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  1. Find out what’s in store on this Myers Detox Podcast with John White, who joins the show to talk about all of the amazing benefits of using PEMF therapy. John goes over how using pulse electromagnetic field therapy, especially in the form of a simple to use mat, can charge up your cells, regrow bone, provide you with more energy, and help your body recover form everyday stress and activity. John covers how PEMF therapy can help counteract the effects of harmful EMF, and the difference between beneficial EMF and the bad stuff that comes from things like wi-fi and cell phones. John also presents his incredible PEMF mat, The Magic Pro Mat, and why using a mat like this could be one of the missing pieces to really improving your health.
  2. Learn a little bit about John’s background.
  3. Find out exactly what pulse electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF therapy is, and how it works.
  4. Learn about the difference between harmful EMFs and beneficial EMFs and why your body needs the beneficial kind.
  5. Find out why some PEMF devices can actually be harmful to your body.
  6. Learn about the many health conditions that PEMF therapy can help improve and even help reverse.
  7. Find out why using a PEMF mat can be so convenient and easy.
  8. Learn about how PEMF therapy charges up your cells.
  9. Learn more about why John developed the products that he did, including the Spooky2 Rife machines that I use everyday.
  10. Find out where you can learn more about John’s amazing PEMF mat, The Magic Pro Mat.
  11. Learn more about John’s Magic Pro Mat, and how you use it.
  12. Find out what makes John’s mat different than many other PEMF mats.
  13. Learn about John’s charity and some of the amazing things they have done through it.
  14. Find out how you can join John’s amazing community through their Facebook group.


Dr. Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. I’m Dr. Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast. Today we’ve got a great show for you. We’ve got John White, and he is the inventor of the Spooky2 Rife, that’s a plasma light frequency device. I’ve had him on the show before.

  But today we’re going to be talking about PEMF therapy, so P-E-M-F, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, and all of its mini benefits, how it helps to regrow bone, how it helps to charge up your body, charge up your cell voltage, so that you have more energy, have more energy to heal and recover from whatever you’re dealing with. And also, PEMF changes your cell voltage, making it more of a positive charge where we need to be negatively charged. These PEMF mats help to counteract the effects of EMF and/or from wifi and cell phones, the harmful EMF.

  We talk about the difference between harmful EMFs and healthful EMFs, like the resonance of the Earth. The Schumann resonance is very healthy for you, and just talks a lot about other benefits of sports recovery and relaxation. And all the ways that the Magic Pro Mat that John White designed, how that’s different and much less expensive than many of the other PEMF mats on the market.

  I love Johnathan. He is so heart-centered and focused on helping others and has an amazing charity that we’re going to talk about on the show as well. And just he’s really focused on helping people by making his products totally affordable so that everyone can access them and get access to the healthcare that they need.

  Now you guys watching this show are concerned about detoxification. You’re concerned about the level of toxins in your body. I created a quiz at, which takes a couple seconds to take. And after you get your results, after you take the quiz, you get a free video series answering all of your frequently asked burning questions about detoxification. Take that at

  Our guest today, John White, is a Rife researcher and inventor from New Zealand, now living in Nanjing, China. And with a background in electrical engineering, physics, and computer sciences, he’s been researching and developing solutions to serious diseases since 2008. And John specializes in energy in scalar resonance healing and biofeedback, and PEMF therapy.

  And with an insatiable desire for truth and knowledge, John has collaborated with global research groups to discover answers to all of life’s health issues. You can learn more about John and all his different devices at,, and his rife devices at

  John White, thanks so much for coming to the show.

John White: Thank you for inviting me.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. Why don’t you tell us a little bit about yourself and your background? And we’re going to talk about PEMF. And so why are you interested in that?

John White: Okay, well, my personal background, I’m an electrical engineer. I’ve been doing research, frequently research on biological systems, for too long. And yeah, I’ve created a company of like-minded people who are very focused on finding healing solutions. That’s my quick single-paragraph introduction.

We are about to release a new machine, and I’m going to showcase this machine today.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic.

John White: It’s one that relies on pulse EMF. Am I getting ahead of myself here? Just wanted to bypass the self-introduction part because I hate talking about myself. I’d rather talk about what we are really interested in, which is healing.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yeah. And I love pulsed electromagnetic field or PEMF therapy, and that’s something that I’ve used for many, many years. And tell us about what that is exactly and talk about some of the benefits too.

John White: Pulse EMF stands for pulsed electromagnetic fields. People’s eyes glaze over. But think of it like waves of magnetism quickly going up and down again; that’s a pulse EMF goes up and down. What these pulses do they do more than make you sound very clever. They also create small electric currents in your body. Whenever a magnetic field crosses a conductor, i.e., your body or any cells in your body, it creates a little current flow.

It’s like the hand cylinders when you’re holding onto hand cylinders, the old-fashioned, the very old-school way of sending healing current for your body. Magnetism does it in a different way. It does it indirectly. And because it’s indirect, you can actually pass through bones and other non-conducting tissues in your body. Well, the advantages are that it crosses over your brain, your skull, through your skull into your brain.

If you’ve got brain issues, you can’t really do that in contact mode with much success. And it does it more gently because you can’t burn yourself with pulsed EMF. When people hear pulsed EMF Wendy, they think, “Oh, bad red flag, red flag.”

I’ve heard that pulsed EMFs are bad, or EMFs are bad, I should say. And the difference between pulsed TMF and this Nazi EMF is that pulse EMF delivers only small amounts of EMF, and it delivers it precisely. And so your body uses that small precise delivery to function and heal itself.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. Because not all EMFs are bad. Our body, brain, and heart produce EMFs, and pulses in the earth produce EMFs. But these are healing frequencies, so they’re not all bad.

John White: That’s right. That’s right. Some EMFs are necessary for a healthy life as a human resonance of their earth. A very slow EMF. We need it for our health. If we go to some other planet that hasn’t got this natural pulse, our health declines. Astronauts that were sent off to the moon came back, and they found that if they emulated the human resonance, their health was better than if they just didn’t have it at all.

We can’t say that all MFS are bad. Some are good, and some are necessary. Pulse EMFs generally use brief, reasonably intense pulses of magnetism to deliver energy to your body. The pulses are very brief and sharp. The sharpness means that the magnetism can enter the cells. It needs to be a very fast delivery. But there has always been a bugbear, always been a bit of a problem with pulsed EMF.

And there’s this, this is what you won’t hear from other pulse EMF manufacturers. They are digital. Our bodies are not digital; we are analog. We can’t listen to encoded pulse streams of sound and understand what the sound is. It just is meaningless to us, meaningless to our bodies.

With this in mind, we have developed a pulsed EMF that’s actually an analog pulsed EMF. Analog means the field can be any shape, any pattern, or any sound. You and I talk now; I’m talking away here, nonsense. And you are receiving the information and understanding the information. Pulsed EMF is very much like that, where it sends information to your body and energy, and your body uses that.

But for the body to utilize the energy, it really is best to deliver it in the body’s language. And the body’s natural language is analog.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And I’ve heard that some of the PMF mats deliver a frequency too often, and it can really throw off your body’s energy field. And you might produce some results, and people might have some relief of pain or increased bone growth. But overall, it can really throw them off and be harmful to their health if the pulses aren’t at the right frequency, so to speak.

John White: Yes. There are some pulsed EMF devices that haven’t been designed very well. The digital ones that we have been producing have been carefully designed, so you can’t overdose on them. In fact, pulse EMF is one of the safest modalities for treatment anywhere, including light. It’s really very, very safe. But when you talk to the body’s language, the body can receive the information better. With our new pulse EMF device, you can even play music through it, and your body, your full body, can receive audio.

I say music. It can be a sacred suture; it could be anything. It could be any kind of audio, any frequency pattern, any sound will be sent silently in this magnetic field. It’s opened up a great new field of opportunities. This mat can now be used for meditation, for example, if you want to go down to the next level.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. Yes.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And so, what kind of health conditions can PEMF help to improve or even reverse?

John White: Pulse EMF, including our analog pulse EMF, there’s a great number of disorders that they can treat, disorders, diseases, and injuries, things as arthritis. Pulse EMF helps with cell degeneration and your body’s circulation. And once you get good circulation, your cells get the oxygen, your toxins are removed properly, and your body can heal itself better. Skin wound healing and, of course, pain and lineation are all these things that EMF can address.

And you’ve already mentioned rapid bone healing. This is a small diaspore of conditions that pulse EMF is good for treating. It’s one of the most well-studied types of treatment out there because it’s been around for such a long time. And they’ve yet to find a danger for pulsed EMF. There are some precautions. If you have a pacemaker, for example, it’s best to check with your registered medical professional before you use any type of pulsed EMF.

But pulsed EMF as a whole is a fantastic way of a broad spectrum of healing or maintaining health. If you are into training, after a training session, you can have a rest on the mat. And the mat helps your body remove the lactic acid buildup from the muscles and helps your tendons and joints to recover. Even though there might be micro-injuries, the pulsed EMF does help in the recovery process.

It’s a great number of uses for pulsed EMF. With our new analog pulsed EMF, the mat is truly full body; it’s roughly two meters long. The mat that’s one of the largest mats out there. You can sit on it, and every part of your body is directly over the pulse that you feel. And you can do your meditation on it. You can have two people meditating on it; that mat is that size. And you can even sleep on it, put it on the couch and lie on it, and just relax in the waves of healing pulse EMF.

The flexibility of the analog pulse EMF is quite awesome because you can choose not just between one or two different programs. You can choose any audio source. You can even connect your phone and play your favorite music or download some meditative audio if you wish. Or you can even go old school and run the old-fashioned regular pulsed EMF patterns because of our device converters. It’s backward compatible if you like.

In fact, we’ve got one audio that replicates the big magic pulse EMF device that we have, which is digital. But it’s like a V8 engine in the car with most of the spark plug pulled out and maybe just having one there.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Nice.

John White: But it can be done. It’s got flexibility.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And I think it has so much promise for help with osteoporosis and osteopenia. Because so many women resort to these medications, they end up causing more fragility of their bones and even devastating bone breaks and issues with their jaw. With their jaws.

And PEMF is shown in the research to increase bone mass by 8% per year, which is huge. And so, with regular use of a PEMF, you can increase your bone density very easily without drugs, and it’s much more effective.

John White: Right. And the pulse EMF devices that are on the market, the mats really aren’t truly full body. They tend to be half the body. Then you’ve got to think, “Well, which part, which part? Well, my knees are hurting, so I’ll do the lower part, but my back is a little sore too.” But they can’t do both.

Whereas our mats it’s really quite large. The width of the mat is the length of our previous mat, and it’s a full two meters long, which is a very tall person. You can even put it on your bed, I guess, and sleep on it. But if you set it up where it’s comfortable, you can give yourself daily treatment, make sure you hit this 8% bone mass increase per year using pulsed EMF, and make it comfortable for yourself. If treatment is inconvenient, it’s less likely that it’ll be maintained.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. With PEMF, you can put that mat literally underneath your sheets and just turn it on before you go to bed and turn it on when you first wake up in the morning. And just have it very, very easily accessible to do it.

John White: Oh, yes. And convenience doesn’t mean laziness, though. For people that are unwell, moving hurts them. It’s not being lazy to set something up each day and then put it away at nighttime. It might actually not be possible, and it’s certainly not practical. And so now I’ve got a device that can just be left there. And when you want to run at you, send the audio through an audio player of some form, and then just relax.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Is your mat charging up the cells, increasing the cell voltage, and really delivering energy to people to help them with just overall healing with whatever they’re doing?

John White: Absolutely. The cellular potential is generally minus 70 millivolts across the cell membrane. If you’re sick, their voltage, the absolute value, reduces. And if it drops down to about minus 20, then you are looking into cancer if the cell is not capable of performing its daily functions efficiently if the potential is not high enough. Certainly, pulse EMF, whether it’s our product or any other product, is great for recharging each cell in your body. The field crosses over.

There are lots of pulsed EMF devices on the market. Generally, they’re quite good, I’ve got to be honest. But I can’t think of any that are truly full body. And certainly, I can’t think of any home product which is an analog. When you talk about an analog pulse EMF, we’re really talking about a big clinical machine that you go to once or twice a week, pay someone the money, lie down, and sit on it for a while. It’s in their clinical settings; it’s not for home use.

Whereas the device we’ve designed for the end user, they can hop on it when they feel like it. When you feel a twinge, a twinge becomes a pain after half an hour. You know it’ll become a pain as you’re driving on away to the practitioner’s place; you ought to have gone now. This is where it’s wonderful to have devices at home that are easy to sit up and run.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And for your 10th anniversary, do you have any interesting stories? Because you’ve been around for 10 years now, and you originally produced the Spooky.

John White: I’ve been around a lot longer than 10 years, but thank you.

Dr. Wendy Myers: But Spooky2,, because you invented the Spooky2 rifle, which is something I use almost every single day. I love my life. My mother has one; I gave one to my brother. I recommend them to everyone because of the many things that you can do with them to improve your health on every level. It’s incredible. Tell us a little bit about your business and some stories of healing that people have.

John White: It really delights me to hear what you are doing now because that really is what I and our company is all about. It’s about empowerment. We don’t want to be in a position of power. We want to give you and everyone else the tools so that they can do the magic on themselves and restore themselves to their body’s natural state, which should be healthy.

Every health issue has a cause, remove that cause, and then your body then does its normal functions, and you return to normal. And this is for all diseases and conditions, even the geriatry. And people are slowly awakening to this. People are becoming aware that, well, there’s a lot of noise on the internet of these people that say this and this and that. And people say, “No, it doesn’t; it’s rubbish.”

But some people are doing the research digging a little bit deeper and finding out, well, there is actually an alternative way of addressing a condition of which they may have. It can be through electrical devices like how we have, or it could be through supplements or lifestyle changes. Even something as simple as saving money, i.e., going on fasting, can have amazing health benefits.

We started off wanting to make a paradigm change in the world. We have come to realize we can’t do it alone. Spooky has grown quite large now. We’re truly a global company. But we are now part of a larger group. We do a lot of charity work, but we also work with other researchers to find solutions to illness. And it’s just become a global movement now with people like-minded, not interested in lining their pockets, not interested in becoming famous. They just want solutions. They want to be paid with thanks and with karmic points rather than temporary financial rewards.

And yeah, that’s really amazing to see this. I think we are living at a time which is quite a bad time, quite a poisonous time, both literally and figuratively, literally because of the poisons that are surrounding us. We’ve got the food, we’ve got the airways, and we’ve got Facebook. Now we’ve got all the distractions and everything that’s making life so complicated, and it doesn’t need to be like that.

And so what we are trying to do is go back to the grassroots. Healing, yes, it means eating the right foods. Sometimes supplementing your body with things that are lacking until your body becomes stable again, using pulse EMF or other healing devices to kickstart the healing process, all help. And it’s all part of the bigger picture. If people are sick, maybe they might try one thing that doesn’t work; they’ll try another thing that doesn’t work. They may not realize that the two combined will be the solution.

And they’re not getting the direction from the people that they have, until then, they’ve been going to address their health conditions. We are providing tools, I should say the word the equipment that the people are using in their homes. They might find that, yes, a program works well for them, and then they do something different, and it seems to work a little bit better.

Each of us is different. There’s no one solution for everybody. With this analog pulse EMF you can send any audio sound source to it or even digital clicks. And it will send that to every cell in your body. You think about it when you’re sitting down okay, and you’re feeling low. You might be a little bit upset and emotional. The best pill you can take at that time would be your favorite music, your favorite tune. It does something to you, sends it tingles down your spine, brings back memories of whatever, some beautiful, wonderful memories. And that is a healing thing. And now analog pulse EMF can actually do that as well. It can play regular music.

Dr. Wendy Myers: That’s amazing. Love it. Yeah. And so, where can we find your PEMF map? What’s a website?

John White: Oh

Dr. Wendy Myers: Okay. Miramate, M-I-R-A-M-A-T-E.

John White: M-A-T-E. Yes.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. Okay, fantastic.

John White: Maybe if we put a link underneath this video, what a lot of people would’ve gathered by now is that I’d make a really lousy salesman. If I was a salesman for the company, I wouldn’t last a day, or the marketing manager. 

Dr. Wendy Myers: That’s okay. You’re the inventor, the engineer.

John White: Yeah. This is the only reason why they keep me on. But I can truly tell you that every single device that we make has been rigorous, rigorously tested, and has got science backing it up. It’s not hairy fairy things. It’s rock-solid science. Pulse EMF if you do searches for the papers. We’re not talking about a Google search, but we’re talking about a literary search on the scientific papers describing a report on research on pulse EMF. You’d be amazed how much has been discovered and is still being discovered. The healing, the effects of pulses EMF, we must deliver correctly.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. Tell us what a protocol looks like? How often should one use the PEMF mat, and how many minutes? And how should people use it?

John White: With different pulsed EMF devices, it’s different. We have a mini magic, which is a portable pulsed EMF device. That unit we recommend, it’s really for acute injury. The pulse EMF is very localized. That one is a minimum of 30 minutes because that’s the time it takes for it to go over it and through its program. And then pass, then it loops. 30 minutes minimum, and then you can leave it on all day if you wish if it’s quite a bad pain.

We’ve got our magic, big magic, which is a large mat device, and our magic pro. The magic pro minimum again for half an hour, and maximum time just however long you want to lie down. There are people in hospitals that use pulsed EMF devices continuously 24/7. They’re bedridden in the hospital. It just improves their rate of recovery.

This is really what it looks like. You just plug everything into the back there, turn it on, and it’s away. You’ve got two different options. You can send it through the audio port here, and it comes with a cable that you plug into your phone or Walkman, MP3 player, or some form. Or you can communicate with Bluetooth, which is probably the preferred method, I’d say. Because every phone’s got Bluetooth now. You just tune on the Bluetooth, and you connect to the MP 1000, the Magic Pro.

And whatever audio the phone puts out, it goes to the Magic Pro. Hey, we are selling a device that you’re not locked into buying audio from us or anything. You can put whatever audio you like. We do have audio, and our audio has been carefully designed for specific conditions, but you’re not locked in. You’ve got the flexibility of using any audio source.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And so a lot of PEMF devices, they have an on-off switch, or they’ll have energy and relax, and so there are not a lot of options, really. With your mat, how is that different? Do you have a lot of different programs you can choose, or how does that work?

John White: With other pulse EMF image devices, they might have anything between one and 20 different programs for 20 different conditions; they might be lexing or whatever. That is the manufacturer deciding what is best for you. But we wanted to provide customers with greater flexibility.

Yes, we have programs that you run for specific conditions. It can be for overall body repair, which is also good for bone repair and nerve repair. But we also have something which no other pulse device has. But there’s a suture, which is a healing suture. And we can play that suture precisely through audio through the mat, and your body receives that.

I truly believe that healing is a multifaceted thing. Look, the true cause of being sick may not be truly physical. And so if you can address other areas, it’ll improve your ability to recover from the disease. I’ve seen people that have put up an emotional brick wall and stuck to a certain regime of healing, in my opinion, the wrong one. And we won’t go into details. And they then succumbed to their disease. I’ve seen people who have not had a brick wall who are more open to finding the true cause of their disease and then finding the solution for that. And those people do recover.

You may read through internet searches that your condition is due to a lack of this vitamin, so you supplement with a vitamin. You can get a little bit better, but not much better. The root, the true root cause, may be even deeper. 

Dr. Wendy Myers: No. Yeah. And I think that no matter what health issue you have or fatigue or what you have, you need the energy to heal. And that’s, I think, the biggest, or they’re under a lot of stress. And those two things are the biggest roadblocks to healing. You need energy. And so you need, I think, outside devices like this to feed electricity and energy to your body. The sun you can charge up to the biophotons, charge up your biophoton to the sun.

But I think people, to heal, need extra sources of energy because usually their mitochondria are so depleted. They have a lot of different issues with energy production in various ways, so a PEMF mat like this can be really helpful.

John White: It’s absolutely right. In hospitals, they found that if they did one particular thing, people recovered better. And that should have made headlines around the world, but it didn’t. And that thing was bringing puppies into the hospital, and that made me crazy. It’s not just a case of popping pills and being sick; it’s never just one cause it’s always deep, deep, deep down. And so if you can remove the roots, then the tree of disease will die, and you’ll be left with your healthy self.

And our analog pulse EMF does this. It can send your absolute favorite audio to your body as well as, at the same time, tautology, as well as increasing your cellular potential and doing all the mechanical things that your body needs to maintain good health. There’s a multitude of things, but it does it silently. This is funny, but you can listen to heavy rock music if that’s your thing while you are sleeping. And you’ve got your partner stepping next to you, and they can’t hear anything because it’s silent magnetic.

This is the coil tester. Because it’s an analog pulse EMF, it doesn’t use lights, or flashing lights, because they’re meaningless. It’s got one of these things called an earpiece. And you put it in your ear. And from a great distance, you can hear the audio coming through. And that audio’s being delivered to your body through every cell on your body, pristine audio, no distortion, high performance. It’s really quite awesome.

I was surprised even as the designer of the penetration of this pulsed EMF signal that it produces. Most pulsed EMF devices don’t have much penetration because the delivery field, the delivery call, I should say, is quite small. The field goes around it, but it doesn’t extend far out. But because our mat’s so large and it’s got 96 coils inside it’s 96, not that we’re boasting, but 96, do you hear that? No. Yeah. 96 coils. It really throws it far and wide.

Talking about it now, I must say I’m very, very proud of what we’ve done and excited that a lot of people are going to now benefit, like deciding, “I’m going to take control over my condition or conditions. I’m going to do something. I’m going to do something good, and I’m going to do something that my body needs. I’m going to buy myself a pulse EMF device from a reputable manufacturer that has truly got my interest in heart and doesn’t charge $12,000 for a machine.”

We could be the same as our competitors if you call them competitors. But we don’t because we want more and more people to be able to afford him.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. I thought it was crazy. Some of these manufacturers charge four or five, $6,000.

John White: Yeah, of course.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And there’s then no way this technology costs that much to produce or that MLM structure. They’re charging a lot of money to pay commissions to the different salespeople. And as you said, this technology has the capacity to help so many people. It shouldn’t be that expensive.

John White: No, no. Our machine is expensive to make. Inside, it’s got two huge amplifiers. Can you believe it? A stereo pulse EMF mat, it’s this unheard of. Because once a stereo, then you can do biphasic beats and all sorts of other magical things. But that’s all technical. It is pretty much irrelevant, but it is possible. But the coils, 96 of them, they’re expensive to make.

But we are cheaper because we just don’t want massive markups. It’s not what we’re all about. Nor, if we were a regular manufacturer, we’d charge something like $8,000 for this unit. Because we can, we can. Have a look at the prices of other high-quality mats, and they’re way up there. We can, but we don’t.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And that’s what I love about your company, the integrity that you have, and you’re so heart-centered. And you’re just focused on helping people. And even your Spooky2 Rife devices are incredibly well-priced. They’re half the price of the next competitor and do so many more things and so much more versatile, and so many more programs. It’s really phenomenal. I love the Spooky2 Rife like I said, and I can’t wait to try the PEMF mat that you have, the Magic Pro.

And why don’t you talk a little bit about your charity? Because you take a lot of the profits, what profits you do have from your sales go into your charity. Correct?

John White: That’s true. We have an obligation, not just a company. As people, we have an obligation to make the world a better place. There are a lot of people who are living in squatter, who are starving, who are in situations where they are unsafe. Their health and living needs are not truly being met.

For every sale that we make, we contribute funds to various charities around the world. These charities are run by volunteers. It’s not like 80% goes to the workers and then 20% goes to the people. We pick our charities very carefully and also our own foundation for more local work from Nepal to New Zealand and China.

But we do a lot of work in other countries as well. In fact, when Turkey had the earthquake, we heard about it, and we immediately sent funds, sleeping bags, and tents so that people could live through this disaster. Immediately, we bypassed the normal channels, but we did it. We just did it. We didn’t tell anyone about it. And then the charity group that we normally work with that would’ve normally sent funds to Turkey, they were notified by the consulate in Turkey thanking them for their donation. And a donation, we haven’t made a donation yet. But they did, of course.

And that was us. They were surprised that we kind of bypassed it.  But it was an emergency, so I think we can be forgiven for that. But this is the kind of people that we are. We have empathy for other people. We know what it’s like not to be in a safe, nice situation. We know what it’s like to be hungry. We know what it’s like to be sick. We know what it’s like to lose a family. And we are really doing everything to make as big a change as we can in the world.

10 years ago, when Spooky officially started, it would’ve been impossible, just me. But now we’re talking about thousands of people. I’m a tiny, tiny part of it. And people with tremendous life energy are now helping others. Thousands, hundreds, and thousands of people around the world use Spooky products or other products. But they’re doing the right thing, and they’re doing it through empathy, through love.

Dr. Wendy Myers: You guys can join this community. There’s a Spooky2 Rife for Life group on Facebook with tens of thousands of members. I’ll have to answer questions and direct you to the right product that you need and protocols. And they’re a very, very helpful, active, engaged group.

John White: That’s right. The people that run that Facebook group don’t get paid. It pays pretty bad, less than a dollar a year. But they do it because not everything is money. And they work on karmic points. They know what we are all about the company, and they are in.

Certainly, I can think of just about all the products I get from other people; there’s no after-sale support. I’ve got to struggle to find answers. But here, you can go to Facebook, and you’re surrounded by friends. I’m pretty much confident in saying there’s no one question you can ask that hasn’t been asked before. It’s there. And they’re very beautiful people and hardworking as well.

I like thanking them because they really are the backbone of Spooky. They are helping this, an enormous number of people both on Facebook, and we’ve got a dedicated forum as well, Spooky2 forum. Yeah. And it’s comforting to know that there is a company out there which has got you and your health at heart.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. And you’ve helped so many people. This Spooky2 Rife, it’s a light frequency device that sends healing frequencies to you. And you do scans on your body to see what’s going on with you and see what infections you have, or whatever’s going on with you. And it can send opposite frequencies to you to kill those infections. And it’s just really simple. It’s effective, it’s affordable. You can do it at home.

And really, it’s me that I use all the time. And I highly recommend it to anyone, especially if you have a complex chronic illness. Especially if you’re frustrated with the protocols that you’re doing right now, or nothing is working, you need to get on the energy medicine bandwagon. You need to start looking at frequencies and energy medicine. This is the medicine of the future. And this is something I talk about a lot on this podcast because it works.

And I love, John, that you’re spreading this message far and wide. And you have over a hundred thousand people using this device, and it’s incredible. Thanks for your contribution to the planet and for helping people with this device and the many devices that you’ve invented.

Your website is, the number 2, and then also And the links will be in the show notes on

John White: Wonderful. I really enjoy our talks together because I know that you have got a wonderful reach. You can tell more people and help more people. And I’m in deep gratitude for that. More people that learn that there are ways that they can restore their health, the better. You’re doing a wonderful job in promoting that.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes, they do. I just try to tell people what I learn about and what I like and what works for me, and what works for the people that I work with. And Spooky2 is a fundamental part of my health routine that I use. And I recommend it to anyone that emails me or texts me, or reaches out on social media. Most of the time, I recommend Spooky to them.

And people can be daunted or intimidated at first trying to figure out how to use them. But it’s really not that difficult to use. And once you get it set up and do a few scans, it’s not difficult to use at all.

But John, thanks for coming to the show. Always appreciate you coming on. And again, your website’s for the Rife, get the PEMF Mat, the Magic Pro at

John White: Thank you for your time. Thanks for inviting me.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah. And everyone, I’m Dr. Wendy Myers. Thanks so much for tuning in to the Myer Detox Podcast. It’s always a pleasure; I love bringing you experts from around the world to help you give you those missing pieces of the puzzle that you’re looking for to upgrade your health and reverse your health condition. Thanks for tuning in.