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  • 00:00:30 Meet Debbie Hart
  • 00:03:30 Debbie’s Journey to Health
  • 00:07:00 Working with Tony Robbins
  • 00:09:00 Why is increasing energy so important in healing and recovery?
  • 00:12:30  What are Infoceuticals?
  • 00:14:30  Wendy’s use of Infoceuticals
  • 00:17:00  What is Source energy and how does the body integrate it
  • 00:19:30 What is pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) and the miHealth
  • 00:23:00 How emotions can affect our energy
  • 00:27:30 Bioenergetics helps animals too
  • 00:31:00 Stories from Debbie’s practice of CFS, Fibromyalgia, and lack of energy
  • 00:36:00 The role of digestion in bioenergetics
  • 00:37:00 Using bioenergetics with addiction therapy
  • 00:41:00 The science behind NES bioenergetic scanning systems
  • 00:46:00 NES Health as “quantumopathy”
  • 00:48:00 The body is a hologram

[00:00:30] Wendy Myers: Hello, everyone. Welcome to the SuperCharged podcast. My name is Wendy. I am your host for today. Usually I cohost with Harry Massey, the CEO of, but today we are going to be going solo. Flying solo, just going to be you and me. Today we’re going to be having a fantastic guest, Debbie. She was a master NES Health trainer. That’s a bioenergetic program that I think is absolutely fantastic. That’s what primarily this podcast is about, because this is a revolutionary program you can use to increase your energy levels, and that’s what we’re talking about today. We’re going to be talking all about fatigue and the various ways that we develop fatigue and chronic fatigue, and how this can be caused by energetic blockages on the body in your meridians.

We’re going to be talking about various aspect of the underlying causes of fatigue and many solutions that you can utilize in your life to unblock energy and to improve the energy levels in your life. I’ve worked with thousands of clients, and that’s the number one complaint is fatigue. We’re going to have some solutions for you today on the show.

Our guest today is Debbie. She’s been working in holistic health for 13 years as a 1,200 hour CMTP professional manual therapist, level two SCENAR therapist and trainer, craniosacral training therapist, and NES Health coach and trainer. She’s also a kundalini yoga instructor. She changed careers to pursue her passion for health after 18 years in the IT software consulting, training, and education development field, having a BA in education and completion towards a BS in information science.

Debbie’s philosophy is that health is achieved when a person is able to find balance in all areas of body, mind, and spirit, and by tapping into the profound natural intelligence and powerful healing mechanisms innate in all of us. Her passion and mission in bringing all aspects of bioenergetic medicine and holistic healing into peoples’ lives and homes continues in her current role as a NES bioenergetic medicine consultant, coach, and trainer, as well as creator of quantum energy medicine events and immersive experiences. You can look at or find her website at Debbie, thank you so much for coming on the show.

Debbie Hart: Thank you for having me, Wendy.

Wendy: You’ve been a NES practitioner and a master trainer for seven years, so can you tell us your story and how you healed on your own NES program?

[00:03:30]Debbie: Sure. Yes, I have been working with NES for about seven years. Myself, when I started on NES, I was for a long time dealing with fibromyalgia-like symptoms. I never really bought into the fibromyalgia diagnosis, but I worked extensively with NES and through just even the first few months, my energy really came up and I was able to focus and really mitigate a lot of the musculoskeletal pain and just the fatigue that comes along with those symptoms.

I became a practitioner and I was already a craniosacral therapist and a SCENAR therapist and trainer and a manual therapist. I bought NES and absolutely fell in love with it and worked for about two years as a practitioner full time, and then with my teaching background I started coaching and teaching with NES and really helped a lot of people start working with fibromyalgia as well as a lot of their stress and fatigue and a lot of their health issues, and have come along since then. I’m now a coach and work a lot with the training and the coaching of practitioners with NES.

That’s my background in a nutshell.

Wendy: Yeah, and you trained me. I went through the NES practitioner program. I had such phenomenal results within such a short period of time, about 30 to 60 days. I was like, “Wow, I’ve never experienced anything like this, studying health and nutrition my whole life,” and I immediately became a practitioner and then I got a few training sessions with you, and then we got a bunch more after that. Just your depth of knowledge really just blows me away. Every time that we had a consult with you and went through my scan or somebody else’s scan, it’s really amazing what you can see in a NES scan and how quickly it can turn your health issues around. Sorry folks, Debbie does not see clients anymore, not individual clients. She only trains NES practitioners, just to be clear, so you have to be a NES practitioner to work with her. [Editor’s note: Debbie Hart has returned to private practice – you can contact her through her website]

Let’s talk about how you’re trained in a bioenergetic program called NES. What is this program? Walk us through what is involved in this program.

Debbie: Sure. It’s really pretty simple and very easy when you get involved with NES and you want start on NES therapy. You basically have a hand scanner that you purchase and you have a practitioner that you’re assigned to, and from the convenience of your home and your computer, you hook up that hand scanner. You place your hand on the scanner, and what the little software app that you download called NES Desktop, you run a scan. It takes maybe 10 seconds to grab and capture your full Body-Field scan. That’s instantly uploaded to a practitioner who then reads that and either sets up a Skype session where you can see it live, or you can actually go into the practitioner’s office and go through the scan. That’s what’s involved in the scanning.

[00:07:00] Wendy: You have to do a scan about once a month and then you get Infoceuticals, which are energetic remedies to correct the issues in the scan. We’ll go over those in a minute. You actually had trained or developed protocols for Anthony Robbins. He’s the acclaimed author of Awaken the Giant Within and he’s a world-famous speaker. He also goes by Tony Robbins. You trained him and his entire team in NES. Is that correct?

Debbie: Yes, that was a lot of fun. John Amaral and his wife were the key people involved in that training and they work directly with Tony at all his events, and Tony has something called a green room which is where, when he takes breaks, he goes and recharges and regroups. Now they’re using NES in that green room. We created protocols with the Infoceuticals, the liquid energetic remedies and the miHealth, to in a very short period of time help support him, recharge him, and help him sustain these intense events that he runs.

Wendy: Yeah, because he’s so powerful and just gets everyone so charged up. I can imagine it’s pretty draining to do that or keep that energy over 5,000 people. He has these massive events.

Debbie: Yeah.

Wendy: I don’t know if you saw he just had one and Dave Asprey was speaking on it. It was really kind of amazing. That’s great that he’s doing this, and then I guess he was so impressed with it that he flew you down to San Diego to help his whole team get on it, right?

Debbie: I personally was not involved in that trip. I was just involved in his team’s training up near Santa Cruz. My understanding is that he was fully onboard with all of the different protocols and excited about it and really benefiting from it and now starting to spread the word on NES.

Wendy: I guess I misunderstood. His team went to San Jose, that’s the NES Health headquarters, for training. They went through the whole training?

[Editor’s note: NES Headquarters has moved to Tampa, FL]

Debbie: I actually went to John Amaral’s office and I trained his team there.

Wendy: Okay, great.

Debbie: That’s right near Santa Cruz.

[00:09:00] Wendy: Let’s talk about energy. We’re going to be talking in this podcast about using this bioenergetic program called NES Health to improve your energy. Why is increasing energy so important in healing and recovery?

Debbie: Well, it’s the basis of everything that happens in the body. In order to heal, in order to feel good, in order to be in a good mood, we need a lot of energy. In order to sleep really good. NES therapy really helps give our body energy at exactly the place it needs. Everybody is very different. Some people just need source energy, like you get from the sun. Some people need emotional stress release because that’s what’s draining their energy. Some people need organ energy, their different organs need energized. Some people need their meridians charged, their information pathways in their body. The energetic system is quite complex and NES has a really simple way of showing exactly where you need that energy and helping to charge your physical body, but also charge your emotional system so that you can feel good, be in a good mood, and sleep really good.

Wendy: What I love about NES so much is that you have this conventional medical model that your mitochondria make your ATP and make your energy in your cells, and you have to have nutrients to make the energy, but there isn’t a scientific explanation. There’s not enough energy that could be made by mitochondria to power all of the things that we do in the body, and so that’s even a mystery in science that we just don’t make enough energy to do all the processes in the body. It’s not physiologically possible. NES provides that answer. Can you talk a little bit about how our body’s energy field and correcting the body’s energy field can improve one’s energy?

Debbie: Sure. 75% of our energy actually comes from source energy, so only 25% really comes from the calories and the nutrient that we take in. The energy field itself, we can’t see it, but for everything in our physical body, our skin, our bones, our brain, our eyes, everything has a field of energy around it and that field of energy is what governs the physical body. By putting in energy to the body and all those areas, the physical body immediately responds. It knows exactly what to do with that energy and that information, and it charges all the systems. The body, really it just gives the body the optimum capability to start self-healing. Whatever’s going on with you, by providing that energy in exactly the spaces that you need it, that energetic field talks to the physical body and immediately the physical body’s healing responses start kicking in and we start feeling better, we start sleeping better, and we start healing.

[00:12:30] Wendy: I’m holding an Infoceutical right here. One of the ways that you talked about of improving our body’s energy is to take an Infoceutical. Tell us what are these exactly? I take six of these a day. The is an Infoceutical called Source that gives you energy to your entire body. Like I said, I take six of these Infoceuticals a day. I take about 20 drops per day of each one because I seem to not be able to get enough. I’m not very sensitive to these things, but some people are. Some people are really, really sensitive. I’m going to take some Infoceutical. This is how I do it. Most people put it in drops of water to measure it out a little bit more accurately, but I just like to put them in my mouth like that. Oops, kind of missed there. That helps to give me energy. Can you talk about what this source Infoceutical is exactly and what do they do in the body?

[00:13:30] Debbie: Well, the Source Infoceutical is one of the line of Feel-Good Infoceuticals. There’s a lot of different Infoceuticals. There’s a set of them called Feel-Goods, and the Source Feel-Good is an energetic remedy that helps the body bring in source energy from the sun, metabolize that energy, and hold that energy so that the body has a really good resource. Today with all the toxins and stress and nutritional challenges that we face, our body tends to get drained of source energy. What source does is allow the energy system to be fully supported so that it can handle the stress of the day, sleep really well.

[00:14:00] The more energy you have, the better you sleep. It’s kind of the opposite of what we would normally think. When we get the energy charged in the body and in all the different compartments of the body, we can sleep a lot better, which is a major challenge for a lot of people these days.

[00:14:30] Wendy: Yeah, that was one of my big challenges I was facing when I first began my NES program. I wasn’t really looking for a remedy or anything of that nature, but I was desperate because I was waking up feeling really tired every morning and I didn’t know why. NES helped me to pinpoint that it was actually EMF. It was EMF exposure that was really dragging me down and interfering with my body’s energy field and not allowing me to recharge at night. Now I’m sleeping fantastic. Really, really well to where I have really vivid dreams at the end of the night or in the morning. That’s a sign you’ve been sleeping really, really well.

Let’s talk about, you mentioned source energy. You also mentioned taking the sun’s energy and being able to convert that into energy in our bodies. Can you talk a little about that? I know there’s a Day Infoceutical and a Night Infoceutical, and these were developed by Dr. Rainer. He was doing scientific research for NES Health for a period of time and he developed these Infoceuticals. Tell us exactly what source energy is and each of these Infoceuticals and what they do.

Debbie: Sure. The Day and the Night Infoceuticals, like you said, Dr. Rainer created them … They came out about a year and a half, two years ago and they are matched up to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. During the day, we’re designed to be on and our body needs a lot of source energy and it’s very active, and at night we want to wind down, go into parasympathetic, and sleep and restore. That cycle, that circadian rhythm, day and night support, the Day works very deeply at the cellular level on pulling the energy in from source, utilizing that energy for all of the body’s functions during the day. Then Night allows the body to convert the fat cells into infrared light at night so that all of that energy is taken out of our fat cells, converted for repair and restoration of our body so when we wake up in the morning we’re well rested and our system has had a chance to restore and repair. That’s what those two do.

[00:17:00] Wendy: Yeah. My very first scan, Night came up. I’m like, “Oh, that’s what’s going on. I can’t burn fat at night for energy. That’s why I can’t lose weight. Where do I sign?” No, so you talked about source energy. What do you mean when you say that?

Debbie: Source energy is the catalyst for all of the processes. It provides the energy for all of the functions in our body and it primarily comes from the sun. Ideally we’re out in the sun 20 minutes a day. Our body really needs that energy to fuel. 75% of our energy in our system comes from source. When we’re actually able to not only be exposed to it, but pull it in and metabolize it correctly, that’s what NES does. The NES therapy really corrects all of those processes in our body at the energetic level, and then our body responds naturally at the physical level and starts bringing energy up, and everything that needs energy up. Our nervous system, our organs, our brain function, our sleep quality, everything starts coming up. And our mood. Our mood is a big one.

Wendy: What was really profound for me is when I began my NES program over the first one, two, three months, I really noticed a pronounced improvement in my mood because I was sleeping better and had more energy. Just a natural byproduct of those processes and the body improving.

What I love about NES is whenever I’m feeling really, really tired, I take this Source Infoceutical or I can … It’s like I have some energy in my pocket. There’s also this miHealth device. This one, I have it on Mental Clarity right now so I don’t ask stupid questions when I’m doing a podcast.

Yeah, but you can [inaudible 00:18:45] it’s on mental clarity right now, but you can also put it on Recharge or I think on Source which is a setting also, or just Energy. It can really help to quickly recharge you essentially and to improve your energy levels. This is something, you don’t have to have this on your NES Health program. Many people make incredible strides just taking the Infoceuticals, but this is my little pocket doctor. I definitely would not want to be without it. Can you talk to us about what this is and how it helps to improve energy?

[00:19:30]Debbie: Absolutely. The miHealth is one of the most exciting devices honestly in the world. I was a SCENAR therapist and trainer prior to coming onboard with NES, and that is a predecessor of the miHealth. It’s not as sophisticated. The miHealth is a pulsed electromagnetic frequency device. Many times you’ve heard of the term PEMF. Basically what it does is that it emits all different kinds of frequencies that are very helpful at energizing whatever areas of your body need energized. You might need source energy. You might need emotional energy. You might need, like Wendy said, mental clarity. A lot of us are walking around … I know I’ve gone into brain fog many times and NES has helped clear that almost right away. It can help us sleep. All these different frequencies basically energize our systems right where they need it and allow whatever is going on with us to basically be mitigated. It’s a real symptom go-to. That’s what the miHealth is known for.

When you get a scan, the scan actually maps out exactly where your body needs the miHealth. You can run a couple minutes of each of those points after the scan, and really most people feel extremely relaxed, extremely energized at the same time, and just very grounded, and most of the time their symptoms have anywhere from a 50% to 100% relief. Whatever’s going on. If you’ve got neck pain, if you’ve got shoulder pain, low back pain. It’s really amazing once you get the energy in the body moving that the pain is mitigated.

Wendy: Yeah. I had that exact experience about three weeks into my NES program. I was using a miHealth. I had a bulging disc in my lower back and I kept using the lumbar spine setting on my miHealth and I just was doing that on a daily basis, and including all my other points to clear the energetic blocks in my body as notated on my scan that were priorities. My back pain went away and it has never come back. Sometimes I feel a little bit of pressure, but I’m not in pain. I don’t need pain medication and I can do what I need to do. I just was really shocked by that. I really think that my back pain actually had an emotional component, because what I learned with NES, what I learned with that is that a lot of times pain has an emotional component to it or an emotional trauma that we suffered at any point in our life that could have been a trigger for the genesis of that pain. Even though we think it’s a physical thing, your doctor tells you it’s a physical issue or injury, but it’s pretty amazing. A lot of people, including several friends of mine, their pain has resolved also doing a NES Health program.

[00:22:30] Let’s talk a little bit about emotions. Emotions are very draining for people energetically. Another thing I love about NES is that it pinpoints where we have emotional traumas and helps us to release those in a really unconventional way. Let’s talk about that a little bit.

Debbie: Sure. I think that’s probably one of the most beautiful parts of NES and the most astounding for people. When they run a scan, they’re so curious. They want to see how does it show my neck pain and how does it show that I’m having digestive problems? How does it show that I’m having sleep problems? Then we get a little deeper and the kernels of some of those issues are really emotional traumas that we’ve been through. The NES system actually maps out exactly where we’ve had traumas and what we might be feeling and experiencing, and has a very simple resolution to help release those traumas. With the miHealth and Infoceuticals combined, it really gets in there. If we’ve had a profound loss, if we’ve had a really stressful, like we’ve lost our job or we’ve lost a partner or a child, it shows exactly, we’ve had a really intense work conflict. It actually pinpoints it and people are blown away when they see that it actually can see what’s going on with them at the emotional level and how quickly with the miHealth and the Infoceuticals they can start feeling that release.

What happens with that release is it’s really been what’s been draining them, and their energy starts coming up and they start feeling this very profound shift in just their overall well-being and their stress level. The emotional components are the key to so many of chronic conditions that we’re all dealing with and walking around with, and in the NES system, that’s one of the most profound aspects of it.

Wendy: Yeah. I was really surprised by my daughter’s scan. My daughter Winter. She had just been through a situation at her school and her teacher was being abusive to her and was telling her she didn’t belong in first grade, she was behind in reading, she was behind in math, she was behind in spelling. That she belonged in kindergarten. Basically, I wanted to kill this lady. Even if that’s true, not appropriate to say.

Debbie: No.

Wendy: I actually just got a phone call the other day from some other parents. They saw my Yelp review of the school and contacted me and she’s abusing their children also.

Debbie: Wow.

Wendy: It’s really sad. In Winter’s NES scan, it said her intellect was being attacked and it had other things in there and I was just like, “Wow, I can’t believe that the NES scan is picking this up.”

Debbie: Yes.

Wendy: Then speak, where she was afraid to speak. She was frightened to speak out for herself and just some other points. I just was like, “Wow.” I’ve noticed this on all the scans I’ve done for friends and family and clients, it’s very right on. It’s really astounding.

Debbie: It is. I have two really profound stories that I can just talk to you guys about in a nutshell. One is really prophetic. It was an 11 year old little boy that was scanned, and he had not heard something in school. A long time ago, early in his schooling, he had not heard something and he was then made fun of for not hearing it. It showed up in his scan, and then in that same period when he was … That showed up in his scan and we worked on that and he started feeling a lot less stressed and not tearing up about the situation when we talked about it, but one scan he had actually just shut down and his parents thought it was NES therapy.

We looked at his scan and I saw video shock showing on his scan. The parents were right there with the scan and they were anxiously awaiting hearing why he was shut down. He started tearing up and I talked to him about it and he had actually seen a picture in a magazine of a little girl whose father had cut off her nose and her ears, which was shocking that all the students got to see this picture in this magazine. He started crying and he could hardly speak and so we treated him for that video shock. The next scan when I saw him, we talked about it. There was completely no emotion. He was not upset about it anymore. He had processed it and it was utterly amazing to his family.

Wendy: Wow.

Debbie: The other story I have is on a group of horses that I worked with, and I know the NES system also works on animals. I had a group of 17 horses that we were working on with Dr. Sinatra, Dr. Stephen Sinatra’s barn.

Wendy: Yeah, he’s a very famous cardiologist.

[00:27:30] Debbie: Yes, and he has a holistic barn of race horses. All of the horses, the therapist that he has that is doing NES and is trained on NES that I was working with for about five months, the horses were showing such emotional stress. So many things that you would never guess that a horse could feel and go through. We treated these particular horses. They were very valuable and just cherished horses and they were standing in the back of their stalls, very depressed and shut down. Immediately, literally within the first scan, the horses were coming to the front of the stall, they were nickering. They would see the NES coming and they couldn’t wait for the NES therapy.

The emotional shifts, this one horse that could barely move was actually moving very gracefully, very fluidly, very happy. It was a lot of emotional therapy that we did with the NES.

Wendy: Wow. Yeah, I love that you can do the NES program on animals. You can do dogs. They actually have software for veterinarians. A lot of veterinarians use it for dogs and cats and horses, but you can really use it on any animal. Right?

Debbie: Any animal, yes. It’s the emotional element on the animals is just as powerful. It’s amazing to see.

Wendy: I had a complete transformation with my little 12 year old Jezebelle. She’s a little red, four-pound Pomeranian. She was sick as a dog. I posted about this on Facebook and I felt so bad for her. She had a period where a lot of her hair fell out. I don’t know, like a third of her hair fell out and she got a skin infection and then she’s had chronic diarrhea for years and bloody stools and mucous-ie and obviously liver problems and absorption issues and vomiting. The poor dog was miserable and I was doing everything that I could holistically to help, and two months on NES completely different dog. She gained a pound. She eats every single meal. She used to go a day or two days without eating. No more diarrhea.

Debbie: Wow.

Wendy: No more vomiting. No more laying around miserable for days at a time. This has been going on for years.

Debbie: Yeah, it’s amazing.

Wendy: Completely different dog. She’s playing now and she’s a puppy again. I’m really, really thankful because it hurts when you see your animals suffering and you go to the vet and you spend thousands of dollars, just like in conventional medicine. They do all these tests. There’s nothing wrong with your dog. Oh, really? My dog can barely move and doesn’t have most of her hair and is scratching herself to death, but there’s nothing wrong that you can find. It’s very conventional medicine and they recommend Science Diet which is full of GMO corn and makes dogs worse.

Debbie: Right.

Wendy: Anyways, so I’m very thankful the NES was able to heal her.
Let’s talk about some more stories of healing that you experienced or heard about on NES. Perhaps some of the stories on chronic fatigue or pain or any other types of stories.

[00:31:00] Debbie: Sure. I have personal clients that I’ve worked with that I have some stories on. Of course working with so many practitioners every week I hear amazing stories. Some of the most prophetic health challenges out there involve symptoms like fibromyalgia. Chronic pain, chronic fatigue, not able to sleep, high anxiety and stress. That set of symptoms is so common to so many conditions.

I had a situation with a client who could literally barely walk and get out of bed and function seven days a week, go on NES from that condition, and she was diagnosed with severe metabolic syndrome as well as fibromyalgia, and she called me one day and said, “Debbie, I can honestly tell you I don’t feel sick anymore.” It was like waking up one morning and actually feeling not completely symptom-free, just having that inner feeling of, “I’m not sick anymore.” That was a huge one. When I heard that it was so rewarding to hear, and we continue to work on the emotional elements that came up in the scan, all the areas her body needed support, because it’s an unfolding. It’s working through layers, like peeling back an onion. But it was profound.

Another situation I had was a very severe case that came out of the Mayo Clinic actually. She had seen eight different doctors with idiopathic severe pain syndrome. Idiopathic meaning they don’t know why. She had had neck surgery and she had had shoulder surgery and then had had surgery on a lot of nodules that were painful in her hand, so a lot of neck and shoulder and hand surgery, and was in so much pain that she couldn’t function. She couldn’t brush her hair, she couldn’t cook, she didn’t feel like she could socialize at all, and really hit her hard with NES. She bought a miHealth because she was remote to me and she worked every day at home with the miHealth. She took the Infoceuticals every day.

Within five months there was progress. There was a lot of progress every month, but within five months she could literally say that there were days where she had no pain and no symptoms whatsoever, and this had been going on for years. It was a lot of damage. A lot of damage that the body had to work through. That was pretty profound to hear that.

I’ve had really powerful digestive stories, addiction stories, and consistent stories with reduction of stress and anxiety. Where people just feel much calmer, much more balanced, and their anxiety level will go from maybe a nine or 10, almost down to a one or two, and I’ve seen it happen within a week.

Wendy: Yeah. I have to say the same thing. When I first started NES, I was very, very stressed, feeling very overwhelmed, just feeling shut down sometimes. I love what I do, but I just had so much going on that I was feeling too overwhelmed and stressed about it, which is not productive and not healthy for me. As I progressed on NES, I have way more stuff going on now, but I’m handling it just fine. I just don’t have that shut down thing where I just want to curl up in bed and not deal with anything. I just am handling it a lot more gracefully and I 100% attribute that to NES.

Debbie: I would say that for me, I’ve worked through the fibromyalgia-like symptoms and still dealing with some heavy metal issues, but for me the biggest-

Wendy: I’m going to help you with that.

Debbie: I know. That’s what I’m looking forward to. I found out through my journey that much of my fibromyalgia-like symptoms were due to heavy metals, and I never knew that I had so much mercury. I also learned that when you go through the change in life as a woman, that the hormone changes bring that out so you get an increased level of symptoms sometimes when you go through that change.

I think the focus … I can be so out of balance because I’m pushing too hard and I’m trying to do too much, as we all do, and I can rebalance really quickly now. That’s what’s happened over time. Within a matter of days, if I get really on a good strong Infoceutical protocol, I use my miHealth every day, my ability to handle a ton more stress, do a lot more and stay very focused. I hear that from almost all my clients, that they’re able to focus. They’re able to do a lot more. Their general energy level, even though they’re doing more, their energy is up and their stress is down.

[00:36:00] One of the biggest things that is also a core issue for people is their digestive track. They may not come in with that being their top three, but whenever you ask them they’ll say, “Oh, yeah. My digestion’s not so good.” NES really works deeply in the digestive track and helps nutrient assimilation and digestive disorders, and there’s a lot of turnaround that I see consistently with that. What’s interesting about the digestive healing is the mental clarity that comes with clearing the digestive track.

I had an artist who was blocked, and one of my big stories with digestion, which I have actually a case study on the NES training site, where she actually literally within, it took her a year. She was blocked for 30 years and she was on all kinds of supplements and medications, and she was off everything and working extremely creatively at her art by clearing her digestive track and getting it working. She was not taking anything except for NES and her digestive track was fully working. That was really rewarding.

[00:37:00] I think the other big one I have is addiction. I have had quite a bit of success, or clients have had quite a bit of success, with chronic addiction, even if it’s just functional addiction where there is an alcohol issue or a drug issue. The scan is very clear as to where they need the support and I’ve really worked aggressively with some people on some of the emotional remedies and the stress reduction remedies, getting the energy moving in those areas. I’ve seen people completely stop drinking.

I had an experience once where I had a client that was heavily, heavily addicted and had started having heart issues. By just simply using two remedies to calm the heart and calm the system down, not only did it help the heart which is what we were focusing on, but the person stopped the addictive behavior.

Wendy: Wow.

Debbie: Because they were so calm and so centered. That was profound when I saw that happen.

Wendy: I heard a story like that when I went to the NES training. Someone said that she … Of course everyone there had had their own amazing story which is why they were there training as a practitioner, and this one lady said that her father, she had him on a program, and he had been drinking every day for about 20 years and he wasn’t even trying to quit alcohol because he liked it obviously, but he just stopped drinking after two to three months on a NES program. He just didn’t want it anymore. It gets rid of the emotional trauma which leads you to drink in the first place. Gets rid of stress and just corrects the neurotransmitter function of the body, just corrects all these issues that are prompting you to drink or abuse drugs.

Debbie: Yeah, it’s amazing when we get in there and release … Put energy into the emotional system and help clear the trauma. There’s specific remedies. One is called liberator. It really truly does liberate us from the past. There’s a remedy called chill, which allows us to liberate and it also allows us to chill or just really destress. Those remedies, they will always come up in the scan when they’re your high priority, but those remedies are powerful. Very powerful.

Wendy: I don’t know why, but Chill keeps coming up on my scan. I have no idea why. I like to drink shots of that every single day. A bottle of Chill a day. But it’s funny, I credit the Liberator Infoceutical. That came up in my scan and I credit that with me breaking up with my boyfriend, my ex-boyfriend, because I was at a place where I think it just wasn’t working out. It’s not my soulmate. I took Liberator and it just helped me make that change, and whatever reason I was hanging onto that relationship, it helped liberate me from that. Unfortunately, he got the phone call to break up with him, but I really do credit it with Liberator.

Debbie: Yeah, there’s some profound stories. I know there was one amazing video, I think it’s on YouTube, of Cyril Bourke who is an Australian trainer, using Liberator in the training and having a woman who had very severe scoliosis have this amazing emotional release. The spine straightened. She was very sore after it happened, but took high doses of Liberator and it was a profound experience. That is an amazing Infoceutical.

[00:41:00] Wendy: There’s probably going to be a handful of people listening and they’re like, “Mm-hmm. Yeah, bioenergetics, quantum physics. Sounds really woo-woo.” What is the science behind this? I think people need to be careful about discrediting something or brushing something aside that they really don’t know about. I’ve definitely had that where I’ve had a handful of people I’ve been explaining it to and they’re like, “Whatever. That’s just a bunch of bullshit,” frankly, and I don’t think people realize that they’re very quick to judge. There is a tremendous amount of science and research behind this. I just want to make sure people listening that are wondering if there’s a scientific basis behind this bioenergetic program, that I assure you that there is and there’s a lot of information on the internet on the website. Lots of studies going on currently that are actually not on the website. Can you talk a little bit about that? Maybe even Dr. Rainer’s involvement in the science?

Debbie: Sure. Peter Fraser and Harry Massey of course were the founders and brought the science into the technology together. 31 years of research by Peter Fraser.

He founded the first accredited acupuncture school in Australia and was on a search to piece together all different holistic therapies. Everybody in these different realms would make all these claims, but a lot of times they weren’t working. He knew there was more than the Chinese medicine. He just knew there was more going on at the energetic level than just the meridians, and he did a lot of research building on quantum physics. There were years of quantum physics research going on. He took all of that quantum physics research, which is how our energy in our body works. It works based on the theories of quantum physics.

He took all that research and put it all together, and over 31 years literally mapped out, just like we have anatomy and physiology mapped out, he took the energetic system and he mapped it out in its entirety in a very detailed format called the human Body-Field, and the science of the human Body-Field which is the science of our energetic system. We’ve simply with NES added to what we already know about anatomy and physiology. We all know we need the biology and the chemistry and the anatomy to run our bodies.
At a higher level, Peter Fraser added another layer of science and research to that, which is the science behind the human Body-Field, the mapping of the energetic system that we can’t see.

What’s beautiful about NES is you can see it. Because of Peter and Harry’s work, Harry’s brilliant, brilliantly brought the science into the technology so that we can actually see the NES scan. We can see our Body-Field for the first time in a very beautiful format.
The second most important part of that science was that Peter discovered there was an exact order of healing. We can’t just go in and target our heart. We can’t just go in and target our hip or our digestive track. We have to look at what the body prefers, and there is an innate order of healing that took years to map out. It mapped out the field, the energetic system, and then within that he mapped out the exact preferred order of healing. That is all in the NES scan.

That’s the science behind it. It’s Chinese medicine combined with biology, combined with quantum physics and technology. It’s the first system, it is the only system still, that matches your Body-Field. It doesn’t just do a reading on frequencies or different elements of supplements that you might need. It actually compares the perfect human Body-Field to your Body-Field and shows exactly where your body needs energy and exactly in what order. That’s one of the real keys to it.

That’s a little bit about the science. I’m not sure if I’ve said enough or if there’s more you’d like me to expound on there.

Wendy: No, that’s fantastic. Anyone who wants to learn more can go on and there’s something that says Science. There’s a Science button, you can dig in there. There’s a Nobel Prize winning researcher that has done really interesting research on energy medicine. How is NES different from homeopathy? Because the Infoceuticals people take to correct the issues in the scan are energetic remedies, but how do they differ from homeopathy? I know some people might have that question.

[00:46:00] Debbie: Well, they both work energetically. You can think of NES as quantumopathy. Homeopathy works by canceling, it’s like treats like, and it basically amplifies the energy that is not balanced in the body. It amplifies it until it cancels. With NES what it does is it literally provides pure energy, the actual instructions and the energy that are needed in a specific area of the body that actually match up to the field. It puts a whole pattern of energy into the energetic system, and the energetic system takes what it needs from that pattern of correct energy at that time and it corrects the energetic system.

It’s like when you put a car, let’s say, hook it up to an electrical system and you find where in that electrical system it’s down and then you correct that part of the electrical system and the whole system comes back up. It’s similar in that the scan analyzes where our Body-Field needs an energetic correction, so we actually put in the exact correct information, our body takes from it what it needs, and then it innately … NES doesn’t do anything. Our bodies innately have all that incredible intelligence and healing capacity. It really just reboots our own system. On a very broad level, the Infoceuticals are literally, for those of you who know what a hologram is, they are holographic in nature. It puts a whole pattern of energy, a very broad pattern of energy that works on many areas of the body and brings systems back up. Helps our body bring systems back up.

Wendy: Why don’t you explain what a holograph is?

[00:48:00] Debbie: A hologram is based on a fractal, and a fractal is a repeating pattern in nature. We are no different than nature in that we have patterns of energy in our body that are scaled to nature. Just like a leaf on a tree has a pattern in it, our body has patterns in it of energy that all talk to each other. They are fractal in their nature in that they are repeating patterns. We have patterns of energy, beautiful patterns of energy in our kidneys. We have beautiful patterns of energy in our skin, in our bones, and those patterns of energy are fractal-based, meaning they’re repeating and they are scaled to nature, so we are literally one with nature and we need to be in harmony. NES basically harmonizes and brings all of our energy patterns into harmony and coherence, so that the communication basically in the body and the energy comes up. As soon as we bring the pattern right, the energy and communication comes right, and all the systems come online.

Wendy: Okay. Very, very interesting. Very interesting. Do you have anything else you want to add to our conversation about how NES helps to improve our energy? Is there anything we left out or that you wanted to add?

Debbie: You know, I think the prevailing theme behind NES therapy for everybody that’s never experienced it or heard about it is its profound effect on calming the Body-Field, which naturally allows our whole system to energetically become coherent, start communicating, and start coming up emotionally and physically. Body, mind, and spirit so to speak. I think that the reduction of stress is alone profound on every aspect of our life, and NES’s ability to do that, and by doing that, reducing the drain on our energy by calming everything, I think that’s probably what I would want to really leave with.

Wendy: Yeah. I really urge people to try NES for 60 days. I really recommend it highly because don’t knock something until you’ve tried it. I know some of you guys might be thinking, “Well, I don’t know. It sounds weird.” But it’s just a new concept. It’s actually not new. NES has been around for 14 years and had 30 years of research behind it prior to that, but to some folks hearing this for the first time it might be very new and hard to believe. I really think that NES Health is the future of medicine and that’s why I’ve been doing so many podcasts about it lately and talking about it a lot and doing blog posts and things of that nature about it, because I think it has the ability to help so many people and it’s not that expensive and it’s so easy to do. You can give it to babies and children and people infirm, people in comas. Anyone is able to do this program no matter how ill that they are, and that’s really important.

I have a detox program. I have a lot of people, they’re not able to do it. They’re too sick. That’s why I love NES. I can help those people now to get their body working to the point where they can facilitate a detox program and can handle that and whatnot. I really urge everyone to try it, because seeing is believing.

You have a conference coming up. You have a bioenergetic conference coming up and I’m going to be there. If anyone wants to come out and hang out with me for a week, this is where I’m going to be at in July. It’s happening in July in Colorado. Can you tell us more about that and what we would experience there?

[Editor’s note – to find out about NES events, please visit ]

Debbie: Absolutely. We are so excited. There’s a team of four of us. Myself, Dr. Rainer Viehweger, and Rick [inaudible 00:52:21] They are from Germany and the Netherlands and very, very experienced with NES as well as many other areas like autoimmune diseases, inflammatory processes in the body, and Irina Skoeries who owns Catalyst Cuisine in California and has developed an anti-inflammatory diet and has an incredible story and incredible research on inflammation and autoimmune and food.

We are going to be gathering the four of us together in Loveland, Colorado, the week of July 9th through the 14th at Sunrise Ranch for a experience where you will be able to learn all about NES, all about psychosomatic energetics and the emotions, neurotransmitters and the emotions, all kinds of information on autoimmune, new research and new bioenergetic information on autoimmune diseases and energy medicine, as well as the power of yen and kundalini yoga in moving energy and healing trauma. We’re going to be combining all of that along with the anti-inflammatory food, and immersing everybody for the first time in our quantum energy medicine event. We’re hoping to carry this forward and create a community globally. We’re actually looking forward to going and having this in Europe next year as well as the U.S.

We’re super excited and we are here and available to answer any questions you have regarding it. It’s basically open for anybody who really wants to learn more about the bioenergetic realm of healing, is interested in becoming a practitioner, and doing any kind of work in this area.

Wendy: Again, guys, I’m going to be there. I’m really excited. This conference, this summit, is going to have the brightest minds in bioenergetic medicine, people doing cutting-edge research on bioenergetic medicine. I recommend it for anyone. Anyone can go. You don’t have to be a practitioner. You guys can learn so much about the many different types of bioenergetic healing to help heal your health issues or your family members or anyone that you know and care about. There truly is hope out there that may not be had at your conventional medical doctor or even your functional medical doctor.

I know that a lot of practitioners out there, they are very well meaning and trying to help people with supplements and things of that nature, but even that, as many of you guys have found, isn’t quite enough. It takes people to a certain point, and even in myself I find that even taking a lot of supplements or giving a lot of supplements to my clients, it doesn’t matter what you take. It matters what you absorb. A lot of people aren’t able to absorb their nutrients that they’re getting from very well-meaning practitioners. NES Health can help remedy that and just get people moving faster towards their health goals. That’s what everybody wants.

Everybody wants to feel better quickly. Everybody wants to feel better fast and get quick results. I know I do. NES provides that.

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