#503 The Electric Water that Supercharges your Mitochondria with Rob Gourley

Get ready for an enlightening episode featuring Rob Gourley on the show, a return guest and the mastermind behind the ingenious WIT machine. This remarkable invention is responsible for producing Watt-Ahh, a drinkable water enriched with oxygen, hydrogen, and electrons, heralding the advent of the fifth phase of water. Drawing inspiration from Gerald Pollack’s fourth phase research, Watt-Ahh takes water innovation to new heights.

Rob delves into the remarkable benefits of Watt-Ahh, from tales of astonishing recovery, to the ability to oxygenate tissues and even repair nerves. Not only does Watt-Ahh energize, but it also provides an alternative detoxification avenue for cells, helping them eliminate harmful substances. Staying hydrated is so essential for health and longevity, and Watt-Ahh takes it to a whole new level. If you’re interested in finding an easy solution to give your body energy, help it detox, and restore cells, make sure to tune in!

What You’ll Learn

On today’s podcast, you will learn:

  1. Why staying hydrated is essential for health.
  2. How Watt-Ahh becomes the 5th phase of water.
  3. Top health benefits of drinking Watt-Ahh.
  4. Can Watt-Ahh actually help you detox better?
  5. Watt-Ahh’s ability to repair nerves.
  6. Incredible stories of Watt-Ahh’s healing abilities.


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About Rob Gourley:

Robinson (“Rob”) B. Gourley, Jr., is a  Mechanical Engineer and CEO of AquaNew.com and WIT International, LLC.

Gourley has designed and constructed at least six types of WIT® Machines for use in many applications in health, beauty and energy. And it is the gas produced by the WIT machine that infuses a gas called DiTetra Gas into his Watt-ahh water.

He started working on the energy potential of water over 30 years ago while serving as a lead shop mechanic on power systems and heavy machinery in Alaska, during the Alaskan Pipeline construction project.

You can learn about Rob Gourley and his Watt-ahh water and WIT applications at aquanew.com


Earth’s Thunderstorm in a Bottle

Thunderstorms replenish the Earth with electrons (negative charges) that support life’s critical balance. Imagine capturing a thunderstorm in a bottle for ultimate health and energy.

Self-described energy and health geeks discovered this restorative energy drink. The crystalline-like structure of Watt-Ahh® contains a reservoir of electrons to defend against oxidative stress, premature aging and inflammation.

Watt-Ahh® is refreshing, great tasting water. There are no sugars, caffeine or other additives. Watt-Ahh® is pure water – the way Nature intended.

It is difficult to unplug from our hectic world. We are exposed to unhealthy positive charges everyday – such as those we receive from cell phones, computers, air pollution and even the secondary effects of certain foods and prescribed drugs we consume.

These can contribute to an imbalance within the body, what we call Oxidative Stress. Oxidative Stress is the source of inflammation, premature aging and disease. Negative charges or electrons offset these adverse effects.

The unique stable structure of ultra-pure Watt-Ahh® is rich in electrons that can minimize the adverse effects of Oxidative Stress.

To learn more about this transformative  beverage or to purchase some, click here!




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