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  1. Find out what’s in store for this Myers Detox Podcast with Dr. Bill McGraw who joins the show to talk about the amazing successes he’s had using the incredible Spooky 2 Rife Machine. I have also used this rife machine for many years and have found great success in helping to address a wide variety of health issues. I can’t recommend it enough, and think it’s something everyone should have in their health tool kit. On this info packed episode, Dr. McGraw talks about the history of rife technology, the way it uses frequencies to focus in on different parts of your body and illnesses, and even how it can help you to detox. If you’ve thought about getting a rife machine for yourself, this is the episode for you!
  2. Learn about the history of rife technology and how it was developed.
  3. Learn about all of the amazing benefits of the Spooky 2 Rife Machine.
  4. Find out about some of the 50,000 programs Spooky 2 comes with and how they work.
  5. Spooky 2 Rife technology can even be used remotely. Find out how this tech works.
  6. Read about some of the amazing success stories Dr. McGraw has had using Spooky 2.
  7. Find out how Spooky 2 uses frequencies to help address the body and health issues.
  8. Learn about some of the awesome ways you can use Spooky 2 in your own home.
  9. Find out how the Spooky 2 can help you detox your body.
  10. Find out where you can learn more about Dr. McGraw and work with him.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. I’m Dr. Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. Today on the show, we have an amazing guest, Dr. Bill McGraw. He’s been on the show before, but he’s an expert in Rife technology. It’s an energy medicine frequency technology. And I wanted to have him come on to speak about it because he uses it to work with patients all around the world with amazing success. There’s a device called the Spooky2. It’s a type of Rife device that I personally have and use; and my mother has one, her brother has one. And my own brother also has a Spooky2 device as well because they’re just so important for, and I think because of how effective they are, they should be really a part of everyone’s home toolkit to address different things that really aren’t addressed very well, or it’s very difficult to test for different infections or health issues.

  It can make it very easy for people to address their health issues at home inexpensively, easily, and successfully for complete resolution in just one or two, or three treatments or plasma Rife sessions. We’re going to explain in the show what the Rife technology is, kind of the history of it. It’s been around 100 years. We also didn’t address this, but the frequencies that your body doesn’t need, the body doesn’t use those. So there are really no side effects at all except your body kind of processing out some toxins or things like that.

  We also talk about the benefits of using Rife. A lot of different examples and patient stories give you an idea of how many different types of health issues can be addressed with this type of technology. There are over 50,000 different programs in this Spooky2 Rife technology, and more are being uploaded every single week. There’s an update every week of different frequencies that are being uploaded. It’s just really vast and flexible, and the different things that you can do with it.

  This is a great show. Really interesting podcast. We also talk about how to detox with a Rife device as well. How you can do a liver cleanse, a kidney cleanse, you can do a lymph cleanse, you can do a blood cleanse. It’s just infinite possibilities that you can use with this device.

  I know you guys listening to this show, you’re interested in detoxing your body; you’re interested in your toxic body burden of heavy metals and chemicals. So I developed a quiz that you can take at Just takes a couple of minutes, and after the quiz, you get a free video series all about detoxification, just my personal videos that I shot to help answer your frequently asked questions about how to detox your body, what are the first steps, and how to go about it, how long it takes, and what kind of testing you want to do for heavy metals. So check it out,

  Our guest is Dr. Bill McGraw, and he’s a multi discipline research scientist working in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, coral reef ecology, and naturopathic medicine. Dr. Bill began studying medicine because of the healing process he was experiencing that began in 2010. He couldn’t find a doctor or therapist that could help him, so he had to become a doctor of medicine to heal himself, and medicine became a sincere passion of his to help others do the same. Since then, he’s become a very adept healer with many cancer cures, detox successes, and countless resolutions of many different chronic diseases for a variety of people from many different countries.

  Dr. Bill knows that the cure for all chronic diseases can be found using Rife technology, supplementing mineral deficiencies, and removing toxins from the human body. He continues to educate in all of his chosen fields, and he achieves a better than 90% success rate in addressing peoples’ chronic health issues. You can learn more about Dr. Bill and his work at So Dr. Bill McGraw, thanks for coming on the show.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Thanks very much for having me again.

Dr. Wendy Myers: So we had you on before, and your podcast was so good about how to detox aluminum. I had to have you come back on because you’re an expert in Rife technology, R-I-F-E. This is a system that I have in my home. My mother has, my uncle has, and I have given one to a medical doctor, a friend of mine. And I love Rife technology, and it’s just helped me so much, and I highly recommend it to people. I’ve done one or two other shows about Rife, but I wanted to have you come on to talk a little bit more about what exactly Rife is and why we want to use it.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Well, our story began in 1920. Royal Raymond Rife developed a microscope that was the most powerful in the world at that time. He was the only person able to see live viruses magnified, and he did that by using prisms and particular light frequencies. So he was sort of able to paint the virus to illuminate it and thereby able to actually see it. Then eventually, he experimented with different frequencies and observed the effect on viruses and bacteria, the pathogenic type. He was able to resonate with them, get them to respond to the frequencies, and then eventually destroy them. So he used these different frequencies, many of them the same numbers we still use today, to destroy different pathogenic organisms and then eventually move on to cancer cells. He was able to identify different viruses of bacteria associated with cancer that he could isolate and inject into animals to produce cancer and then heal them with the frequencies and repeat the same procedure with the same results.

It eventually became documented by the American Medical Association and the Smithsonian Institute. And in 1934, he got his chance in San Diego at his clinic to actually heal 16 terminally ill cancer patients under the supervision of the aforementioned institutes. So he became pretty darn famous. There were a number of newspaper articles around that time. There was a big dinner in 1931 in Pasadena, California, where they celebrated the end of all disease because he was able to bring his cohorts and his peers at that time into the lab and show them what he was able to do, show these different viruses and bacteria, illuminate them, and then isolate them and produce cancers and destroy the cancers, under the direct supervision of these people who were the best at curing at that time. These were medical doctors and PhDs, and they were pretty amazed at what he could do.

He became very well-known and became very well respected. But unfortunately, as it often happens, when he went to commercialize Rife technology, the commercial system used a carrier wave that reduced the efficacy of the frequencies, the power of the frequencies. So when they commercialized the Rife technology machines that he was using, they were unable to reproduce the results. That is when he really fell from grace or, however, you’d like to say that, became less popular. People doubted him at that point in time. So Rife technology lost favor for some time. But yet, the research would continue through the ’50s and ’60. People were identifying viruses associated with cancer through regular medical research but not necessarily involved with Rife frequency. So some of his ideas were validated in terms of different viruses and bacteria, and even fungus associated with cancer.

Nowadays, it’s not too uncommon to read that in the literature or talk to people about it. But still, Rife technology is relatively unknown. If I was to walk up to the average person here in Panama-Boquete, Panama, where we have all our Expats, the majority of the people, probably 90%, would’ve no idea what Rife technology is, or maybe they might have just a clue about what it might be, but they really don’t know.

So in 2013, John White of New Zealand, who was operating a cancer clinic there, was able to get together with a few other people, one of them is Johann Stegmann from South Africa, and began putting together the Spooky2 software and the Spooky2 machines that were able to emulate some of Royal Rife’s work. And they began killing cancer and killing disease organisms and so on. That’s when the work really kicked into high gear. Today, as they say, one million people are being treated on a regular basis.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, I love it. I have a Spooky2 device that was developed by John White, and he’s been on the show before. But I wanted to have you come on to maybe talk about some patient stories and your own experience using it. Let’s talk about some benefits. What are some of the benefits of using a Rife device?

Dr. Bill McGraw: Oh, boy. One that comes to mind is treating cancers. I’ve treated over 50 cancers. I’ve done breast cancer and liver cancer. Most of it is skin cancer and prostate cancer. Those are pretty popular. So if I could get someone who has first or second-stage cancer, I can use a plasma device, I’m looking around to see if I have one handy, but I do-

Dr. Wendy Myers: It looks like a little crystal ball. I have one too. It Looks like a little crystal ball with lights.

Dr. Wendy Myers: It looks like the lightning coming through it,

Dr. Bill McGraw: It blinks. Basically, it blinks, beeps, beeps, beeps, and transmits frequencies. So these frequencies, some of which are the same Royal Rife used almost 70-odd years ago to cure cancer; actually, it was almost a hundred years ago. Oh boy, time flies when you’re having fun. So I placed this device directly wherever the cancer was. So prostate, obviously, you’re putting it low near the pelvic area. And within six inches, once you have the correct resonant frequency, it destroys the cancer cells. So quickly, what is resonance? If I was to hold a glass in my hand and somebody hits the high C-note, which I think is 532 Hertz, the glass begins resonating, begins vibrating, and eventually, it breaks. So you can see demonstrations of this on YouTube, and you can do it yourself if you’re a pretty good singer. And so the same idea we applied when running scans. We’ll run a scan for 41,000 to 1.8 million Hertz, going through all of the various frequencies.

And when you hit the resonance, let’s say a cancer cell that resonates, the computer will then record that frequency and then reapply it as a treatment, three minutes per frequency. The same amount of time that Royal Rife used 100 years ago. Three minutes per frequency was enough to kill cancer cells. In fact, he was killing cancer so well that he could only treat it every three days and not every day because people were getting sick from all the toxins that were produced from killing cancer cells. So once I have an idea and a diagnosis from the scans based on resonance frequencies, I associate with programs. So one frequency might be for killing skin cancer, and I would then use that whole program and apply that through a plasma tube, take the plasma tube, put it directly on cancer, wherever that might be prostate, breast, skin cancer, you get the idea.

And typically, for skin cancer, I need between three and five treatments to completely heal the skin cancer. And, of course, on my website, I have all these reviews of people that are thrilled to have access to this technology and that have been completely healed. In my seminars, I give pictures of before and after skin cancers completely healed in three to five treatments and how thrilled people are that there are no scars and there’s no pain. Typically, people sit and read a book or they’re on their cell phone as I’m running treatments. So it’s not invasive, it’s not painful. And within three to five treatments of about two hours, it takes me to run through typically the frequency, say for a squamous and a basal cell skin cancer that I typically treat on someone within say five weeks, maybe three to five treatments, the cancer’s completely gone. And it will swell up slightly, turn red, and get a little more inflamed before disappearing entirely. And what’s left is just healthy skin.

And people always ask me, “Well, what’s going to happen?” This and that. Look, it’s basically damaged tissue. So it’s like a bruise or a cut or whatever. The body’s constantly healing 24 hours a day, anyway. You’re getting cuts, and you’re getting whatever, bug bites, and you’re scratching them, and all this stuff is going on. Same thing. The body recognizes this cut or this inflammation and goes to work, taking care of removing the dead tissue and repairing the skin. And voila, the cancer is gone. And you go about your life as normal, hopefully by changing your diet and detoxing. Otherwise, the skin cancers may come back as it’s really a disease of toxicity, or in this case, with skin cancer being exposed to excessive amounts of UV radiation.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And I’ve used it personally for gut infections. I live in Mexico. And so there’s a lot of parasites and bacteria in the food. And anywhere you live, but it’s more so in Mexico, you get Montezuma’s revenge.

So successfully, for myself, I’ll just do a scan and put the little pads on my stomach. The scan will pick up whatever cootie or bacteria is in my small intestines and will just kill that bacteria, nothing else, leaving the rest of my microbiome intact, which you don’t have that benefit when you take antibiotics, and you just decimate. You can kill 50% of the bacteria in your gut when you do a round of antibiotics. And it just destroys so many different facets of your health, especially if you do that repeatedly. So I do that; lots of gut infections I address with my friends and family that can come to my home and do the Rife. And I’ve also treated my daughter’s wart. She had a wart on her hand, which is a virus. Just nuked that virus, and the wart went away. There are 50,000 programs in this thing. Can you talk about some of them?

Dr. Bill McGraw: Oh, boy. Yeah. Take the wart you’re talking about, the papillomavirus. There are 1,100 strains. So each one of those strains, not every single one, but many different strains has many different frequencies. And so, as you go through the flu virus, there are different programs for each individual flu virus that you have at different variants. So you’re running programs to kill the flu virus. And on the remote, we can talk about remote technology. You’re running programs to counter the symptoms of the flu virus, and there’s the running nose, the cough, the body aches, the fever, et cetera, and you’re running those. And so you’re treating symptoms while you’re killing the virus. Typically, if the virus takes hold, there’s all that inflammation. It’s a couple of days after when you still have the symptoms after you kill the virus that you’re dealing with all of that. And once the symptoms go away, you’re free of the virus, obviously because you killed it.

And so that’s the idea here is that as one of my clients aptly said, is to write your own prescription. So if you have a headache, you’re running frequencies for headache on remote or like you mentioned, the easiest best thing I do for people is to treat parasites, viruses, bacteria in the human body, eliminate them. And so if we use different programs to treat all the various diseases that we encounter, you’re going to get thousands of different frequencies assembled to many different programs to kill viruses, to treat symptoms. Look at the parasites that I treat. I live in Panama, so obviously, I have all these different parasites, and just about every source of water is contaminated with some sort of protozoa and amoeba or blastocysts or one of these crazy parasites. And if the number is high enough in the water and the gut and you have immune system problems, what will happen is, over time, you will develop symptoms.

80% of the people that drink that stuff from the water don’t develop symptoms. But if you have a problem with the immune system, too many numbers, too many different types, you’ll develop problems with gut inflammation. And I won’t go into specifics, but you get the idea. You have problems with digestion and so on. And so they come to me and then identify these particular gut protozoa and kill it. And then, over time, they’re healed. And I say over time because sometimes if you have multiple parasites in the gut, they do damage the intestinal lining, and sometimes even takes months of just using healing frequencies on remote technology to eventually heal the gut. And then they become regular and normal where they’re eating anything they want and don’t have to worry about going to the bathroom as much, et cetera, et cetera.

We haven’t talked about remote technology, but the reason they call this stuff Spooky2 is the biggest question I get, “I don’t know why they call it Spooky2.” And the reason for that is the Einstein 1940s, coining the term spooky action at a distance. What he said was we have two particles that are related; we separate them. What happens to one is what happens to the other. Whatever we do to one particle is the same thing that happens to the other particle. So some classic examples of that would be someone who gets an organ from someone else. So let’s say I need a kidney. My kidney is toxic with heavy metals; 80% of all mercury is stored in the kidney. It gets diseased, you have to take it out, and you get somebody else’s kidney. And then, suddenly, I develop the characteristics of the person giving me the kidney. Let’s say I didn’t like french fries or horror movies. But after I got the kidney, I loved them. I can’t get enough horror movies and french fries.

So I go to the doctor, and I say, “Look, I think I’m losing my marbles. My entire personality’s changing.” The doctor says, “Well, hang on, this is a phenomenon known as quantum entanglement.” DNA in the human body has memory and energy, and that energy and memory are transferred. So when you get somebody’s DNA, you may pick up the energy and the memory of the DNA and pick up the characteristics of the person that donated the DNA; in this case, we’re talking about a kidney. But other examples would be twins. Sometimes something will happen to one twin, and the twin automatically knows. And how does that work? Well, two particles are related. If you separate them, what happens to one affects the other.

Now how do we speed up? Fast forward to Spooky2 remote technology. If I take somebody’s fingernail and I put it in one of the machines behind me, I can see them right there, I’ve got 26 of them, and I expose that piece of a fingernail to a frequency. It affects all the other DNA, no matter where it is in the universe. Some people are like, “Well, hang on a minute, I don’t understand that. I’m not going to do that. How does that work?” The bottom line is you have to accept it. People believe in God. They can’t see God, but they believe in God. Okay, God’s there. And the divine creator idea exists in many different cultures, but people accept it. Although they don’t go around saying, “Well, yes, I’ve met God several times. He’s really nice.” They don’t say that. So how do you deal with this? It’s the idea that you have to accept the quantum entanglement; spooky action at a distance is a real thing that happens, sort of like wifi or radio signals. You don’t see them, yet that technology exists.

And once you accept it, you can then move on to other ideas, changing the shift in paradigm and opening up the brain to examine other things in a fair and objective manner so you can say, “Hey, wow, this works. I’ve seen it work thousands of times over and over again.” So I just sort of accepted it. Although the first time I read about quantum physics 20 years ago, I said, “This is nonsense. What does an observer do?” A particle array, depending on whether or not I’m looking at it, blew the lid off traditional science. Because you’re not supposed to be able to do that. You’re supposed to be able to repeat the experiment. No problem, objectively. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at it; it doesn’t matter if you’re no woo woo. So you get to the point in your life, “Wow, geez, if I don’t accept what I could repeatedly see,” even though I don’t exactly understand it 100%, I can’t move forward as being a scientist who examines new ideas and objectively characterizes them as something I can use, something that’s real, beneficial or not. Does that make sense?

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. Absolutely. Absolutely. And can you talk a little bit about how the remote device works?

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah. So very simple. A client comes into my office with a headache, anything like that. Pain, inflammation, edema, swelling, depression, you name it. I would take a piece of a fingernail; I have fingernail clippers all over the place. Clip the fingernail, and put it in a piece of tape. I write down the date and just the initials of the client. And then I just slip it in between two magnets on a frequency generator behind me. So the magnet’s like that, I slip the DNA between the two. The magnets create a frequency, a particular frequency known to reduce pain or known to affect headaches, or known to increase the efficiency of a kidney. And so just that piece of DNA is exposed to those frequencies, which I know have a positive effect. I have a few that I use all the time because I just know the benefit of them is outrageously good.

And so it affects that person. So what do you have today? Today everybody has a cell phone. How is that going? How do you feel? Oh, I feel so much better. Now, if you don’t have that, it really has an effect; you have the ability to then change the frequency. And then, once again, you WhatsApp that person. How are you feeling now? Oh, I feel much better. Okay, you have established residents through quantum entanglement, through the idea of quantum entanglement, the quantum field, which is all around us in between DNA, right?

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. And it’s really interesting how you can take this fingernail and run frequencies on it, and it will affect that person. It’s not as strong as the flashing plasma light. But it undoubtedly has an effect. People can run detox protocols on people before to clear their kidneys and their liver and whatnot, and people are like, “Can you turn it off?” Because it’s too strong for them.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah. So the idea of reducing pain and inflammation, increasing the efficiency of organs, this sort of thing, it’s best done 24 hours a day through the remote. These machines behind me operate 24 hours a day. The power goes out, we have generators, and we have backup batteries. The computer just automatically kicks on again and reloads the frequencies into the generators. The body doesn’t heal all at once. Boom, you put in plasma for an hour, and we’re done. No, the body heals 24 hours a day, a little better at night when you’re sleeping, et cetera. But if you can have a frequency that runs 24 hours a day. Let’s say one of my friends fell and hurt himself and got a really bad cut. There are frequencies for tissue regeneration, and there are frequencies for general antiseptic. So when I run these in combination through the remote 24 hours a day through the idea of quantum entanglement using the fingernail, it affects him even though he’s 25 miles up the road.

And you will see a dramatic recovery. I did the same thing for his wife. She falls, and she fractures her toe. What happens? The toe healed up in four days because I’ve used frequencies for bone healing. And you can see this again and again, not just once or twice or 1,000 times, but as many times as you want; you can just repeat the results over and over and over again. Thus, I have a reputation here that’s extremely solid in where I live. People have a problem, and no one else can help them; they come to me. Sometimes, “Oh, I’ll just go to the so-and-so, I’ll just get a pill. Oh, I’ll just”.  Well, when you have a problem that you can’t fix, then that’s when people come to me. I wish they would come to me first. Because oftentimes, it’d be a whole lot easier because when you get these late-stage cancers, and you’re killing them, the problem is that you have to do two things at once.

And then, as you’re killing the cancers, you’re treating the pain, inflammation, detox, and even malaise; even depression can happen in late-stage cancers. As you’re killing cancer, the person develops this apathy that I don’t know if I want to. And that’s when you have to have family support. You have to really have a good diet; you have to have a detox. They get into saunas, and they finish the detox. Now, if you don’t have a third stage, let’s say you have first or second-stage cancer, you can just treat it. The person really doesn’t develop a detox. Maybe they have a bit of swelling. So if I treat prostate cancer, it’s minor. There’s a bit of swelling, a bit of inflammation, a little bit of pain. Next week has gone, I treat cancer, and boom, I never see them until they have another problem. That’s the idea.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And it’s just amazing. Can you tell us some other stories of things that you’re treating just to give people an idea of the depth and breadth of what this device can do?

Dr. Bill McGraw: Oh boy, there are so many stories because I’ve been doing this for, I don’t know, six years, and I’ve treated everything you could possibly imagine. Okay, I’ve reduced tremors for Parkinson’s. I mean a tremor just like this, constant, continual, almost constant continual. I could reduce that with remote frequencies. I’ve got a client now that’s just experienced a series of strokes. And it’s not just Rife; I use everything. Everything you can imagine, methylene blue and Rife technology and diet changes and heavy metal detoxing, sweat therapies, you name it. Getting into red light therapies, disco, disco, you name it. So I’m treating him now remotely to prevent another stroke, so after stroke paralysis and TIA, remote program, and so on. And then, at the same time, healing some of the damage that occurs from a TIA and so on while doing diet changes and repairing and then running; we haven’t talked about the scalar field yet.

But using scaler energies and running modulated Rife frequencies through the scalar field to look for particular problems that may be associated. Let’s say the guy has a chronic cough, which may be associated with the virus. So I kill the virus, and he gets better from the cough. There are other things, bad bacteria. Classic people that have these strokes lack mobility; maybe they have problems with urinary tract infections. So I heal that. Maybe there are urinary problems and so on and so on, and I treat that. Maybe when I’m there, I may apply a plasma or put the patient in a scalar field and kill certain organisms that don’t belong there and heal certain organs that need attention. As I’m discovering, by running scans through various frequencies, you’re developing resonance. The computer controls it. I do a reverse lookup to see what frequencies are associated with programs compared to symptoms, make a case history, and then get an idea of everything going on with that person.

Make recommendations, engage in different alternative therapies, and then look at the results. How is he doing? Oh, he is doing fantastic today. How’s he sleeping? Oh, he’s sleeping much better. For instance, in three weeks, I’m giving a seminar on insomnia. I look at what are the most popular podcasts? Well, there are all these sleeping programs where people are listening to whatever, binaural beats and blah, blah, blah, and helping them with sleep. So I thought, oh, let me do that because I know insomnia is related to toxicities and heavy metals. That’s what affected me. That’s what happened to me, how I got involved in medicine in the first place. Nobody could fix my insomnia. I started studying medicine 15 years ago intently, and I always studied medicine through my coursework, but not like I was when I had to fix myself. Get rid of the heavy metals; insomnia goes away when you supplement with minerals, potassium, magnesium, et cetera, minerals.

The anxiety’s gone, the insomnia’s gone, and so on. And so, using whatever I can to complete the healing process, which is what I emphasized during my last seminar, I looked at, you can kill something. You can press the button, kill your stuff, do this, and do your scans and treatments. But follow through with the healing process in terms of what’s left. Is it the gut you still have to heal? Is it a diet change? Is it counseling? Sometimes I counsel people about all these problems that they have, maybe going through these different treatments and so on. So looking at insomnia in the next seminar, looking at all these different things that these people are going through, and then trying to relate it to the different modalities and putting all the pieces of the puzzle together is the idea here. It’s a challenge, it’s exciting, it’s fulfilling, and you get to help a lot of people, obviously.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, that’s amazing because people wouldn’t think of addressing insomnia because there are like 14, 15 different things that can promote insomnia there.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Oh, absolutely.

Dr. Wendy Myers: There are so many different things, and people just take a sleeping pill and just don’t address the underlying root cause.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Absolutely,

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. And it’s so important you can’t heal, you can’t reverse health issues, you can’t lose weight. You have to address the underlying root cause if you can’t sleep. So yeah, Rife is an amazing way to do that. And then, I had a patient that had a concussion. And she was dizzy and had blurry vision. She couldn’t function. Two treatments with a Spooky2, and she was better. So it works very, very, very quickly.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah, absolutely. Dealing with insomnia sometimes it’s a matter of relaxation. So I could put in relaxation frequencies at night to help these people relax, sleeping frequencies, which induce a pattern of sleep or allow the person to experience restorative sleep, and so on. And then during the day, if they have fatigue, I can run energy frequencies to help them with ATP production, to help them stay alert, and so on, energy vitality, and so on, which helps them out in that capacity. So there’s kind of a diurnal phase where you’re running energy during the day and then sleeping frequencies at night to establish more of a circadian rhythm and so on.

So absolutely, it’s almost unlimited in potential, and I think it’s the future of medicine. But I’ll tell you something, the MDs around here really don’t like me. And the majority, we don’t get along very well. And I’ve often found throughout my life when I do something that someone else can’t do, there’s either going to be respect or animosity. And unfortunately, it’s worked out where they won’t talk to people if they find out they’ve come to see me and all this sort of ego nonsense that goes on there. But it’s unfortunate.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And there’s always going to be resistance and doubt for people, especially, I think, with mainstream medical training, it’s so easy for them to poop on something that they really know nothing about or haven’t tried or seen results. And so I think that it’s just really a shame. But I think that Rife technology has an incredible potential for so many things, which is why I bought my mother one, which is why my mother actually bought one for her brother that had a brain tumor and lung cancer and COPD. Within a week of using the Rife, the mucus, and whatever was going on in his lungs, it broke up a little bit. He was finally able to get a restful night’s sleep and had smoother breathing within just one week, within one week of using it. And so it made a huge difference for him.

There are just so many applications. As I said, there are 50,000 plus programs in this. And there are also essential oils, minerals, medications, and supplements; there’s a frequency for everything. Everything has a frequency that you can expose your body and your energy field to these frequencies. Your body takes in this information and changes physical functioning as a result.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah, there’s molecular weight frequency. So if you have a compounded prescription drug that you’re on that works particularly well, we can use the molecular weight of that compound to determine a frequency that will emulate the effects of the drug without side effects. That’s been my experience. Now, it’s not going to work as powerfully as the drug. So I incorporate other therapies and use other frequencies to address typically what they use prescription drugs for, which is pain, inflammation is a big one or a whole plethora of other conditions and so on. But I do use that molecular weight frequency to emulate any compound. Same thing with the essential oil. Essential oils have frequencies that you can use, especially through the scalar field, that will produce the same effect.

The American Medical Association, as you say, poo-poos the whole idea of Rife technology. And if you’re a doctor caught using this stuff, you could lose your license. I’m a scientist; I’m a naturopathic guy. I can do these things in Panama; nobody bugs me. But if you’re a guy that said, “Oh my God, I could cure cancer with this. This is amazing.” If you tell the wrong person, you’re going to lose your license, and you’re going to get into all kinds of trouble. Then you have to move to Mexico, or you have to move to Panama or someplace where you’re not going to be persecuted. There’s that idea. And then there’s the idea of a shift in paradigm where you’re looking at a total change in ideas, and some people are going to accept it, and some people aren’t. And there’s always that resistance to new ideas. So unfortunately, when I was an undergrad many, many years ago, my professors used to say for a new shift in ideas, a shift in paradigm, all the people that believe in the old ideas have to die.

And we laughed. What do you mean? Of course, people are going to look at those ideas and judge them, see whether or not they’re worthwhile, and either accept them or reject them. And I laughed at this until I really got out there and saw the resistance against the new technology, whether that be the industry really rejecting the whole idea because there’s less profit and so on, or just people are resistant to new ideas. Some of us are. And those are the things you have to do. Of course, not everybody has to die before they can accept a new idea or analyze it objectively.

But once you’re ingrained in a particular modality or a career or an option or doctors like the wealthy and so on, so they really don’t mess around with that. Prescription drug industries add benefits and bonuses, and here you go, sell this and promote that. And, of course, the entire prescription drug industry and the Rockefeller Institute support the university program for medicine to promote drugs. There’s a grant for drugs, a grant for this. How about a grant for Rife technology to cure cancer? No, no, no, we can’t do that. Silly scientists, please leave. And that’s what happens there.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. So let’s talk about how people can use this technology at home. So can you talk about how to get people their own setup or how they can also work with you if they don’t want to deal with it? Because of the Spooky, it’s not as complex as it seems, but I think it’s challenging for someone that is ill and brain-fogged and not computer-literate or not a techie. It can be challenging, for sure.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah, absolutely. I consult with people all over the world just using Zoom, and then I can give them a copy of the recording. And so I help people understand how the program works and what Rife technology is. I give them advice on how to kill cancer. I give them advice on detox and just how to go about using Rife technology in scans and treatments and plasmas and remotes. And yeah, there’s a lot to it. And when they want to use this and when they don’t want to use that. So I regularly consult with people all over the world on how to use this. In particular, people that are really sick have gone through the regular process in the industry. Of course, cancer’s not a disease; it’s an industry in the United States, billions of dollars. You get in trouble if you cure people; you have to go to Mexico, et cetera, et cetera.

But if you’re pumping them full of drugs and cutting them and radiating them, well, you’re going to make a lot of money, and the people die eventually. But if you’re curing people, you don’t become that popular in certain circles. But for people that went through the process of chemotherapy and radiation and did not heal, then they come to me, and I have to teach them how to use these machines, where to apply it, how to run pads and plasmas and ultrasonic frequency devices, and so on. And then there are regular follow-ups. How did that work? How are you feeling? How are you going to do this? What size of cancer? We run regular MRIs and CAT scans looking at the A and B sides of particular cancers within the human body. We do a certain amount of treatments, and then they repeat the CAT scans, and we look at percent decrease by simple A and B comparisons using the Excel spreadsheet, before and after treatments, percent reductions per treatment, and so on.

And eventually, we can identify where the tumors, okay, iliac chain, or it’s in the prostate, or it’s in the liver or whatever, wherever it’s metastasized, placing the plasma devices near that particular tumor that we’re working on, dissolving and disintegrate the tumor, get into a detox modality and then go for another CAT scan. And boom, wow, the tumor is gone. Boom, where’d it go?

Well, of course, all matter has frequencies that can destroy it, tumors, whatever. And so we kill those cancer cells and create these toxins, and the body heals, and we go into detox. Then, in the end, we have to address, okay, what caused this problem to begin with? You didn’t always have cancer; you didn’t always have a problem with this. What happened? There was a point in your life when you accumulated toxins, the immune system became compromised, cancer cells proliferated, and tumors developed. And, of course, we kill them; we change our diet and supplementation. And then, of course, there’s follow-up. I follow up with people through the entire process of turning a disease into a person of exceptional health. And we continue on and follow that process down until we’re done. And even then they become friends and so on and so on, you know the process, I’m preaching to the choir here. And so we go about that work, and it’s very fulfilling work. It’s very exciting stuff.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. Because a lot of people that are very, I’ll, have cancer or complex chronic illness will also have opportunistic infections because the immune system is compromised, or they’ll have fungal infections or candida, or they’ll have parasites, or they’ll have whatever. And you can go in, and there are no tests for a lot of these infections. You can go in, do a scan, and it’ll pick up whatever cooties are screaming the loudest in your body, and then just zap those and just only those, leaving all your other cells intact. I mean, it’s just brilliant.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Right. Absolutely. There’s an incredible specificity. Is that how you pronounce it? Specificness, I’ll say, to these frequencies, whereas going back to that glass 532 hertz, I think it is, and the high C-notes. I think that’s right. And so any other frequencies can affect the glass. Well, the same idea for cancer cells. You have these very extremely specific frequencies that destroy cancer that doesn’t affect anything else in the human body. And so it’s incredibly safe to apply it to cancer cells because there are no ill effects. There are no side effects except for the fact that you’re killing something. So let’s say I’ve done half a dozen shingles infections, so I apply for those shingle programs, and we kill the virus. And the worst thing that happened was, oh, I was tired the next day. Oh, I spent the next day in bed, like the flu, getting over the flu.

And then I follow up, years later, “How are you doing? Oh, yeah. I’m fine, Shingles and I have parted ways.” Some go into a bit of poetry, whatever there is, but people are extremely happy and satisfied with the technology and how well it works, and how specific it is for particular problems. And as you mentioned, the particular bacteria in the gut are not affecting any of the other bacteria. Neat, unlike antibiotics, right?

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes, yes. Yeah. And so, can you also talk about Rife and Spooky’s 2 ability to detox the body because they have a lot of different detox programs. I think it’s really interesting.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah. If you go about a scan, my go-to scan is through the scalar field, which is just placing two boxes on either side of someone about a meter apart. And we run modulated Rife frequencies through the scalar field, picking up the resonance. The scalar energy by itself is very healing. It’s the energy that cells communicate, the meridian pathways, blah, blah, blah, and the modulated Rife frequencies going through the scalar field that will detect resonances. And then, we use reverse lookup to see what numbers are associated with what programs. And so let’s say I could pick up a program called detox lymph or detox kidney or detox liver, and then you can go to pads and run that for an X number of hours. You could go to the remote and then run that 24 hours a day through remote technologies, which is more of a gentle way of going about detoxing.

Of course, there’s the classic terrain protocol, which is it goes through a number of toxins, step by step, frequency after frequency, going through the liver, the kidney, the thyroid, et cetera, et cetera. And it’s really what I found out is it’s more of an extractor, whereas it’s going to extract heavy metals from the tissues. As you know, 90% of all heavy metals are stored in the tissues, the liver, the kidney, and the brain. And so it’ll go about extracting. Now, sometimes people are extremely toxic, well, very toxic, like, let’s say, with heavy metals in the organs as they start doing the terrain protocol, even for one day, “Ooh, I feel terrible.” They’ll say, “Discontinue the terrain protocol,” and go about absorbing the toxin, sweat therapy, and intestinal binders. If you’ve been sweating and binding and taking vitamin C for a long time and you’re okay with that, engaging a certain amount of glutathione, or maybe you do a glutathione emulation program on the remote and engage the technology that way to complete the healing process.

So there are two ways of going about it. One is your shotgun, “Oh, let’s get on the terrain protocol,” my clients always say. Slow the horses down; let’s take it easy. Run a scan. Let’s see where the problems are. If the liver needs detoxing, it’ll show up in the liver detox program. If your thyroid has a problem, it shows up, thyroid inflammation, and so on and so on. And you go through the list of that, say, “Well, we’re going to treat your kidney; you have a kidney problem.” Maybe you have edema, or you have congestive heart failure which will show up while we treat that through the remote and so on.

And then you always have the biofeedback of communication. “How are you feeling today? Oh, I’m feeling pretty good.” Or, “Okay, but I still have edema.” Run a second remote on edema, several couples of different remotes for serious problems, individual symptoms, and individual indications of having problems. Run a series of remotes to address individual issues and then go back and compute and follow up. How are you doing? Everybody thinks cell phones are just for blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, Instagram, Facebook, blah, blah, blah. I just use my cell phone for work. I’m a weirdo, but I guess I’m just not a social media guy. I get in trouble for that sometimes, but yeah.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And so why don’t you tell us how people can work with you and where we can find you.

Dr. Bill McGraw: You. Just go to So it’s And then you get in contact with me there. There are probably 15 podcasts, including the last one I did with you. There’s a podcast page, and then there’s a page for seminar information. And the homepage contains, there are 15 reviews of consultancies I’ve done for people all over the world, Australia and France, and blah, blah, blah. And then there’s other information on upcoming seminars and coupon codes to get 5% off all the Spooky2 equipment. I have known John White personally now for four years. He’s, as they say, save the world kind of guy. His heart is in the right place. He just wants to end all chronic diseases. And I absolutely believe him. I’ve been looking at his seminars and all of his videos for years and years, and I know he has absolutely nothing but total love and respect for the human beings that he works with and just wants to end all chronic diseases.

So he makes these machines as affordable as possible. So when we go into the discounts, it’s so bottom line that he really can’t put forth more than 5%. However, we do have a coupon for 5%. You use this, and you’ll get 5% off. And I think my code for a seminar is BILL0112. I think I wrote it down on paper here to make sure I remember all this fun stuff that I do. And it’s written down here somewhere, baby. Somewhere. Yeah, BILL0112. If you put that in the coupon code, you go to You look at the various Spooky2 kits. Some of them will contain the plasma, the Spooky2 central, which is an amplifier to run the plasma. There’s a generator X, which is just a box where you can run standard Rife scans by using tens pads and hooking them up to the generator X. And the generator X hooks up to your laptop.

It’s very easy. And then there’s a program, a Spooky2 program, which is very easy to use. I can help you figure out how to use it if you’re challenged with computers. I’ve been using computers for 40 years. I guess some people were kind of making fun of me because 40 years ago, I was using the RadioShack TRS-80. Everybody was having a big chuckle about that. But as a kid, I would stay awake all night typing in a basic program just to have my name appear across the screen. And I thought, “Ooh.” And I called my mom and dad, “Dad, look at this. It’s insane.” And nowadays, everybody has a big chuckle. And I used the Commodore 64 after that, where we recorded our programs on a cassette tape. Cassette, what is that? What is a cassette? Nevermind. Let’s not talk about that. We’re dating myself, horrifically, I might add.

Dr. Wendy Myers: For sure. You’re making mixed tapes.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Well, let’s just say I made a mighty good mixtape back in the day, which I played in my cassette stereo in my ’80s American car, which only ran cassette tapes. We had the radio back then too. So that’s what we did. So again, why I’m saying all this is obvious, if you’re newer to all these complex programs, I can help you step by step how to set it up and how to run the programs. I can take trips to people’s houses. I set up the equipment and ran scans of treatments, and showed them how to use it. I think if you have a passion for this as I do you, I just pick it up, and I run with it. But then again, I’m this weirdo that does nothing but this stuff mostly.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. And I’m a really techy person, and it took me pretty much four days to sit down and pick it apart and watch all the videos and learn how to hook it up and run the software. And there’s still a lot that I don’t know. But I know how to run basic scans and just run those frequencies. It’s really simple, but it can be very overwhelming for some people. So I just want to have you on and let people know that if you want to get your own setup, Bill can help you consult with you to get it all set up and get it running. And it’s not that difficult once you get it up and running. My mom is 76 and is doing it herself too. She put it all together and hooked it up, and she’s got it wired now. But it takes a minute, and you have to troubleshoot it sometimes.

But there’s help out there for you guys that need it. And so Bill, thanks for coming on the show and imparting your knowledge about Rife technology because I think this is something for me; I use it constantly. I highly recommend people and to stop using old-school functional lab tests, especially for parasites. Forget the antibiotics and just a lot of these things that are frankly outdated. I think a lot of things that people do, a lot of functional medical tests, and things that people do are outdated. There are much better methods, much faster, efficient, quicker, painless, and no side effects, and methods like Rife technology. And I think the Spooky2 is very reasonably priced as well because a lot of Rife technologies are double the price. For me, because it was less expensive, it was more accessible to me, and I felt comfortable purchasing one. And I think that’s really a big factor that prevents a lot of people from enjoying this technology, just the cost.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Absolutely. And one final word about parasites is there are multiple tests that you can do here in Panama. There’s a blood test, or there’s a urine test, or there’s a stool test. But it depends on the person running that test. Do they have experience, or are they qualified? You can’t always find a qualified person to examine the sample to determine if there’s a parasite present. Parasitology is an absolute circus. It’s a freak show because there are so many eggs and larvae and so on to deal with and be able to identify. But also, sometimes, the parasite isn’t present in the sample, and it may come back negative. Well, what about the rest of the body? Is it somewhere else? Some of these parasites get into the intestines, they may go to the lung and then back into the intestines and then out with the feces, and then some of these parasites penetrate the skin first, Ascaris and roundworms and blah, blah, et cetera.

And then they get into the skin and eventually travel to the intestine one way or the other, producing eggs and larvae and so on. So if you don’t hit it at the right time, that particular analysis through traditional methods, you’re going to come up negative or maybe come positive, maybe depending on where the parasite is. But Spooky2 technology examines the whole body. So if that worm is only in the skin, you’re still going to pick it up. If the worm’s in the intestine, you’re still going to pick it up. If there’s a larva, trophozoite, et cetera, et cetera, you’re still going to pick it up, and so on. So that’s the way it goes.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. Not to mention, there are thousands of parasites and a lot of tests; these are testing for 10. It’s just abysmal, and many of them are not accurate. And there’s only so much testing you can run, like one test for candida and one test for the parasites and one test,  I mean, why not just do it all at once by doing regular scanning with Rife technology, like the Spooky2. Keep it simple, stupid.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah, absolutely. Glad you brought that up. There’s an efficiency here; we are looking at everything and treating everything all at once, which standard medicine could only dream of replicating. They could never do that.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Just thousands and thousands of dollars worth of testing that you do, you could be spending that on a Rife device.

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah, absolutely.

Dr. Wendy Myers: When I first got it, I don’t want to say I got deathly ill, but I just wasn’t feeling well. I knew something was wrong and went to my functional medicine doctor. I did $4,000 worth of testing and really got nowhere. I learned a lot of information, but I would much rather have been able to test myself and address that with a solution, have that price, that $4,000, buy a device to figure out what was wrong with me, and give me a solution as well for the things that are found.

Dr. Bill McGraw: You hit the nail on the head, the shift in paradigm. It’s happening.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. But Bill, thank you. Dr. McGraw, thanks so much for coming on the Myers Detox Podcast. And why don’t you tell us about your website again and how people can work with you?

Dr. Bill McGraw: Yeah. Okay. The website is just And you’ll find my podcast and the videos, and the links to the BitChute channel. YouTube took down my channel. But yeah, you can find all the information on my website and the future seminars and how to sign up for the Spooky2 seminar. Every month I do a seminar demonstrating the Spooky2 equipment, talking about things like parasites and cancer and bacterial infections and overcoming this, that, and the other, and how the history and the background information on a particular disease, and then how to cure it with the current Rife technology.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, fantastic. Well, everyone, thanks so much for tuning in to the Meyers Detox podcast. I’m Dr. Wendy Meyers, and I just love doing shows like this to help you figure out exactly what it is that you need to do to dramatically improve your health. And Rife technology is one of those things that I use, and I’m just so thankful for it because it’s so effective and so simple to use, and with no side effects unless you’re running that liver protocol, the liver detox. Watch out for that one. But anyways, thanks for tuning in, and I love you guys. I’ll talk to you soon.