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  1. Find out what’s in store on this Myers Detox Podcast with Dr. Cathy Goldstein, who joins the show to talk about the bioenergetic skincare that helps to increase collagen production and create younger looking skin! Dr. Goldstein’s line of cutting edge skincare called, Tru Energy Skincare, is one of the only skincare lines that use specialized frequencies to help to improve your skin. Dr. Goldstein explains how her products get to the root of so many skin issues, and how they have helped many people improve their skin much faster than conventional skincare. She also goes over her skincare wand, imprinted with specialized frequencies, and covers how our emotions affect the way our skin ages. At the end of the interview, she shows some amazing before and afters of people who have used Tru Energy Skincare. The results really are astounding!
  2. Find out what caused Dr. Goldstein to become involved in quantum energy medicine and create her own skincare line.
  3. Find out how Dr. Goldstein utilizes quantum energy medicine in her skincare line.
  4. Learn about what makes Dr. Goldstein’s line of skincare, Tru Energy Skincare, different from many other skincare lines.
  5. Find out about the special wand Dr. Goldstein sells, and how that has helped create amazing skin results for people who have used it.
  6. Learn about how Dr. Goldstein sends frequencies through our body’s energy highway using her skincare line.
  7. Find out some of the other amazing benefits of Tru Energy Skincare.
  8. Learn more about how our emotions affect the skin on our face and the way that it ages.
  9. Learn about the benefits of the frequencies that come in Tru Energy Skincare products.
  10. Tune into the video of this podcast to take a look at some of the incredible before and afters using Tru Energy Skincare.
  11. Make sure to check out her amazing skincare and get a special offer at

Wendy Myers: Hi everyone. I’m Dr. Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. On the show today, we have a great show with Dr. Cathy Goldstein, and we’ll be talking about bioenergetic skincare to increase collagen production and younger-looking skin. And Cathy’s skin care line called Tru Energy Skincare. And it’s an amazing line that I’ve been using, and it’s infused with frequencies. And she has this amazing wand that I use to help to drain the limp in my face and get rid of that puffiness; that interstitial fluid can be stuck in your tissues for various reasons and just gets rid of that under eye bag puffiness. And it’s just an amazing skincare line. And we’re going to be talking about it in depth and how bioenergetics and frequencies are going to be used with amazing anti-aging results. And I know you guys listening to this show are concerned about heavy metal toxicity and how it ages you.

  And I’ll be talking about that more and more on the show. And I have a quiz you can take at Take a couple seconds, and it’ll give you your relative level of the body’s burden of toxins and a free video series afterward about where to get started on your detox journey. So check it out,

 Our guest today, Dr. Cathy Goldstein, she’s an acupuncture physician, and she’s the founder of multiple integrative health clinics. And she’s been a columnist for New Vision Magazine and Philadelphia Magazine. She’s also a guest lecturer at Jefferson University Medical School and a frequent speaker at symposiums and Health Summits. And Cathy is considered a subject matter expert in biomedicine and eastern medicine, and she’s an educational instructor nationally and internationally.

  Cathy’s been practicing and teaching alternative medicine for more than 35 years, and she specializes in quantum energy medicine technology and body-mind neuropsychology. And she has trained with world-renowned practitioners and healers and holds advanced studies in anatomy and physiology. And Cathy’s pursuit of functional health stems from her health challenges and frustrations with Western medicine. She was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in her 20s, and after multiple hospitalizations and complications, she was still suffering from her illness. And so Cathy began her life path for healing. And here we are today. So you can learn more about Cathy and her work at So welcome to the show, Cathy.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Thank you. Glad to be here.

Wendy Myers: Yes. So talk to us about how you came into natural health and got into quantum energy medicine and your skincare line and all that.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Right? Unpack that, right? So I actually was finishing some pre-meds classes to go to medical school, and I got really, really sick, in fact, life-threatening sickness, and ended up in the hospital for three months. Ended up with seven surgeries and almost died a couple of times, like a mess. But it was my guiding light. It completely changed the direction that I was going because I realized that allopathic medicine was not doing it for me. And so, I ended up in acupuncture school and had the most amazing results from acupuncture. It saved my life. And then, as I went, I got more into energy medicine, clearing up the emotional components of stress and really diving into that energy medicine is really, it’s not the future anymore. Energy medicine is really kind of the only way we know that we are going to get absolute health and be able to maintain and sustain it. Right?

Wendy Myers: Absolutely. Yeah, absolutely. I totally agree with you. I think energy medicine, you’re right. It’s not just the future; it’s here and now helping people to address health issues that people struggle with otherwise. And so, talk to us about anti-aging because I’m going to be talking more about anti-aging and skin care products and energy medicine, and quantum medicine plays a big role in that. And so I’ve been using your skincare line, and I absolutely love it. And so, I want to talk about how you would approach anti-aging using quantum energy medicine?

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah, so I’ll tell you, I think what happened for me as far as just how I go from treating illness to actually going into a skincare line seems like such a big loop. But I think what happened for me was I kind of caught myself in the mirror at age 49, and I went, whoa, I looked like I was 60. No problem. And what, this is over 20 years ago, no, not quite 20 years ago. So I really was redirected to thinking, what can I do? I’ve worked from the inside out for years, for 35 years. I wanted something from the outside that could really have a marriage between the energy medicine that I’ve been working with with my patients and what we could do, inputting that external energy into our system to create that beautiful skin, beautiful regeneration of the face and the cells and the collagen.

I mean, after 30, we start dropping that collagen-like crazy. And that’s a huge part of, I think, how we feel. When you wake up in the morning, and you look in the mirror, and you think to yourself, oh, I look tired, or when did that line show up? We walk out into the world with that energy, right? So that was really important to me. I wanted people to be able to go out into the world feeling great, feeling and knowing that they look great and having that energy and vitality of that youthful cell, that high energy youthful cell. And I think that the part about that that really made a difference for me is just knowing that energy medicine had really helped so many people in my clinic and taken them from being really sick to having this amazing vitality that I really wanted to show up on the face as well. So that was kind of my driving force for marrying those two things.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. And so you have this skincare like Tru Energy, and so what makes it unique? So you have some frequencies you put in it, and I love that you’re doing this. I think more companies, more skincare lines, and other supplement lines need to get into this way of imparting health and frequencies through different application methods like in your skincare.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Right? Yeah. So I agree with you because I think that there are multiple aspects to skincare. I mean, first of all, dump the chemicals. The chemicals really create toxicity, and they really vibrate at a low frequency, and the cells vibrate at a low frequency, and it makes them unhealthy. So making sure that it’s all-natural was a key thing for me. The other is that I have a background in energy medicine. And being able to actually take frequencies, imprint them or embed them into the products to actually not just give them that boost of energy, but, to be really specific, I want it to increase collagen. I want it to increase the ability of the cell to detox and really be able to have that cell repair.

It’s so super unique to have hundreds of different frequencies that are that vibrational frequency of a youthful cell and being able to imprint that and bring that back to an aging cell and be able to reverse the aging process and be able to regenerate that. So that’s exactly what I did. I figured out how to embed hundreds of different frequencies. I don’t know if you notice in your skincare that little green bead?

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I saw that. At first, I was like, what is that thing? They have that fall in there in my cream.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Right, right. Yeah. So that’s the secret sauce right there. So it’s energy-optimized, and it helps to optimize the benefits of the active ingredients. There are lots of active ingredients as well as imprinting it with all those energies and the energy frequencies for making a youthful cell. I call it actually a beauty frequency. So I added that beauty frequency right in there.

Wendy Myers: Fantastic. Fantastic. And it really works. I mean, I’ve been using the skincare line. I absolutely love it. I’m using the cleanser, you have some bead exfoliant, and you have a day cream and an evening cream. I love the product line. It’s great. And it’s all non-toxic and natural.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: And I have to say, your skin looks amazing.

Wendy Myers: Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, and I turn 50 this year, so believe me, I’m trying to do everything I can to stay youthful and anti-age. So talk about the natural facelift that people can get using this product line, and more specifically, the wand. So tell us about the wand that comes in your skincare line.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Okay. So the wand is also imprinted with specific frequencies. And the key thing that really nobody’s looking at when we’re talking about what happens to the face it’s not just the skin; it’s the underlying tissues that really make the difference. So when we do different things like fillers and injections and things like that, one, we’re adding toxins to our body and decreasing the vitality and the vitality of the cells by adding toxins in. So what I created was a protocol that addresses not only the skin but the underlying tissue, the muscles that contract and drag the skin around and pull the skin down.

So by being able to lengthen the neck and give that beautiful ballerina neck lifting and opening, it really changes all of the aging effects of, if you will, the chin turning off that they call the witches chin, the Marietta lines, the lines that go from the nose to the mouth. Those are all muscles that are actually pulling and dragging down the face. Same thing with the lines between the eyebrows and across the forehead. Those are all things that pull the eyelid down and drop the cheek and things like that.

Wendy Myers: And does the one also help to remove the interstitial fluid that’s causing puffiness and things like that?

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: So yes, in fact, the primary part, in the protocol itself, it’s very innovative in the protocol because what happens is the lymphatic drainage is first. The first few steps are lymphatic drainage because you have to take it off to be able to put it on. So you’re literally dumping all those toxins from the cell that are preventing it from breathing, preventing it from staying young, and preventing it from taking oxygen and nutrients in. That’s how the cell works. It has to be able to get rid of debris for it to be able to survive. And that lymphatic congestion prevents that, and it slows it down, and it makes it sluggish, and it makes the cell die prematurely.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I think that’s the biggest complaint a lot of women have is when they get older, their face kind of has a puffy appearance, and you have to work a little bit harder to drain that limb. And so using a wand is a really easy thing you can do on a daily basis as part of your skincare routine to kind of drain that limb, or definitely I do it before I go on a date with my boyfriend or whenever I want to look really good. I’m doing my wand so that my face looks as fresh as possible.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Absolutely. And actually, I’d love to show some before and after at some point, too, because these women look like they have lost 50 pounds. Just when they’re puffy in the neck and things like that.

Wendy Myers: So let’s talk about the energy highway in our body and how you’re utilizing that and sending frequencies to our body through the skincare line.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: So that’s a great question because I think that one of the things that we all innately know is that everything has energy. Everything has a frequency. Everything vibrates at a specific frequency. We know that, but we don’t always apply it in all of the different directions in our life. So when I think about how to reeducate the cells into vibrating at a healthy frequency, it’s just the same as all of the things that we talk about in good vibes. Oh, I really feel that person’s got good vibes. So that’s going down on a cellular level. It makes a huge difference. So when I think about things like how the body works and how the energy gets into the cells, a lot of times we think about the nervous system and the nervous system that has, for example, the classic concept of perceiving something hot.

So you put your hand near the stove to just make sure whether it’s hot or not before you put your hand on it. And it’s all of this messaging. So the nerves convey the information back to the brain, and the brain tells the body, don’t touch it. Right? It’s hot. Super slow, it’s super, super slow. But what we do have is we have an energy highway, and that’s instantaneous. It’s the energy that we connect with everybody and everything in our world. So when we think about, for example, someone that you connect with and you go to call them, and they say to you, oh my gosh, I was just going to call you. I was thinking about you. You had that happen, right?

Wendy Myers: Oh, yeah.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah, yeah. Because you’re putting out that vibe and that person picks up that vibe, and it’s instantaneous. So there’s actually a research study to test just that. And they took the scrapings of the inside of a guy’s mouth, and they put in a petri dish, and they took it in another room. And they stimulated a biochemical reaction emotionally to this guy. And the biochemical reaction that happened in his body happened in the cell in the other room, in the petri dish, at the exact same time. So they actually took that dish and put it in another state, and the exact same thing happened. And that’s the energy highway. We can affect our entire body instantaneously with one emotion, good or bad.

So that’s that part where I was talking about if you look at the mirror and go, oh, I look tired, all of a sudden your energy goes down when it might’ve actually been pretty good when you first got up. Oh, I slept pretty well. Oh, I look like heck. And it’s just like that. We change the energy in our body through every single cell in our body. So that is that energy highway that we can work with and that we can work with using biophoton frequencies and the frequencies that our body understands the language. And that’s the key right there, is with that Tru Energy imprinting or embedding of the frequencies, I’ve embedded it with frequencies that the body understands because it’s that same biophoton frequency.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I mean, forget just moisturizing your skin. I mean, that’s so old school. And art is just antioxidants. There are so many; this is such advanced skincare that people can use to take their skin to the next level and stimulate collagen. I have to say, when it comes to med spa procedures and a lot of things that people do, they do like the peels, and they do the microderm abrasions. I stopped doing that, I mean, probably 20 years ago. One, because I worry about different chemical peels, and I mean the long-term effects of that, doing it repeatedly and different lasers people are using. And there are so many different types of lasers and skin tightenings and all these things when it’s much cheaper and easier and probably more effective to be using frequencies on your skin to stimulate collagen. You just send information to the body and new operating instructions through these frequencies to get the desired result that you want in increasing collagen and firmness and tightness and improving lymph flow, et cetera, et cetera.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Exactly. Actually, well said because it’s also not only affecting your face, putting on that skincare cream that has frequencies, it affects your whole body because that is the energy highway, right? And interestingly enough, I actually put the whole system, the whole natural facelift system, with Dr. Pigleece, who’s the big wig. He’s taught classes, he’s written books, he’s done all of the tests for really high-end skin care companies just to get some claims for them. Well, when I put the system together, I really kind of wanted to put it to the test, and I didn’t want just claims. I actually wanted to know how this worked? What is it doing? And he was blown away. It was a 30-day study, and within 15 days, he actually was calling me on the phone. I have no idea what and how you’re getting these results, but these women look like they’ve had many, many makeovers, many facelifts.

But you know what he didn’t understand, mostly because I didn’t talk about it, as I didn’t even talk to him about the concept of the frequencies. But in 30 days, when he came to me, and he wrote this amazing review with all of the benefits for it, it takes 45 days for collagen to just start to be able to be produced in the body. So if you take something, if you use something, and you’re trying to promote collagen, it takes 45 days for it to just start. After 30 days, we had a 25% increase in collagen production. That’s huge. I mean, 25%. When you think about that, that’s like, wow, that’s mind-blowing. But you could totally see it. You could see it in the results. I was really pleased, really pleased to find all of those amazing benefits that he had.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, that’s not surprising. I mean, I’m super, super happy with my results using the creams as well, and I was pretty happy with my skin before, but now I’m really, really happy. I’ve definitely seen improvement in fine lines and improvement in little, look, some sunspots that I had and splotches and things like that. I’m super, super happy. I’m going to keep using the products for sure. Is there anything else maybe we haven’t talked about in regards to the skincare, maybe something I’m not asking you?

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah, I think actually you made a really good point when you were saying to yourself, you were happy with your skin before, but now you’re really, really happy. I think that what is so key is being a healthcare practitioner like yourself, inside out, outside in. You have to do both to really get to that place where you look and feel amazing. I think that people who are way more conscious of the inside out have faster and much more pronounced results from the outside in. So for yourself and your audience and for your listeners who are really geared into holistic medicine, eating organic, eating right, and drinking plenty of water, the results are amazing. And they’re amazing anyway. I mean, some of the before and after that I have are actually people even in their 80s, people who have been sunbathing in their 20s, 30s, and 40s with aluminum foil on top of records with baby oil, lots of skin damage, are still getting amazing results that are really clear to see as well.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I’m sure the more skin damage somebody has, and wrinkles, the more pronounced their results are going to be. Because collagen production starts going down in our 30s, and that’s when we start seeing skin laxity, less firmness, loose skin, drooping eyelids, and things like that. It’s like your worst nightmare. But yeah, so the name of the game is you want to improve collagen production, which is that matrix in your skin that gives your skin that firmness and that bounce.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah. And one of the key things that I also pay attention to is refattening because, in that collagen production, the refatting is that popping of the apples on the cheek where there isn’t really anything that I have seen that actually refits like Tru Energy does because it actually has the frequencies to be able to expedite and to potentiate the active ingredients for refatting. So it’s almost like I actually call the skincare more functional skin care because it’s more like functional nutrition. It teaches your body how to do something on its own so that it can activate. So it activates a process and renews the cell so it can function how it’s supposed to function. And that’s a whole different concept in skincare.

Wendy Myers: That’s a whole other ballgame. I mean, that’s exactly what bioenergetics is. We’ve talked about bioenergetics on the show before, about you simply sending frequencies new operating instructions to your body, and you can do it for anything. For detoxification, for an improved liver, for whatever. There are operating instructions that can be sent as frequencies to your body in the form of skincare, in liquid, in plasma lights in a light device. There are a lot of different ways the skin sends frequencies to your body to change physical functioning and physical structure. And so this is what we’re talking about. This is, for me, so exciting and what I really like to talk about because I’ve had so many personal benefits from using bioenergetics over the last seven years in my personal health and mental health, and my physical appearance as well. And so that’s why I urge you to try these types of modalities and see for themselves. So can you tell us where we can find you, or do you have any special offer for the listeners for the skincare line?

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: For sure. I absolutely have a special offer for your listeners, and it’s easy to remember. It’s

Wendy Myers: Perfect.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: So if they go on the Tru Energy, which is one E, so

Wendy Myers: Perfect.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: And I’m pretty sure it’s down below where you are listening as well. You know what else we can talk about too, as far as a component of this, is the emotional component of lines on our face?

Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah, we talked about that before the show. I thought it was a really interesting concept where you talk about how we have traumas, and we have maybe negative emotions, and we can hold that on our faces. And I know a lot of people have resting bitch faces. I used to feel like I had that resting bitch face, and I just like, oh, I just hated it. But can you talk a little bit about that, about the emotions on our faces?

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Absolutely. Well, I always say in my clinic the issues are in the tissues. They’re going to show up somewhere on your body. But because our face is all of our expression and all of our, it’s how we communicate. So all of our traumas and our stresses, how we communicate them to the world, are on our faces. So if we’re going through a divorce, if we don’t feel good, I mean, how many times can you think of when you didn’t feel good that someone goes, oh, you don’t feel good? It shows on your face. So those emotions, especially when they’re traumatic, can get stuck in our faces as well. So if we go through a traumatic event, whether it’s an illness, whether it’s divorce, whether it’s the loss of a loved one or anything like that, we will have the facial expressions of maybe frowning.

And those frown lines and those muscles underneath it really get stuck. Those emotions get stuck there. So by actually doing the protocol with a wand and the full system, you’re actually releasing trauma as well when you release those underlying muscles and tissues that are carrying it. Plus, with that energy frequency, it’s designed to input positive energy and get rid of negative energy.

Wendy Myers: Great. Yeah, that’s a really interesting concept that you don’t really think of when it comes to skincare or to how your face looks. But yeah, so is there anything else that we can talk about? What are some of the benefits of these imprinted frequencies?

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: So some of the benefits of the frequency have a lot to do with, well, one, the lymphatic drainage, being able to do the protocol in actually a downward motion. And that’s so counterintuitive. A lot of people think that when you put on lotion, you need to go up, but to be able to drain the lymphatics, it actually is downward. So that’s a key component to being able to get rid of those toxins. The other is that when you’re doing the protocol, and you’re releasing the muscles on the neck, it actually allows the muscles on the cheek to be able to pop up.

So, for example, if I’ve done my lymphatic drainage and now I’m lengthening the muscles on my neck, I’m actually able to release the draw, the pull down on the jaw, and it allows the cheek to pop. So it’s this really intuitive process around lengthening and lifting, lengthening and lifting. But we’re talking about not just the skin; we’re talking about the energy of the cells and the underlying tissue and the muscles and things like that. So you’re getting rid of the creakiness in the neck, the sagging, the lines in the neck.

Wendy Myers: The jowls. I noticed you don’t have any jowls.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: I know.

Wendy Myers: I’m in my 60s, right? I hate those.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah, and I actually try not to wear makeup when I’m doing live interviews when I do my webinars and things like that because people want to see that authentic aspect. So that defined jawline, which I mean, my before and afters, terrible drooping on my jowl. It’s kind of a family thing. Drooping on my eyelid is a genetic thing, and I didn’t buy into the genetic aspect of that. I’m like, no, no, no, this can change. So redefining the jawline, getting rid of the lines from the corners of the mouth, mouth to the chin, the nose to the corners of the mouth, getting rid of the puffiness, and being able to lift those brows is huge in just opening the eyes and having that vitality really show.

Wendy Myers: Okay. Fantastic. Fantastic. So Cathy, thank you so much for coming on the show and imparting your knowledge about beauty and anti-aging to all of us. This is a really, really interesting show. I’ve done one other show on frequencies and skincare, but this is much more in-depth, and I like the wand concept to drain the lymph as well. So your skincare line really has everything in it that people need to get the results that they’re looking for. And just forget the department store garbage. So I keep talking about that at length, about how the stuff from the drug stores, the department stores, not only do they just moisturize and they also have toxic chemicals in them, they just have silicone, like different silicones in them and silicones that maybe make your skin feel like they’re soft and supple and fill in the wrinkles temporarily, but they’re not improving your skin in any meaningful way. So Cathy, thanks for coming on the show, and check out her skincare line at

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Absolutely. Thank you so much. And can we post some of the before and afters? I can send those to you.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, let’s do that. Yeah. So the guys watching, yeah, if you guys listen to the audio, you might not benefit so much from this, but for you guys watching the video, check out these before and after. They’re shocking.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: All right, so this photo is of eyes. And the puffiness above the eye and the sagging of the skin above the eye where it sits on the eyelid. This is really, and actually, even on the corners of her eyes, where you can really see the downward motion, all of those downward motions are what makes us look really tired. So you can see on the after, the eyebrow is lifted, the eyelid is lifted, the wrinkle on the side, that sagging and the lines on the side of the eyes, the crow’s feet are gone on here. But look at the vitality. Look at the vitality in her eyes. It’s just completely changed. Now, I love this expression. That’s the energy component, right? This is Kyoko. This is two weeks now. Who would’ve thought that, yeah, who would’ve thought that you could change all of these skin tone issues and the dark spots in two weeks?

But this is the thing. The exfoliant is a key component where. We talked about taking it off to be able to get that product penetration. This is all dead skin cell buildup where it was really affecting the pores, the texture, and the dullness. You had mentioned dullness when you have lymphatics that are congested and some lymphatic drainage along that neck and jawline. So there’s a few things, lots of things actually, that really make a difference here. One is you can really see how the apple has popped in her before and after. Redefining the cheekbone, redefining the jaw line, and then also looking at the length between her lip and her chin. This is an aging process where this tightens. And look at the length here. This is youthfulness. This is the beauty frequency of youthful skin and skin cells. Same thing with the lengthening between her nose and her upper lip.

These are beautiful, youthful lips in her after, and of course, the skin and skin integrity. This really kind of tells it all in this one, doesn’t it? This is seven months, mostly. She had results earlier than this, but I kept asking for her after-photos. But you wouldn’t get changes like this if you went to a dermatologist or if you went to a cosmetic surgeon. They would tell you that with the damage like this that you can see on her chest, you would not be able to get results like this from skincare alone.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, no way. No way. It’s amazing. Or peels or anything like that.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: No, right. They would say that you would have to do laser and all kinds of things to really force the skin to regenerate, which of course, thins the skin. It’s not a good scenario to try to repair something like this and not thin the skin. The whole point is that aging skin is thinner. The whole point here is to be able to have plump, healthy cells on your skin. So even just having this chest that looks amazing on the after, it’s that plumping cells as well. This is Darius. You can see, so this is a classic example of, from a distance, what makes us look aged. It’s the downward lines from the eye where we kind of get hollow, hollow in the cheek, the downward lines in the creases, in the face, the downward lines from the nose down towards the mouth. And then you can see in the after, you can see that the downward lines are gone, the downward lines from the nose, from the eyes. It’s the re-plumping. There is no skincare alone that you’re going to get results like this.

Wendy Myers: Wow. Love it.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah. This is a really great example of an eyelid that was just aged. Loss of integrity, loss of plumping in the fattening, the drop in the eyebrow where you can see that eyelid comes completely all from that sagging on top of the eyelid.

Wendy Myers: Yes. And the under eye puffy decreased.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah, absolutely. And the skin integrity, you can see this dark spot right here, is significantly better.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, because that’s what I’m trying to avoid is undereye puffiness, because my mom just has, she has some crazy undereye bags, and I thought, oh God, that’s going to be my fate.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Not anymore.

Wendy Myers: Yeah. I’m managing it, though, with my skincare routine, with the wand, and using bioenergetics and things like my health device, my nest, and my health so that I’m avoiding the same fate as my mom and my genetics.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Yeah. Actually, you make a good point with that, Wendy, as well, which is that genetics is about expression. And the more proactive you are in managing what our genetic expression is, the healthier you are. So a lot of times, people will look at maybe something like this and go, I’m not old enough for that. But the reality of it is we start losing collagen by the time we’re in our 30s. We start getting all these downward lines that you don’t even notice happening. As soon as you get pregnant and give birth, the elastin changes completely in your entire body so that you can give birth. That’s the whole chemistry of the body and the oxytocin and things like that, and it doesn’t repair very easily. So you’re smart to be proactive on that. This you can really see. It’s interesting because you can see the skin integrity starting to change, but look at her neck. That’s getting rid of that lymphatic buildup, that unhealthy toxins buildup in her cells.

This is a great example of that as well. This is all toxic buildup where she’s got a big jowly chin where it almost looks like it’s gout, right? I mean, if you saw this in your clinic, you would go, oh, that looks like gout. Let me do some testing. But it cleared up by just using the lymphatic drainage and the protocol, the skincare, and things like that. It was cleaned up beautifully. So I’ll show you a picture of the genetic kind of baggy, saggy under the eyes. I put the dates on these because this is actually my mom’s. And I was going through the photos because, I mean, she looks great. She looks absolutely great. And I went, holy cow because you don’t really notice over time when someone’s using something day after day after day. I did not realize the significance of how she looked in December 2013 versus December 2018. I mean, she’s 84, not 85 or 84 in this photo. Looks great in her after.

Wendy Myers: I want to look like that when I’m 84.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Right?

Wendy Myers: For sure.

Dr. Cathy Goldstein: Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. So tons of before and afters on just the puffiness under the eyes, the hollows on the cheeks, all the things that create that aging on those downward sagging.

Wendy Myers: Yeah, I mean, it looks like these people have had facelifts. I mean, it looks like these people have had surgeries and cosmetic procedures. So this is much, much more than just skincare and moisturizing your skin. It goes far beyond that. So Cathy, thanks so much for joining us today on the show. And everyone, again, is sure to check out to get some of these amazing results for yourself. You won’t regret it. Just give it 60 or 90 days and see the difference for yourself. So, everyone, I’m Dr. Wendy Myers. Thanks so much for tuning in to the Myers Detox podcast. And I love doing this podcast so much. We’re approaching, I think, 450 episodes, almost or more, and heading into 500 at the end of this year. So it’s just been an amazing journey. We’ve been doing the podcast for almost 10 years. I can’t believe it, but it’s just been so much fun. And thanks for joining me on this journey, and lots more to come. Talk to you soon. Talk to you next week.