talk with these people and ask them, “What’s the best way to help myself to get better?” Yes, we’ve got a huge Facebook community of very happy people, very friendly people. I don’t think there’s any other RIFE manufacturer that’s got as large a community as Spooky.

Wendy Myers: I’ve never heard of that before, I love the resource. I loved that resource especially in the beginning and I was reading testimonials there. You can go in there, join and read all the testimonials. It was just mind blowing. The things that people are successfully addressing and reversing permanently. It speaks for itself because these are individuals that are having success with it and  are talking about it. It’s not coming from the manufacturer, or me or whatnot.

John White: Actually, they are real reviews. They’re not our staff or anything. They’re real people. What we’ve quite often found is that after people become well, then they start contributing to Facebook more, to help other people that have got the same condition as themselves. They have become an expert and they want other people to become one as well. I mean, this is why Spooky’s grown so large. It’s not because of any marketing ploys or things like that, it’s because our focus is on humanity. We focus on health issues and getting people better and I think people realize that. Well they do, because look at how many people are talking about us. Our heart is in the right place and I believe that good follows good. The people that do help out on Facebook, who run the Facebook group, the person that genuinely started the Facebook group in the beginning, none of them are paid. They’re not paid people.

John White: They’re doing it for the same reason that we’ve started Spooky. They’re doing it for humanity. I don’t think there’s any other manufacturer that does that. They normally have a support phone number or email support at and that’s as far as you go. But here, we’ve got 30,000 people on Facebook, 30,000 plus on the forum and other areas as well. Other countries, other languages, not everyone speaks English so we’ve got Italian, German and French. We have a bit of a live presence in France. Spooky has grown for all the right reasons. I do encourage people to take control over their own lives, even if they don’t buy anything that’s to do with Spooky2. Look after yourself and you’ll find that your health will improve more than if you just push your health issues onto a health professional.

John White: I’d like to think that we’d like to be part of your journey to better health. If you do decide to buy a Spooky2 product, you’ll be amazed at the support. You’re not left alone. Once you’ve bought a Spooky product, you don’t hear the end of us. The game’s not over there, the game is just beginning. We released our XM generator which is the blue box that you referred to before, maybe 8,9 or 10 years ago, a long time ago. We are still improving the software that generator uses, increasing the database, increasing its capabilities and it’s free. That’s it. You don’t have to pay a subscription to belong, to get the privilege of getting all these amazing new programs which we are developing all the time. It’s free.

Wendy Myers: The frequency is the function, the program is whatever you want to call them. You just buy the little device, it’s like about $160 right now or it goes on sale sometimes and you can use the software forever.

John White: Forever, and update the software forever. It will always be free. We feel very, very strongly about this, Wendy. We don’t want to have a business model where we have subscribers. No, we want to have people so that they come to us and we can provide a solution. We developed our own method of deriving DNA frequencies. Now, this was a bit of a point of contention because up until when we released these, there were commercial sets out there where people had to pay $15 US dollars for magical numbers which will get you well.

John White: They are actually good frequencies but I improved upon that markedly and I found several flaws in the original method. I released that into the public domain, the paper describing how I derived these DNA frequencies and so I made it so that people could not apply for a patent for these frequencies, it is public domain. I released the paper and I use the methods within the paper to develop frequencies, these programs that target these nasty bugs that are inside us. If you can think of any disease, any nasty, any critter that’s circulating in your body or doing something to you that’s nasty, there will be something in Spooky to address that. We are very mature now in the development of our systems so there will be something for everyone that’s watching this video now.

Wendy Myers: Every couple weeks, you have new frequencies that you can download and you can update your Spooky.

John White: Oh, excuse me. It’s every week.

Wendy Myers: Oh, every week now? Great. Well, sorry. Excuse me. That’s great. You can update your software. You can do an update because like you said, you’re constantly developing things. It’s open source. There’s other people passionate about Spooky working on different frequencies and uploading that to the database.

John White: Absolutely. There’s a certain nasty virus which is circulating now and it’s changing all the tyrant viruses that don’t like to be wiped out, so they will change to survive, they’ll mutate. The mutations happen on average, every two weeks, there’s a mutation. This is probably where you’re thinking, every two weeks, but we catch every variant that has just been discovered. If it’s been discovered, we’ve got the frequency forum. We’ve got all the bases covered here. We want to have solutions that work, not solutions that line the pockets. The answer to that is keep on top of that game. We have developed systems that reach out and get the information from scientist’s databases of the genome information of all these variants and discover the frequencies which will specifically target that strain. If you’ve got strain ladidadida, you can run this program and get it exactly.

John White: Don’t be told, “Oh, these strains, there’s no such thing. Strains don’t change that often,” they do. They do change all the time. Also, viruses become extinct quite often as well. That’s a positive, but they’re normally made extinct by more powerful ones, unfortunately. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of programs out there which are now irrelevant because the viruses aren’t there anymore, it’s gone. The paper for the original DNA frequencies, as an example, uses tecnis genome in describing them. This is a patented application, tecnis genome, and it gave the specifications with the genome. It’s not there anymore. It’s gone. That genome is no longer there, it’s extinct. That sort of highlights the importance of keeping everything up to date. It’s almost like a shelf life. When you buy groceries, it’s got a shelf life of six months, maybe a year. You don’t want to be using that product if it’s old. It becomes stale. It’s not nutritious anymore. Well, frequencies are the same. You’ve got to keep using the frequencies which are most relevant and still fresh.

Wendy Myers: Yes, yes, yes. Well, Spooky2 is as fresh as you can get. I highly recommend you guys check it out. Go on There’s links below this video as well. If you want to learn more about it, go to and learn more about this life changing device. It’s something that I use personally. I’ve used it for a couple of years and I use it all the time. It’s my go-to, first thing I use when I have some sort of issue going on. I have other bioenergetic devices I use but they do different things. If I have some sort of infection or something going on or my daughter does, I look in the programs in the Spooky2 or I do a biofeedback scan and run the frequencies. It couldn’t be easier to do, painless and super effective. It’s amazing.

Wendy Myers: John, thanks so much for coming on the show and telling us how this all works. Everyone, thanks so much for listening to the Myers Detox Podcast. I’m Wendy Meyers. I do this show because I really care about you guys and I want you to be able to take control of your health, control of your destiny and your life. I know there’s so many people out there suffering. You have family members and loved ones that are suffering, just like I mentioned, my father died from his cancer treatments. That really propelled me into starting this website, educating myself and teaching other people about all the amazing people out there, like introducing you to John White and other people on the planet that are doing amazing work and making amazing discoveries to help you live your best life. You do deserve to feel good. Thanks for tuning in and I’ll talk to you guys on the next show.