Transcript #503 The Electric Water that Supercharges your Mitochondria with Rob Gourley


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  1. Find out about Wendy’s trip to Dubai.
  2. Get an overview of what Watt-Ahh Water is.
  3. Get to know Rob Gourley.
  4. Learn about the 5th Phase of Water.
  5. Find out how Watt-Ahh supercharges the Mitochondria while exponentially powering up the delivery of nutrients into our cells.
  6. Hear about the interaction of EMFs and water.
  7. Get critical information on how Watt-Ahh can detoxify our bodies.
  8. Hear Rob explain how Watt-Ahh is restoring vision and nourishing the eyes.
  9. Find out how Watt-Ahh is precipitating neurological healing.
  10. Learn how Watt-Ahh  regenerates the vascular system to reverse damage from wounds and diabetes.
  11. Read how Watt-Ahh supports people in high elevation settings, such as skydivers, mountain climbers, and pilots.
  12. Find out how Watt-Ahh is helping people with Dementia and Parkinson’s.
  13. Learn how Watt-Ahh works at the atomic level.
  14. Find out about a University study of Watt-Ahh.
  15. Explore how Watt-Ahh was used as a Covid recovery tool.
  16. Learn how much Watt-Ahh you should be drinking.
  17. Find out where to get Watt-Ahh online and by telephone.


Dr. Wendy Myers: Hello everyone. How are you doing? I’m Dr. Wendy Myers. Welcome to the Myers Detox Podcast, and I’m broadcasting today from Mexico, in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. And I just got back from Dubai. This is the first time that I visited that beautiful, amazing city. And I was asked by a colleague of mine to speak at the World Biohack Summit. You can check that out at And it was amazing as one of the rulers of the United Arab Emirates. So one of the rulers of the United Arab Emirates, his brother who works in the government, actually funded it. He was the patron for the entire event trying to bring more education about health to the UAE in Dubai. A lot of people are just not really into exercising and eating right over there. And so a lot of problems with being overweight and diabetes and other health issues as a result of that.

  So it was amazing to be a speaker and talk about toxins and health at that event and meet some amazing people from Dubai and India and other health influencers over there. It was really, really interesting. I was blown away by Dubai, absolutely blown away at how futuristic the city and how progressive it is and just really want to go back, really interested in spending more time there.

So today we’ve got an amazing guest. We have Rob Gourley on the show. So he’s been on before. He’s the inventor of the WIT machine, which is used to create Watt-Ahh. So this is a drinkable water that has oxygen, and hydrogen electrons, and it’s the fifth phase of water. So you guys probably heard of Gerald Pollack’s work on the fourth phase of water.

  This is the fifth phase of water. It’s a gaseous state of water that’s infused into the Watt-Ahh bottled water. And this stuff is rocket fuel for your body. So we’re going to go into all the many benefits of it and how it can benefit you. Amazing stories of recovery, amazing stories of how it can oxygenate your tissues, even repair nerves, just light up your brain, and supercharge your mitochondria. This is no joke. I mean, this is the water that I use myself. I think it has incredible anti-aging potential because that’s really the biggest hurdle for so many people when they’re trying to get better if they just don’t have the energy to heal. And so what this Watt-Ahh does, it’s supercharged with electrons and oxygen. It just floods your body with oxygen and electrons essentially, and protons as well. And that gives your body the energy it needs to heal.

  It gives your body another way to detox, another way for the cells to empty out its toxic contents. Rob does a great job of explaining how the Watt-Ahh works exactly. I mean, and just going on his website, there’s so many stories, so many testimonials, I mean hundreds if not thousands of them. And he’s got university studies to back up his claim. So you can check that all out at And I know you guys listening to this show, you’re concerned about your heavy metal load, about your toxin load. So I created a quiz at It takes a couple seconds to take that and get your results about how toxic you are. And then you get a free video series to answer a lot of your frequently asked questions about detoxification, how long it takes, what kind of testing you can do, and what kind of supplements you need to detox. So lots of your questions are answered after you take the quiz at

So our guest today, Rob Gourley. He is a mechanical engineer and CEO of and WIT International LLC. and Gourley has designed and constructed at least 14 WIT machines in use right now in many applications in health, beauty, and energy. And it has gas. This gas produced by the WIT machine also infuses a gas called DiTetra gas into the Watt-Ahh water that he sells on and Amazon. He started working on the energy potential of water over 30 years ago while serving as a lead shop mechanic on power systems and heavy machinery in Alaska during the Alaskan Pipeline construction project. And so you can learn more about Rob Gourley and his Watt-Ahh at Rob, thanks so much for joining us.

Rob Gourley: Thank you, Wendy. Thank you for inviting me. And it’s good to catch up on old times and get you up to date on what we’re doing.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah, so you are the developer of Watt-Ahh. It’s a very, very special water. It’s something I’ve been drinking for years and I had a really interesting experience with it when I first started drinking it. And I literally felt high for about four days and I never had really had that experience before doing any kind of health protocol. And I just felt so energetic. I felt super happy, a little too excited. I wasn’t really sleeping all that great, but I didn’t feel bad and I just felt so amazing. And you’ve said it was because of the oxygen, I was getting so much oxygen finally to my brain because there’s oxygen in the Watt-Ahh.

So why don’t you explain exactly what it does, what it is exactly. And it’s also something I recommend to all of my patients because it helps with detoxification as well. It’s very good at shuttling heavy metals out of the body and helping to absorb nutrients as well that we’re taking. But why don’t you explain what Watt-Ahh is exactly?

Rob Gourley: Okay. I started this in 1974, so it’s a few years ago. What we’ve discovered is that there are actually five phases of water, and the fifth phase is the DiTetra gas, which is two oxygen molecules bonded together with four hydrogens. But we’ve added a massive number of electrons to the oxygen molecule and we’ve added electrons to hydrogens. So what we’re seeing is that it’s a true gas that we mix into the water through an infusion process, but we’re seeing it also just by breathing the gas itself and using eye healing with goggles. But basically what’s happening is there was an article that we just received here recently from a German student realizing that the majority of energy for the body we used to assume came from basically sugars and fats. And he’s proven that’s totally wrong now. It actually comes from the oxygen molecule and the higher the potential of the oxygen molecule with electrons, the better it is.

And he theorizes, but we’ve already proven it, that if you actually add enough electrons to the oxygen molecule and fulfill the rays, it’ll actually donate protons. And that’s what results where no one else has been able to have any success. And he’s shown why. It’s because the oxygen molecule is where the majority of electrons come from, but it also was able to donate protons, so your synapsis in the brain will work better and actually come back on.

But one of the things that I noticed in Alaska, I lived there for many years. When the salmon come upstream, they school at the bottom of the waterfall and then they’ll climb the actual waterfall and swim up to the top, but they’ll actually circle in the water that’s being pounded with the falling water, which is highly oxygenated to stock up on energy to harvest the electrons so then now they can swim vertically 30, 40, 50 feet. I mean, it’s amazing. I mean, they just go right up it like it’s nothing. But when they first arrive, there’s no way they could do that. But after 30, to 40 minutes of charging, their bodies are ready to take off. And boy, they just go right straight up and over the top and on their way up the stream.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. And that’s what I felt like when I was drinking the Watt-Ahh in the beginning. I mean, I did get used to it and I just felt like normal after I started drinking the water. But the first four days were really incredible. I felt better than I had felt in a really, really, really long time. And it just really got my attention. And I realized how the water, because it has electrons in it, really grounds your body. And then it also has oxygen and hydrogen in it, which so many people are so into hydrogen water. And it’s almost like taking soy isolate protein. You need other things besides hydrogen. You need other cofactors and things to make your cells work. So can you talk a little bit about oxygen and hydrogen and how that works in the water?

Rob Gourley: Well, basically what we’ve done is by adding the electrons, we’re powering up the mitochondria, which is doing many things, but it’s also the only way you hydrate a cell is to go through the cell wall, either physical size or electrical potential. And this has a massive electrical potential, and it’s extremely small in size. So what we’re actually doing is raising the systolic pressure within the cell, pushing out the junk, and bringing in the good stuff. So what we’ve shown with vitamin and mineral studies, is seven to 10 times better uptake in a matter of minutes versus hours or longer. And the kidneys aren’t being damaged because people don’t realize that when they take an IV to try to rehydrate, you’re actually putting the kidneys under some tremendous strain and a lot of times you actually harm the kidneys. We succeed in that in about 10 minutes or less, just drinking the water.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, I mean it’s great. You need a lot less nutrients and it shuttles those nutrients into the cells. For so many people, they have absorption issues. They’re taking all these supplements and doing it for years and not making a lot of progress because they have absorption issues for various reasons. But one of them is just their body isn’t grounded. They have poor cell voltage for various reasons. EMF is the electromagnetic field from computers and WiFi, very ungrounding to the body, and very depleting, and people need another source of electrons. There are many ways to ground yourself, but I think the water that you create is very different. It’s very special and it’s easy to use as well, just drinking the water.

Rob Gourley: You mentioned the EMF area. We’re seeing with the original group that came down and worked with us with the GVD cameras, the Russian visual discharge cameras, that water changes whenever you move on the planet. You take a bottle of water from Tampa and you go up to Atlanta, it’ll test differently. If you go to New York, it’ll test differently. What they found with our water, no matter where they went, always tested the same no matter where they went in the world. So then what they decided was to, they were explaining to me how EMF can actually make water toxic from electronic devices. And so they took a bottle of Watt-Ahh, placed it on top of the mainframe computer, and they figured if anything’s going to nail it, this is going to nail it. And they left it there for two weeks, and when they tested it had not changed one iota.

And then they tested our water which was almost 10 years old. It had the same exact signature as the water I produced for them that day. So that’s when they really got excited because they said this is the first and only permanent change to the structure that is stable that they’ve ever seen. And that’s one of the reasons in the medical industry, we produce quite a bit of water now for the medical industry is because stabilization of drugs is very difficult and normally what they add is highly toxic in the body, so don’t like it. So there’s a lot of side reactions. What we’re seeing is we can use the Watt-Ahh as a base, and every year now we’re able to add more time to stability because now in the old days, you could theorize it by heating it and doing different things to it, but now in the medical field, it has to actually be the actual number of days that it has stayed stable.

So one of our doctors who owns the medical manufacturing facility started off with one year, and now he’s been with us almost 10 years, and now he’s got 10 years of stability on his products. And nobody can compete because you can’t get 10-year stability on a product even though it may last for 10 years until it’s actually been on the shelf for 10 years and has been tested. So we’re gaining in that area also. We’ve got a lot of very interesting products in the medical arena that have nothing in it, but our water and a few of their products, and they’re totally stable and they work like a dream because they’re not foreign substances that the body’s going crazy over trying to fight.

Dr. Wendy Myers: There is mercury in 400 different pharmaceuticals. Aluminum is also used as an antimicrobial agent.

Rob Gourley: Which is not the way to go, but that’s not for me to argue. But I mean, anytime you add something foreign to the body, you are going to have a reaction. As you mentioned in detoxification, one of the interesting features is the DiTetra gas is actually a crystalline structure. And what we’ve seen is that it’s able to pull in these heavy metals, lead, arsenic, you name it, and encapsulate it. So when it travels through the kidney, the kidney never sees it. And so there’s no pain and there’s no damage to the kidneys. But what comes out in the urine in the toilet bowl is pretty exciting to look at because there are a lot of times everything from fluorescence to oils to all sorts of colors and some really strong smells that are pretty potent.

Dr. Wendy Myers: I mean, you have testimonies on your website of dentists. That’s one of the most toxic jobs on the planet for ones in the past, replacing the mercury amalgam fillings, and dental assistants become super mercury toxic. And you’ve had one dentist detox just from drinking the Watt-Ahh.

Rob Gourley: Yeah, Dr. Miller, he’s 82 now, and he’s going to keep practicing for at least another year. They just picked up 86 cases of water for the clinic and himself and his daughter. He’s doing fine.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Great. Yeah, because he came into super mercury toxicity, right?

Rob Gourley: Oh, he was one of the highest they’d ever seen on somebody that was still alive. That’s how much mercury. I mean, he’d been doing amalgam fillings in the palm of his hand for about 30, 40 years. So you can well imagine what he was exposed to.

Dr. Wendy Myers: That’s why dentistry has one of the highest suicide rates of any profession because of how much it affects the brain and causes depression and things like that.

Rob Gourley: Right.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. And so let’s talk about some of the stories around Watt-Ahh and so many stories that you’ve heard. I mean, you have thousands of testimonials on your website on, but you have research studies as well. But let’s talk about some of the testimonials and applications we were talking about earlier. You were talking about how it’s helping people with vision, restoring their vision. Can you talk about that?

Rob Gourley: Yeah. We’ve had Dr. Campbell, who’s over in, he used to be in Hollywood, Florida. He’s over there closer to Miami now, opening another clinic over there. He’s been with us for a good number of years now, and he’s really been concentrating on eye health. And we’ve had just incredible turnarounds. We’ve had people who have been blind for 20 years and now can see. We just helped a woman recently that I mentioned to you that they radiated both eyes because of skin cancer. And I was fortunate enough to meet her and in very short order, we turned her around to where she now is fine with her vision, but she had wasted huge amounts of money. It was over $300,000 traveling the world for three years and had no help. And she’s totally elated about the water and the gas treatments, but he’s done everything from cornea to optic nerve repair and retina repair. We’ve followed all of them, and we’ve followed up with them and they’re fine.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Right. Fantastic. Yeah. And so you sell the Watt-Ahh in bottles, but also you infuse that gas into the bottles through a machine called the WIT machine. And so this is what was used to do the eye treatments.

Rob Gourley: Correct. Correct. They use the gas with a set of goggles, and then what he does to get even more absorption, he’ll do an hour or two-hour treatment on the eyes, and then he’ll put them in a low-pressure hyperbaric for an hour to help drive it in. It shortens the time needed to do the healing. He’s booked out now. He’s actually moving to a much bigger clinic. He started off in a small clinic, went to a medium size about 4,000 square feet, and now he’s going to 8,000. And he’s asked for a bunch more machines because when I was over there, there were probably five or six people standing in line waiting in the office just to be treated. And so more and more word is being spread about it that the stem cells in the eye don’t die, they just go into hibernation.

And the trick is to provide them with energy and nutrients and allow them to detoxify the eye, and then the eye magically will start to heal. And that’s one of the downfalls I think on a lot of the assumptions that were made that the stem cells die. They don’t. Most of them just go into hibernation, and they become bystanders, but if you jack them up on energy, all of a sudden they’re right in the mix and things start to get repaired. And we’ve seen large holes in the retina where they have a big blind spot of vision, just a dark spot. And very quickly, within eight or 10 days that’s gone. Now they can see completely. And we’ve learned a lot more about the eye through Dr. Campbell than most eye doctors. I hate to say it, but most of them really understand because he’s rebuffed a lot of the theories on how the eye functions.

The first two-thirds of the eye is completely nourished through the oil and the tear ducts. So people with dry eyes, you’re killing the eye. It’ll start to fail. Only the back third of the eye has blood flow to it. And so what we’ve realized is that the front two-thirds is very critical to get gas in there, which is the highest form of energy, and charge these guys up and then allow them because they’re little guys in the eye that eat all the dead material and get it out so you don’t have floaters. Floaters are a sign that the eye is running low on energy because there’s a group in there of little Pac-men that run around and eat up all the bad stuff and then flush it out of the eye. And when they start to go on vacation, you suddenly see these chunks floating in your eye. When you tilt your head, you can make them wander around.

Well, that’s because you’re slowly damaging the eye because you don’t have sufficient energy for these guys to function. So there’s a lot we’ve learned and we’re learning all the time. What we’ve also seen in neurological health is that we’ve to ourselves that it’s not just the electrons that we’re helping the brain deal with, but it’s also protons. The synapsis needs both electrons and protons. But to pull a proton out of an oxygen molecule, a standard oxygen molecule is almost impossible because you don’t have enough negative charge to pull a positive proton out of the center. There are eight of them wrapped up like a nut in there. But we have one ring of six electrons and one of two, until you fill in the other four or more electrons on the oxygen, you don’t have enough energy to pull one of the protons.

And we’ve seen a turnaround in people who haven’t spoken in four years, 30, 40 minutes on a WIT machine. All of a sudden they’ll signal to somebody and, Come over. And they go, what? Can we keep doing this? I really like it. And they haven’t spoken in four years. You want to see a neurologist do a quick spin around, it’s amazing. And at the end of the month, they’re out of the wheelchair and they’re really on their way to recovery.

Dr. Wendy Myers: That really kind of blows the water out. There are a lot of theories that people have that you can’t repair nerves.

Rob Gourley: Oh, yes, you can. You can. So I mean, it’s pretty exciting. But also this latest thing with a German, we’re trying to get a hold of him right now. We’ve reached out to him a couple of times, but I think he’s a professor, and I think he’s been doing the graduation and the terms and all this stuff, but we feel very confident that his work completely validated ours, and we validify his work because he was seeing things that the oxygen molecule is the actual powerhouse for the mitochondria, and we’ve seen that all along, but we didn’t want to fly totally in the face of the medical community. But he has. And now everyone that’s reviewed his work, no one has totally debunked it. They’ve all finally caved in and said, well, wow, I guess he’s right.

So we want to meet with him in person and show him what we’ve been doing because it validifies his work as oxygen is the key component for carrying the number of electrons. Hydrogen can carry two or three additional electrons, but it can’t carry the number that you can put on an oxygen molecule, and that’s the big donor.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. Can you talk about any other things that come to mind? I remember one time we talked, we were talking about diabetics and how people are saving their limbs because they’re able to infuse oxygen into that limb. Can you talk about that, it would be awesome?

Rob Gourley: Yeah. We’ve got a lot of, not only testimonials but actual physical photos of the wounds, gangrene, which normally sets in when they have diabetes or trauma, whether you lose the blood flow to an extremity. What we feel is happening is that once you weaken the immune system, you’ll end up with a fungal, and the fungal actually goes in and starts shutting down the little veins and arteries and then atrophies the flesh and eats it. And it’s very much like the flesh bathing bacteria. We’ve been very successful in stopping that and getting full regeneration.

But what we’re seeing is the color, you’ll see toes that all look like they’re made out of charcoal, and the big toe is purple. After soaking the toe numerous hours a day for four or five days, the big toe is nice and pink now because we’ve gotten the little veins and arteries to come back and start to get good blood flow. And then you’ll see the other wounds actually start to regenerate. And we’ve had just incredible results with that. And it’s all energy. I mean, one of the comments I made years ago, healing requires energy. And I mean, I have more than one doctor. Look at me, I fell off the turnip wagon. It’s like, what are you talking about? I said nothing’s going to happen-

Dr. Wendy Myers: That’s the name of the game. I mean, that’s why I talk so much about mitochondria functioning in different ways. To feed energy to the mitochondria there’s a lot of different ways to do that. But you’re right, you do have to have the energy to sleep, detox, repair, and regenerate. And so many people don’t get better simply because they don’t have the energy to do so. It’s just that simple.

Rob Gourley: Well, I kind of described life as a garden hose. When it’s new, the water flows out the end fine, but as you age, you damage this, you damage that. It’s like punching holes in it, and eventually, you don’t have much water coming out the end. The only way you’re going to repair that is to plug all the holes, and that’s where providing the energy, the body then starts to repair things, and now it’s not using up that energy. So now it can continue to get better and better and better. I visited my math teacher on my 50th high school reunion, and a year later they put him in hospice. He was 94 at that time. He’s getting ready in November to turn a hundred now, but he has the use of a breathing machine. He’s out fly-fishing, he golfs, he’s doing all sorts of stuff.

Dr. Wendy Myers: That’s so awesome.

Rob Gourley: They wrote him off, but he charges himself up every day. He’s on a WIT machine, probably an hour, or two hours every day. And he’s fine. He’s doing great.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And so there’s not that many of these WIT machines around.

Rob Gourley: No.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, there are a few lucky doctors who have access to one of these, but there are not that many. So there’s just maybe less than 10.

Rob Gourley: There’s about 14 out there right now.

Dr. Wendy Myers: 14, okay. Yeah. Now with different doctors, I’m sure there’s a list of those on your website, correct?

Rob Gourley: Yes.

Dr. Wendy Myers: On

Rob Gourley: Right.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. And if you can’t get a hold of a WIT machine, you can buy the water, and so you can get that on your website on or on Amazon as well. It makes it really easier for people to order it. So tell us a little bit more about some applications, some different ways that people can, or benefits or stories that people have enjoyed drinking the Watt-Ahh.

Rob Gourley: Okay, here’s one that comes. We all saw that plane crash recently, the plane, they feel lost pressurization and the pilot, and the people internally basically died from hypoxia. What we’ve seen with the Watt-Ahh, and this was taught to us by several of our jet friends who have their own private jets, as they were able to fly at 30,000 feet for three hours on one liter of Watt-Ahh. So we mentioned this to one of their skydiver friends who lives in Miami, and he’s an adrenaline junkie, so he decides he wants to test it out for himself. So he gets his buddies and they all jump in one of the aircraft and they take off. And at about 8,000, 9,000 feet, everyone’s sucking oxygen. He’s got his blood oximeter on his finger, and he’s drinking Watt-Ahh, he’s at 100%. He tells the pilot, keep going until I tell you to stop.

The pilot gets up to 22,000 feet. He still doesn’t have any supplemental oxygen. He’s drinking Watt-Ahh, his blood ox is 100%. He goes, hell, I’m going to jump. So he bails out of the airplane, 22,000 feet without oxygen, he has a bottle of Watt-Ahh strapped to his chest with a sippy straw, and he says, I just watched my blood ox, drop a little, take a sip. And it comes right back up. So he’s now really enjoying skydiving. He has a bat suit. He was supposed to get it in our colors. And he says, now he’s jumping three times higher than they did before, which makes skydiving a lot more fun. So instead of jumping at 7000 or 8,000 feet, he’s jumping at over 22,000. And he says, man, you’ve changed the whole sport for us. So one of his buddies is a mountain climber and also a skydiver.

So he takes the water and goes to Russia and climbs the second-highest peak in Russia, which is about 600 feet less than Everest. He lives in Miami. He flew in from Miami and landed at base camp in Russia. The Sherpas told him it’d be three to four weeks of acclimation time. So the next morning he’s been there nine hours total now. He wakes up and it’s a beautiful day. There’s not a cloud in the sky. The mountain’s clear. It’s a beautiful day to climb. So he gets to Sherpa, and he says, What’s the climb time? He says, 12 to 14 hours. He goes, Okay, let’s go. And then Sherpa goes, you’ll never make it. You’ve only been here nine hours and you flew in from Miami. There’s no way you can breathe at that altitude. He says, Let’s go. So he took two 1-liter bottles of Watt-Ahh with them.

And then he had also asked the Sherpa, he says, Has anybody done it in six hours or less? And he says, No, it’s impossible. No one’s ever come close to that. I said, well, we’ll see. He did it in six hours and one minute. Sherpa thinks he’s Superman now because to have a guy come in who basically led the Sherpa up the mountain and never stopped climbing, the Sherpa had to stop and catch his breath. He didn’t. And then he would get upset because he’d come to a junction on the trail and need to know to go left or right. And the Sherpa’s back there sucking wind on him, and he says, I was feeling fine. He says I ran down the mountain.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, that’s how I felt when I first started drinking the Watt-Ahh. I was going on walks and I was skipping along. I felt so good drinking the water, but now you make me not afraid to go to Nepal and-

Rob Gourley: Oh, no. Take the water with you.

Dr. Wendy Myers: I thought about it at some point in my life, but not now, about going there. But I thought, oh, the oxygen. And it seems like I have amazing applications for a lot of athletes. Athletes are going to play a game at high altitude and they’re at a disadvantage because of that. I mean, so many applications.

Rob Gourley: My two nieces just went to Nepal and they took a Watt-Ahh. They said they had no effect-

Dr. Wendy Myers: Oh, nice.

Rob Gourley: The altitude. Everyone else did, but they didn’t. They were fine.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, I’m going to use it for jet lag too, because I’m going on a big trip this summer. I just got back from Dubai and the jet lag is just torture. And I thought I just would be so much better off if I’d brought some Watt-Ahh with me, but I got to go pick some more up in Houston.

Rob Gourley: The other thing to do is to spray it up your nose when you’re flying, get one of the atomizers, and mist your eyes and your nose on the flights about every 20 minutes. And you never get sick on a long-distance flight because it’s keeping the nasal cavities moist so the little veins and their arteries don’t dry and crack and open themselves to the bacteria.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes, I’m sure the oxygen, it’s obviously going to kill bacteria as well.

Rob Gourley: What’s that?

Dr. Wendy Myers: Oh, I’m sure the oxygen’s going to kill.

Rob Gourley: It dries it out. It’s going to dry out.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah. Well, the oxygen will kill bacteria as well.

Rob Gourley: But see in the aircraft there’s recirculated air, which is very dry. They don’t want moisture in the aircraft so that’s one of the reasons you end up catching what I call Delta disease when flying. But if you keep your nasal cavity moist and your eyes, you’ll never get sick on a plane again. The athletes, we’ve had great success.

I’ve got a nephew who’s a ballplayer, and he’s hitting better than any and all of the guys in the professional league now because he sprays his eyes before he bats, which enhances the eye’s ability to pick up 3D in motion and also to process it faster. So when he came to a league here in Florida, 2200 other kids, he was on the young end, he was 15 and there were 15 to 19. At the end of the tournament, he was hitting in the top seven out of 2200 kids across the country. He was batting six 90. So he ruined a lot of pitchers’ careers that were hoping to get into the majors or minor leagues or somewhere because there’s a 15-year-old coming up and he’s killing them. He can see the ball. And he’s doing really well.

Dr. Wendy Myers: I have to do that before I play tennis because I can’t see the ball.

Rob Gourley: You should. But we’re having a lot of fun playing sports. The endurance of the cyclists is way up. But on this, I’ve got a friend who’s got their own private jet, and I just supplied their pilots with it. And I said, if you lose pressurization, you’ve got this water, it’ll give you plenty of time to get down to an elevation. You can survive that. And that’s a sad thing we saw on this plane because you can have a gradual depressurization, you don’t notice it, and when you do, it’s kind of too late. You can’t kind of grab yourself back out of it. But if they’d had Watt-Ahh on the plane and were consuming it would not have been a fatal issue that they ran into.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And can you talk about hope for dementia and Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s with the Watt-Ahh?

Rob Gourley: We’ve had good success with dementia and Parkinson’s because what we’re doing is we’re enabling the brain to function, providing electrons and protons. But that’s also, I believe, a fungal-driven arena, especially with Parkinson’s. It solely keeps spreading throughout the brain and through the use of the breathing machines and consuming the water, we’ve had some just incredible turnarounds on people who were, oh my God, they were ready to commit suicide. They were seeing ghosts and getting violent and all sorts of things. And now they’re normal people, and their doctors are shocked because they said, if you meet them now, you’d never know they had Parkinson’s. They could barely walk and talk, but now we’ve got them back.

But that’s a hard one to get into because it’s controlled so heavily by the drug industry. I tried to get a hold of Michael J. Fox people, and all they wanted to do was sell me drugs. And I said I’m trying to help you all. I said I’m not here to buy drugs. And I said, I think you’re approaching this in the wrong way, but they weren’t interested.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And so can you talk a little bit about the way in which the Watt-Ahh works? So it helps to, essentially raise the voltage of the cell and helps to detox the cell and give it oxygen. It just really generally helps the cells work better, whether it’s a brain cell, a kidney cell, et cetera.

Rob Gourley: Yeah, I mean, basically the cell has a membrane, which limits what can come into it, which makes it hard for stuff to come out of it. And by adding the electrons to the hydrogen and also the oxygen, we’ve made it bond in a linear rather than clumping. So the structural size of the molecule is extremely small. And even when you make tea with it, a lot of times it’ll start sipping down the string. Because it’ll wick right up and come down. It’s that different end structure. And what’s actually happening is you’re providing, as I mentioned before, with it not only electrons but also protons, which is very important. And that’s, I think, been highly overlooked because the medical field as of today has no real way to replenish protons. And that’s one of the reasons in surgery we’re seeing, especially extended surgeries, so many issues that they can’t get the patient back because what they’re doing is depleting the protons in the brain so it can’t function so now they can operate on a foot or a leg or cut you open anywhere.

But the problem is how do you get them back? And that’s something I don’t think they really thought through because it’s not fatal drug-wise, like the original anesthesias. But they’re losing a lot of patients who’ve been under for six hours, eight hours. And had one lady friend we helped, she was under 16 hours on surgery, and she damn near died afterward because they couldn’t get her gut to come back. They couldn’t get her to eat, they couldn’t get anything to work. And in less than an hour, we had her functioning. And she was dying. I mean, they would’ve killed her, I’m sorry. But surgery was a success, but the process was not friendly to the body. And we helped her with the nerve regeneration. They basically removed half her lymphatic system, so she looked like Frankenstein’s bride when they got done.

They had her cut up from the neck all the way down past the crotch, removing all these lymphatic drains due to the cancer. And she took one look at herself and she said, I’m never coming out of the hospital though. She said, My God. And they told her it’d be two years or longer before she had any feeling sensation in the majority of her body. And so we convinced her by getting her to drink the water where she could actually eat and function to soak all her bandages. And the doctors just went crazy over that. But she did it from the waist up, and within a day and a half, she had full sensation, which completely stunned the doctors. And she said at that point, I soaked everything from the waist down. And she continued to do it. And now she looks good in a thong, I mean, she’s out and on her run, she’s not all scarred up. I mean, the wounds virtually disappeared, and she’s a very happy lady.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And it seems like this would be really amazing for edema as well. A lot of people have poor liver function. They have a lot of interstitial fluid collecting in their legs and ankles and things of that nature. So it seems like it’d have a lot of hope. Yeah, it seems like the water would have a lot of hope for people with lymphatic issues, liver issues, and just edema in general.

Rob Gourley: Yeah, we’ve seen a dramatic uptick in the lymphatic system of people who are consuming the water. It really seems to help it flush itself and have more lymphatic drainage, which is another way the body removes toxins.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, I mean, I had so many people, one of their kinds of bottlenecks and detoxification is their lymphatic system. It’s sluggish. There are just too many toxins floating around. They just can’t excrete it fast enough. Or their lymphatics are very sluggish. The lymphatic fluid is thick, or they just have other issues going on that literally prevent them from being able to do any type of detoxification program. Their body can’t take on any more workload.

Rob Gourley: Well, I agree. I mean, you’re hitting on a point there that you’ve got to work with the body and work with nature instead of fighting it. But when they add more drugs to try to make it work, you’re compounding the problem. And the beauty of Watt-Ahh is I feel it’s the water that was on the planet, to begin with during the dinosaur age because we’ve seen much quicker cellular regeneration and growth. We’ve seen more uptake of foods and minerals. We’ve seen all sorts of things. The water is pretty tired now in this country and in the world as a whole due to numerous reasons. As Mother Earth has played her role with a number of volcanic eruptions and typhoons and everything else has scrambled things and tsunamis that wash 20, 30 miles inland tearing everything up. So to find a pristine water that actually is one that the body recognizes, I think is really remarkable on our side. It’s not what we were trying to do, but I mean, it’s what we ultimately figured out that the body will help you differently than somebody else.

Somebody will have some issue and the water will go there and help them. It can be anything from calcium oxalates built up in a joint that doesn’t work, and then within a month, all of a sudden the wrist is moving again. It’s not clicking, it’s not thumping. But then the other person had a liver issue or a kidney issue, and that got better, or somebody has an eye issue or a skin issue, and that got better. But the body is very intelligent because it recognizes the water and it doesn’t get, I don’t have a good word for it, but it doesn’t get all bent out of shape and then have a massive amount of reactions.

The worst reaction we’ve had is people say initially they end up eliminating more than normal. And I said, yeah, because a lot of garbage built up in your cells, and you’re raising systolic pressure and pushing that stuff out, and the kidneys are helping get rid of all this stuff. And then they find that the quantity of water they’re drinking actually starts to come down. But our water hydrates more than four times, it’s better than standard water. And we’ve shown that with the special ops guys, that five liters of regular water, the brain is not hydrated. One liter of water and the brain’s fully hydrated.

Dr. Wendy Myers: I mean, I noticed that as well. When I would drink Watt-Ahh, say I’d drink half a liter of it, I’d do little experiments, and the next day I just drink regular spring water. World of difference, a world of difference in just the thirst that you have. I mean, you can totally tell the difference. I mean, without question, without looking at a study, or you can just do this experiment yourself in your hydration levels and your thirst levels.

Rob Gourley: Oh, surely. Then cooking with this makes all the difference in the world too. We do coffee and tea. We don’t take them to a full boil. We take them up to 170, 175. But what the Watt-Ahh has the ability to do is to pull the oils out of the tea and the coffee and give you the flavors because it will emulsify those oils where standard water. We’ve got a friend whose parents have, actually, it’s her family owned a tea plantation in Japan that goes back over 900 years, and it’s all been in the family, and they grow the emperor’s tea, which is like $400 a gram, but she won’t sell it to them without a bottle of Watt-Ahh. She says You’re not going to get what this is about unless you have something that can actually go in there and extract what needs to be extracted.

And she had great luck with herself. On her first pregnancy she spent nine months in the hospital, sick as a dog, and the second child she gave birth to, she said, I didn’t miss a day, because she was on the Watt-Ahh, and she’s just a little person. I mean, she’s probably all four foot, maybe nine, four foot 10, just a cute little Japanese. I mean, her parents are little too. I met them. But I explained to her that morning sickness is toxic. I said, You’re a little person and you’re trying to grow and develop a baby. There are a lot of toxins being given off and your body just can’t handle it. That’s why you are sick. I mean, really badly sick the whole time. And she said, the second go-round, she didn’t have a good problem. She said I was drinking a bottle of a liter a day or more. And she said I was fine. I never had a minute problem. And the child came out much happier. And she said, There’s a big difference in the development of the child also. So it’s fun.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yes. Yeah. And you have a lot of studies too. There’s a medical study on vitamin and mineral absorption at the University of Florida, can you talk a little about that and the nutrient absorption increase? Because that for me is also one of the biggest challenges in working with patients is these supplements will help them, but most people, they’re just not absorbing them. They just aren’t. They’re taking tons of pills. Their vitamin D levels aren’t going up, their magnesium levels aren’t going up, or whatever they’re trying to improve. They’re just taking tons of the supplement. It just is not working. And there are just so many different things working against our absorption levels. And it’s not just our gut. I mean that’s a big part of it, but it’s our energy levels and our body and our oxygen levels and so many other things.

Rob Gourley: Well, yeah, we did a long study up there, excuse me, on vitamin C and iron. Iron is a tough one to absorb, and normally it’s absorbed in the small intestine, which is very painful for women when they give them an iron supplement and then it’s hard to control the quantities, and so it’s hard to get the iron out if you end up with too much. What we found in the study was that the iron levels came up in three and a half minutes without any inflammation of the gut, and the Watt-Ahh is able to carry out any excess. We weren’t having the problems of seeing massive overdoses. So anemic women, especially women who became pregnant and then found themselves anemic for three or four days on the Watt-Ahh with a light supplement, were fine. Everything came back into order. So what we were seeing on that was almost a tenfold uptake difference in three and a half minutes into the blood.

What we saw with vitamin C was actually over 500% more uptake, which is another hard substance to get into the body, especially when COVID, everybody was fighting trying to get zinc and vitamin C and vitamin D and some other stuff in. But we shined pretty bright during that time too, because what we’re able to do, which we’ve shown with the high altitude, is to consume a liquid, extract the oxygen and backdoor the lungs because what’s happening with the skydivers and the mountain climbers, they’re not absorbing it through the lungs. I mean, you’re not pouring the bottle of water in your lungs, you’re drinking it, but yet the blood ox is coming up immediately. 

So what we’ve learned during COVID was that we could backdoor, even though the lungs are full of phlegm and in trouble by either using the breathing machine to go into the tissues or drinking the water, we were backdooring the oxygen into the tissue, into the blood, not going into the lung to go to the Ebola, which then went into the blood and then went to the tissue.

We actually could flood it through the tissue into the blood and have it travel throughout the body. And it was a strong enough arena where we were seeing that the lungs, especially the gas machines were able to create an environment the virus didn’t like and wouldn’t prosper. It would die very quickly. It wasn’t toxic, it’s just that it was an environment,  It was a form of oxygen that they didn’t like. The rest of the cells were happier than all get out. But the viruses don’t like oxidative stress. And this is a little different than standard oxidative stress because our oxygen is more balanced. So it’s not trying to tear things up.

Ozone, which is very aggressive, will dissolve more than basically anything it comes in contact with. We’re not seeing that with our, even though we have more energy in it than ozone, but it’s a different structure and it’s a more balanced structure where it’s not aggressive in trying to tear up everything. So COVID, that was probably one of our best years. We were selling water like crazy. The nurses were treating COVID patients with just a facial steamer, and we were doing just incredibly well. And we’ve turned around patients that were hours away from dying and we never lost anybody in our group.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Wow. Yeah. That’s amazing. Yeah, that was just a very scary time for sure for so many.

Rob Gourley: The clinics were actually treating patients sitting in their cars in the parking lot. They would run a hose out with the gas and put a nasal cannula on them while they sat in their car and tilted the seat back for two hours, listened to the radio, and were able to treat COVID successfully that way.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Wow. Yeah. And so let’s talk a little bit about it, let’s see. So, okay, well, Silas just edited this part out. So anything else that you want to talk about, Rob? It’s almost been an hour. Why don’t we just close out here?

Rob Gourley: Okay, that’s fine.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Rob, so is there anything else that you wanted to communicate to the listeners about Watt-Ahh, and what it can do for them?


Rob Gourley: Watt-Ahh is probably the simplest, most efficient way to help your body deal with the toxins and the environment that you’re living in today. Fiction, I call it a little red wagon, can carry in the nutrients and carry the garbage out. And a lot of health is not just getting nutrients which people think it is, it’s getting the toxins out because if you don’t eat, you can live for several weeks. If you don’t have a bowel movement for two weeks, you’re not going to go for two weeks. In two or three days, you’re going to die. Those are the toxins building up in the body and then killing it.

So it’s more important to get the toxins out than concentrate solely on getting stuff in because you’ve got to make room in the cell for things to be there. And if it’s already full of garbage, I don’t care how much good stuff you eat, it’s not going to do you any benefit. You’ve got to get the garbage out to get the good stuff in. And this is probably the cheapest, fastest, most effective way, in the least painful way to start to turn the tide on your health.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Because so many people start to do detox programs and they have a lot of detox symptoms, they just can’t, their detox pathways aren’t open, they don’t have any energy, they’re not grounded, and they’re not hydrated. And there are so many different things that contribute to people not being able to detox. That’s the absolute thing that they need. It’s the very thing that they need, but they’ve just got the deck stacked against them. I think Watt-Ahh solves a lot of these issues to facilitate detoxification.

Rob Gourley: That’s a good way to put it. It’s very true.

Dr. Wendy Myers: And I think health can be very, very simple. Where people look, they go to get their genetics tested, they go do all these different functional medical tests, and they do all these different protocols for this and that, and even detox protocols and whatnot. When I think people need to get, really think about the basics about proper hydration, oxygenation, minerals, detoxification, and things like that, and then see what’s left over or grounding the body, fix those things, the very basics, how the body works, and then see what’s left over that you still need to work on. But I think people just overcomplicate things before getting to the basics.

Rob Gourley: Well, when you’re born, you’re almost 80% water. When you die, you’re probably in your 70s, but water is what the majority of you is, and if you don’t build it out of good quality water, I can see where there’s going to be problems. It’s like building a house on sand. It’s not going to sit level. The sand’s going to continue to move. So you have to have a good foundation, which is basically an energized form of water that works with the cells, and that’s the base foundation. Now you can do all the other things to make it really super special, but until you can get rid of the garbage and get it cleaned back up, I don’t care what supplements you take, you’re not going to really benefit from them because they’re not going to go anywhere other than overload your kidneys and your liver trying to get rid of these things.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, yeah. Well, Robert, tell us where we can get some Watt-Ahh and also tell us the dosage. So where should people start and how much should they drink per day, like a maintenance dose?

Rob Gourley: Basically what we’re finding is somewhere around a liter a day, if you’re an extreme athlete, we see them consuming more because they’re pulling a lot of energy from the oxygen that’s in the water. I recommend somewhere between, if somebody’s older and pretty sedentary, at least a half liter a day. Bob, who’s going to turn 100 here on November 17th, is consuming probably at least a liter a day. And then he is off to races. He’s like, you take him up on that and on the breathing machine, he’s ready to go. He wants to know where everybody’s going, let’s go.

But the other thing I recommend is to start slow because if you’re highly toxic and you suddenly try to pull it all out at one time, you can have one hell of a headache and it’ll go away fairly quickly. But you want to start slow and see how you adjust to the detoxification. You may, for the first week, have to drink a quarter of a liter and half a liter and then work your way up. But once your body gets used to it, I can drink three or four liters, it doesn’t affect me that way.

Dr. Wendy Myers: I mean, when I first started drinking, it was very stimulating because you are getting lots of oxygen and electrons and things like that. So I had a little bit of trouble sleeping, but I didn’t feel bad at all. Normally, I think I was getting maybe four or five hours a night because I was just so kind of stimulated, but I didn’t feel bad at all. I felt incredible.

Rob Gourley: Yeah, because your body has been energized through an external force. The breathing machines, I describe it as plugging someone’s tail on the wall. We’ve dealt with patients, and sometimes I’ll have to show you some of the photos of these patients that were brought to us that were on death’s doorstep, and then through the use of the breathing machine, the end of the first week, the second week and the third week, third week, they’re out dancing. But the first week looking in their face and their eyes, they’re hours away from dying. And then as you build the body back up, all of a sudden you see a partial smile and then finally a full-blown smile, and the guy’s ready to go out and party. It’s basically plugging you in. I mean, instead of trying to make the body break down foods and supplements to get energy, this is free energy. So it’s very different on the breathing machine. You’re plugging their tail in the wall and just standing back and watching what happens. It’s pretty exciting to see.

Dr. Wendy Myers: I live in Mexico, so I go through periods where I don’t have Watt-Ahh because I’ve got to go to the US and pick some up from my mom’s in Houston or from my friends in Los Angeles. So I’ll pick Watt-Ahh in different places, but sometimes I run out and I really do feel the difference, and I feel that I’m energized again. For me, I don’t need all the time. I’ve been drinking it for quite some time, and I do a lot of other things, but I have a lot of very expensive equipment that I use to get energy from various sources, but I still do on a regular basis, use the Watt-Ahh as part of my health regime. And I just said it’s indispensable for me because of it, for all the things we talked about on the show today

Rob Gourley: You can go to,, or, You can type in Watt-Ahh or Aqua New and it’ll come up. And then there’s a phone number where you can order directly from Dana here, which is 888-936-Aqua, AQUA or that’s 2782 is the last number.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Okay, fantastic. And Watt-Ahh is spelled Watt like W-A-T-T-

Rob Gourley: T-T hyphen-

Dr. Wendy Myers: dash A-H-H.

Rob Gourley: HH. Right.

Dr. Wendy Myers: Yeah, Watt-Ahh. That’s exactly what it is because it gives you some wattage. Well, Rob, thanks so much for coming on the show today. And everyone, thanks so much for joining the Myers Detox Podcast and tuning in every week. You can learn more about detoxification on, and we are heading up on 500 episodes. So I’m so thrilled that you guys have been listening for so long. I’m coming up on, gosh, I mean, that’s going to be 10 years, 10 years of doing this podcast, and I love doing this. I’m going to be doing it for much, much longer, and I really appreciate you guys staying with me as long as you have and tuning in, and I really appreciate you. Thanks for listening.