#533 How I Address Infections and a Novel Approach to Detox

with Ian Clark


Ian Clark We think we’re breathing clear air, but you and I can’t see anything in the air in front of us in the room. Because our naked eye can only see things above microscopic. If we shine a laser light here, we would see millions of particles in that light beam, no matter where we shine it. 11,000 liters a day is how much you breathe every single day; we pump 2,000 gallons of blood per day. So, our blood distributes all these nanoparticles into our system while bringing oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Blood is also designed to carry it out, so we have to clean our blood. The last thing I want to do is be all paranoid about breathing. You have to have the must-haves, and this definitely fits a major category of must-haves.   Dr. Wendy Myers   Hello, everyone. I’m Dr. Wendy Myers. Welcome. Thanks for joining us today. Today, I have Ian Clark, the founder of Activation Products. I always have such interesting conversations with him. He have a wealth of information and travels around the world, looking for the most interesting supplements that can uplevel your health. Today, we’re going to talk about a unique, easy way to detox your body, remove particulate matter, and anything that isn’t supposed to be in your body. This is a product I use myself every day. So Ian, thanks so much for joining us.   Ian Clark Hey Wendy! Thanks so much for having me on again. It’s been a while. It’s always good to have our conversations because you’re such a wealth of knowledge as well as fun.    Dr. Wendy Myers   Yeah, so, why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself and how you founded or came to found www.activationproducts.com, which, in my esteem, has just the highest level products, the highest quality, the packaging, everything. You are a fanatic about quality.   Ian Clark Yeah, it’s been a long journey to get to where we are now, and a lot of learning. So that started in 2004. When I was 46 years old, I had a major health crisis that came with a tumor that started growing in the bottom of my abdomen, heart disease, and a really messed-up liver. And I had no clue why. All the doctors just told me it was a genetic predisposition. And this is very common for a man in his mid-40s. But that didn’t help me. I was not interested in that. And I’m going to fast forward to now, just so people don’t worry about what’s going on. I turned 65 in two weeks. And I’m healthier than I was when I was 25 years old. And that took a 19-year journey of learning more and more to get simpler and simpler until we came right down to the definitive things. When I started the journey, it took seven years to get rid of the tumor naturally, five years to get rid of the heart disease, and a little more than seven years to deal with the liver problem. And then I was in the medical range just from learning natural things. But when you’re just learning, of course, you only have a small capacity to understand. And I found out that everything I knew was wrong to start with. That’s why I was dying. I didn’t understand heavy metal problems or fungal infections or body temperature or particulate matter that we’re breathing. I didn’t know anything about that, like most people don’t know in the mainstream. And I was quite mainstream.  Dr. Wendy Myers   Yeah. Why don’t you talk about that? Why don’t you talk about the particulate matter that we’re all breathing in? Because that’s one of the main ways that we become toxic is just breathing in air pollution, correct?   Ian Clark That’s correct, and we think we’re breathing clear air, but you and I can’t see anything in the air in front of us in the room we’re in because our naked eye can only see things above microscopic. If we shine a laser light here in the room, we would see millions of little particles in that light beam, no matter where we shine it. But that’s visible. However, what’s invisible are microparticles, nanoparticles, and pico particles, which go a thousand times smaller with each term. And the smaller the particles, the more volume there is. It turns out that in every liter of air we breathe, there are quadrillions of little nano razor blades made of rubber dust from tires wearing out, which contain plastics, resins, epoxies, metals, chemicals, cotton, whatever they make tires from, and there are 10 billion pounds per year of this nanoparticle rubber dust released into the atmosphere a mile and a half above every road because there’s no rubber on the road. So, this is just one of a thousand different things that are released into our atmosphere that we can’t see, smell, taste, or sense. But it accumulates as we age. So, that’s what’s actually killing everyone. So, no matter how health-conscious a person is, if they do not know how to deal with particulate matter, it will kill them pretty much on time. Because, if you look at the mainstream and the health-conscious people, they definitely have a better quality of life. They only live three to 5 percent longer. When somebody is 80, just think of our mental thinking, “Oh, you’re 80, you’re old.” No, you’re only old if you haven’t dealt with the stuff that’s aging you. We should literally live for hundreds of years. We should, but we don’t. But now we’re learning, so this journey brought me to very high levels of finally simplifying everything down to what are the biggest problems that we have, and what we’re breathing is the biggest. 11,000 liters a day is how much you breathe every single day. We pump 2,000 gallons of blood per day, so our blood is distributing all these nanoparticles into our system at the same time as it’s bringing oxygen and nutrients to our cells. Blood is also designed to carry it out, so we have to clean our blood. Now, there are ways to clean blood that are very efficient. There are ways to clean blood that are not so efficient, but we do know that we have to have a clean bloodstream, and that’s what we’re going to look at today. And talk about that. How do we get things into our bloodstream that get distributed widely every single second of every day throughout our system so that it can then go in and deal with it, support us, we need the support, because our bodies get overwhelmed, and you see the older a person gets, the stiffer they become, they get hardened arteries, they get brain function that messes up, Alzheimer’s, dementia, all of these things that were well aware of that terminate someone’s life. And what you’re all about is longevity, without any limit. I’m all about longevity without any limit, but who wants to stay alive a long time if you’re not having a very high-quality experience every day? You want to feel great, you want to be totally functional, you want your brain function getting better and better as you age, not worse and worse.    So the paradigm shifts when we get better every day; our KPI, our key performance indicators, are that today is a higher quality day than yesterday. And if you’re doing that and you find out what the keys are to increase your quality of life as you get older, you’ve tapped in. It takes you from the death culture into the living culture. It takes you from the paradigm of thinking, “Oh, the bottom is going to start falling out when I’m in my seventies and when I’m in my eighties, it’s really going to fall out,” to “No, when I’m in my seventies, I’m going to be way better than I am right now. I’m 65 years old. We’re just getting started now that we have this knowledge.” And it has to be simple because if you have to eat glop all day and take a hundred pills and do all these things just to stay young, it doesn’t work. Nobody can afford that stuff. It has to be so simple that when you invest the money in the right place, it drops your other expenses down so far that it becomes like it’s free. That’s really how it is. And so, it’s so exciting today to talk about one of the elements that we consume on a daily basis, and we can consume sprints at larger amounts to get rid of the cumulative effects in our body. So we get it down to a manageable amount so that what you’re breathing in today is only going to be dealt with that day and it’s going to be gone, rather than having 65 years of buildup. That’s a long time to be breathing 11,000 liters a day. You do the math on that. 65 x 365 x 11,000. That’s how many liters of air I’ve breathed so far. And only in the last 20 years have I found out how to deal with these things. And only in the last five years did I find the actual truth. Because today, we’re going to talk about this product called Solaris, right?    Dr. Wendy Myers   Yeah. I love this stuff. Solaris is something you introduced me to at least five years ago.    Ian Clark It was seven years ago.    Dr. Wendy Myers   Oh, wow. Yeah. And I’ve been taking this on a regular basis. I have a number of different uses for it, but one of them is detoxification. I also use it anytime I have a bug bite or a rash on my skin; it works amazingly. When nothing else works, I try different things for myself and family members. And I also put it on my face because it kills all the bacteria and just gets rid of all the stuff that’s clogging your pores and gives you a really beautiful complexion as well. But let’s talk about  how this removes particulate matter.  Ian Clark This product is one of these crazy products because people would always find out different things. They’d be trying to sell me, “Hey, you’ve got to check this out. You’ve got to promote this stuff.” I’m like, “Hold it. I don’t want more. I want less.” So Solaris, when it showed up, I got a call on LinkedIn. The guy left his number. He didn’t phone me but left his number on LinkedIn a couple of times. And usually, you delete things on LinkedIn because it’s people always trying to promote. And I was just about ready to delete it. And I thought, “I’m just going to make this call.” I literally called that number right there. It was a US number that went down into South America, forwarded to South America. A gentleman picked up the phone, and I said, “Hi, you’ve been leaving your number on LinkedIn. I just thought, okay, I better call you because it did sound interesting.” And when he told me all the things that this Solaris would do, it wasn’t called Solaris at the time because it was not widely available. It seemed too good to be true, but I thought if it’s even half as good as what this guy is telling me, okay, I’m interested. I’ll definitely buy some. So I got a hold of the gentleman. He put me in touch, I got some, and that’s when I started telling you about it. But you remember how difficult it was? It was impossible to get this stuff. Like, we could get a little bit, and then we couldn’t get it, and it’s driving me nuts, and I wanted to find out if it actually performed before I would tell people about it. You were one of the most important people to tell about this because you were excited about it, you tried it, you found that it did all these things. And then I did other testing on it and found out it did the whole list of things. When you’re going to tell someone about a product, if you just say, “Oh, it does everything,” it just turns people off. So, what I started to do is just get down to the definitive things, and what you’d mentioned, the particulate matter, it is the biggest support that we can do from a supplemental standpoint because what it does, it dissolves impurities that are in your system into an inert state. A lot of times, people will do a heavy metal detox and then they’ll get really sick because it’ll pull it out of the gut or it’ll pull it out of here and then it will dump it in their brain, or if they have a leaky gut. What I saw this do is go in and convert the heavy metals that were poisoning the body into inert matter, and you just get rid of them and you never got sick from it. That’s really cool. Okay, so let’s focus on that because the heavy metals are what’s coming in through what you’re breathing. When I talked about the rubber dust and then you got brake dust. What are brakes made of? Ouch. What about the cremated bodies? They’re cremating 80% of human bodies today into the neighborhoods of North America. They never used to cremate bodies; they used to bury them, and burying them is bad enough. All the formaldehyde and the preservatives in the body going into water tables, that’s nasty. What they’re supposed to do is compost bodies, but they’ve only passed that in two states, Oregon and Colorado, to make that so that we don’t get poisoned by our own bodies that are dying around us and off-gassing through these crematoriums, which are just horrific. If you go on Google Maps and you type crematorium or funeral home, look where they are; they’re in neighborhoods. Mexico, Canada, US, all the same, especially the United States and Canada. So, this particulate matter, we can’t stop breathing. There’s no filter you can put on your face to stop it from coming in. There’s no filter strong enough in your home. And besides, you have to go out all the time anyway. So, the last thing I want to do is be all paranoid about breathing. I want to know that we’ve dealt with this problem, that we’re cleaning our blood. So, our blood carries so much in and carries so much out. It also distributes these important nutrients that are coming from Solaris, for example, which is a total plant extract of clove, rosemary, and thyme. This isn’t super concentrated, and you know how concentrated this stuff is, like one drop on your tongue, you’re going to notice that one. And when you put it in water, it immediately goes to work. When you put it in a little spray bottle and spray your skin in diluted fashion, what wonderful things it does for your skin. And the one thing that I really doubted, and I didn’t want to doubt it, but I just wanted to be healthfully skeptical. I was told that if you put this on a melanoma, that after two weeks of putting the full concentration, not diluted, on a melanoma, that it blows it up, becomes all nasty. And then it dries up and you peel it off without scarring. And I was like, yeah, okay. I don’t know. You can’t go and advertise that. You can’t make these claims. It’s a medical claim. I was just told that it did that. So I wanted to observe. Where I found out that it did work was a woman who didn’t even tell me she had the problem. She was the wife of a friend of mine who I was just telling about Solaris back in 2017. And I mentioned the melanoma thing. She never said anything. I didn’t know she had eight sites in her body that had melanoma. After two years, remember, we were having trouble getting this stuff because I wasn’t into manufacturing yet. Then we would run out, and she would run out, and I was directing her where to get it. She couldn’t get it and was freaking out. She phoned me up and said, “Ian, okay, I’m going to have to tell you. I don’t want to tell; don’t tell people this.” That’s why I would never mention her name. She said, “I’ve been putting it on my skin for the last few years, and I’ve got rid of eight melanoma sites, and for some reason, they keep popping up.” I asked if she was taking it internally. She said, “No, I’ve just been putting it on.” I told her, “No, you have to take it internally too, because it goes in and gets rid of those fungal infections that manifest on the skin and gets rid of the heavy metals, the interrupters, those bacterial overgrowths, the yeast overgrowths, and the chemical overloads we’re loaded with chemicals that have come in, maybe through our food or what we drank or whatever, who knows, we’re getting it from so many areas.” I said, “Just take it internally.” And I’ve never heard from her again.   Dr. Wendy Myers   It’s interesting when I first started taking it, I started having a lot of yeasty-smelling gas, and I just had this massive die-off of Candida that smelled very yeasty and bready. It’s gross to say that, but you can tell immediately that it’s working, that it’s doing something because that’s usually the sign that many people have when they first start taking it internally.   Ian Clark For sure. And it’s so relieving. People notice it immediately, especially spraying it on the skin. Another thing that was so cool is if you take it and just put a couple of drops in 10 milliliters of distilled water in a little dropper bottle, and you put five drops in your eye each day, people have come back and told us that it got rid of their cataracts. I’m like, okay, we can’t publish that. I can talk about it. I can say, yeah, that actually happens. And some now, not one of our clients, but there was a woman way back at the beginning of the testing who, I don’t know why, put it straight into her eyes. Then it made her eyes completely blurry for the whole day.  So when she found out it could do no harm, she continued to put it in her eyes for four days. But you can’t see for those days because it numbs you, right? On the morning of the fifth day, when she woke up and was washing her face, it was like cellophane that came off her eyes in the sink. That was her cataracts; it was gone that fast. I don’t recommend that, but these are just my personal experiences with people. Because we sell directly to consumers, we hear feedback from our clients, and Solaris is one of the top-level products that gets back to us with glowing results and reports.   It’s been exciting for us. We have recently finally figured out how to get it into the right package. So that little bottle you have, that’s the new package. It’s super convenient because the original one had the dropper in it, and you had to unscrew it, take the dropper out, and administer it. This way, you just take the top off and squeeze the bottle. And that one’s much more affordable as well. It’s a super affordable product and goes a long way.   Dr. Wendy Myers   It does go a long way. When I use it on my face, I put it in a mini foaming bottle. I just put maybe one dropper full in a couple ounces of water, three ounces of water, and it goes a long way on your face to do whatever magic you want on your skin.    Ian Clark I learned a hard lesson with the skincare side of it. I did not know this company was going to use a gel, like an ultrasound gel, with very expensive medical-grade metal heads for ultrasound treatment on the skin. They kept putting it in the gel, which they never told me they were going to do. It was their experiment. After one month, it ate the face off of the $15,000 metal head. They were saying, “You’ve got to buy a new head for us.” I said, “You can’t have that exposing at all to metal because it dissolves metal into this inert material.” It wrecked the head. Who would have thought like clove, rosemary, and thyme could take the metal off an expensive head worth $15,000?    Dr. Wendy Myers   Tell us about what’s in it exactly because it’s not essential oils; it does contain that, but what exactly is it? And what makes this formulation different and so effective?     Ian Clark It’s the way it’s extracted from the entire plant. Essential oils are distilled extracts, which is a totally different thing. They don’t emulsify into water. You take any essential oil from clove, rosemary, and thyme, it’ll float at the top. It’s harsh on your system. When you take the essence of all the medicinal ingredients from the entire plant of clove, rosemary, and thyme, the way it’s extracted makes it completely water-soluble. It disappears in the water without needing to stir. The form it is in is proprietary. It goes in and washes your body clean of all this stuff. So, not only are you going to notice an uptick in energy, because your body’s energy that it takes to deal with all this garbage that’s in it, that would otherwise have to do, is bypassed. Because this goes in and does the work for you. And it will just methodically slowly go through your body. Now, if somebody’s very ill or something, they take more than normal; like, the normal maintenance is just 10 drops in eight ounces of water. And that keeps the stuff going out as it’s coming in. Now, the one thing, by the way, you don’t take Solaris with other supplements. Break it up by 20 minutes to 30 minutes. I prefer 30 minutes, but I think 20 minutes has pretty much gone into your system. So, I give an extra 10-minute cushion. So, if you take it, it is nice to have an empty stomach because it doesn’t upset you. Now, if someone’s not well, they can do that up to five times a day, 10 drops five times a day, 50 drops a day. And they would do that for 90 days. Like, if they were really heavy metal poisoned, with significant gut problems, yeast overgrowth, bacterial infections, whatever. And they would just go in, they start to go, and also for fun because this was originally designed for external fungal removal, mold, right? Because fungus has mold, that get into the mold remediation thing.   Dr. Wendy Myers   So important because so many people are dealing with mold, and their body can’t handle it; their immune system is like overreacting to it. Everyone has some form of fungus, parasites, and things like that. And the protocols are just like all the different pills you have to take and all that, it’s just kind of a big pain. And there are also so many different protocols for so many different things that you can just completely eliminate just with this one thing. And for me, whenever I have a cold, I start to feel like I get any kind of cold, just the inkling of it. I take this; it knocks it out, I mean, every single time. And if you kind of wait too long, the cold may already have taken hold, and you might have to see it through. But this will definitely shorten the length of that. But then the minute I feel something weird or my daughter has something, I just kind of head it off at the pass and get rid of it. And Solaris has been amazing; I swear I think I’ve only gotten like, had one cold in the last seven years. That’s how effective this is. It just couldn’t be thought of like that one cold that I had. But definitely, when I started taking this huge Candida die-off that I had been battling with my whole life in one form or another because I used to eat a lot of sugar. But yeah, You need to prepare for a couple of weeks, I think, of that, that smelling gas but you know that it’s working, you know it’s getting out of your body. I definitely do not have that side effect any longer because I take this on a regular basis, but you know instantly that it’s working because of that. Just that initial side effect.   Ian Clark And even for a sore throat because a lot of people get some tonsillitis stuff going on, or they get those little cheesy things that come out of their tonsils if they’re on a bad diet. What they do with that, they put just a small amount of water, like half an ounce, and drop like 20 drops in there and then gargle it, and that will very quickly relieve that sensation, that burning throat, that sore throat thing. Also, for dental, it is amazing for like if somebody is getting an abscess too, so they have a cavity or something, they drop it straight in. They can literally take that thing and put it right in there. Just drop it in, and it alleviates the pain really quickly. And even for teething babies, just the tiniest little bit, just don’t drop it in their mouth, obviously. But you would put it on your finger and just rub it on the gums, and it alleviates that.   Dr. Wendy Myers   Yeah, It works to be amazing for any kind of oral infection or bad breath or anything like that. Just knock it out. And that, you know, because it has the clove, and it does make your throat a little bit numb, which takes a minute to get used to that. I don’t mind it now because that clove is really healing. But for me, if people find it irritating, you just drink some warm liquid after you take it to kind of rinse that out.   Ian Clark Yeah, when I first received the bottles, the original samples, I didn’t read the bottle properly. It said to put two or three drops into a glass of water and drink it, or if you want two or three drops under the tongue. I had read that. Dummy me, I just took it, I was excited because I was at a hotel that we were just checking out and had some business meetings. And there were a couple of other gentlemen who were also checking out the rooms who were there. This is in Northern California. And so the box had came to the hotel. So I was excited to open up the box, and I took a bottle out, and I was standing beside one of the guys at the business meeting, his name is David. And so I just opened it up like this, I scored one drop per fall, which is 42 drops, in my mouth like this. And then I did the same for him. I didn’t know; I didn’t get the sensation yet, right. He’s standing there talking to the hotel clerk. And then I realized I’d made a mistake because suddenly my whole mouth started going numb, and it was not comfortable. So I went and grabbed a bottle of water that I had from the hotel, I opened it up, and I tried to wash it down. Now that was my second mistake, because it had already frozen my epiglottis, which was not closing on my trachea. So the water went straight down into my lungs. So I coughed and hacked this stuff up for like 30 seconds, I got the water out of my lungs. But I’d already frozen; even my vocal cords got frozen. And my voice got very constricted. And I looked over at David, and I saw him reaching for a bottle of water. So I went straight to him. I said, “Don’t drink the water,” right, “because you’re gonna choke.” He looked at me like that. And he finished talking to the porter, I could see he was not happy with the sensation he was getting. And then we went out, the car was out front. So we went and got into the car. And he was sitting in the passenger seat. And I was, I didn’t know him that well at that point. Right. I’d only met him a couple of days before that. And I looked at him. I said, “How are you feeling?” He goes, “Oh, what was that stuff?” And I said, “Well, that’s that new product I told you I was waiting for.” And I said, “Are you okay?” He goes, “Does it get rid of headaches?” I said, “I have no idea.” Like, “I’m not happy, right?” Because my, like, I’m talking  like this by then. And I said, “I don’t know.” He goes, “Well, I didn’t want to be a wimp and complain to you guys. But for the last two days, I’ve had like almost migraine-level headaches, like literally pounding headaches, and it’s been really bad.” And he said, “Like, right after you put it in, like within like a minute, my headache went away.” I have no idea why it does that. interesting. I think maybe it was this sensation that was drawing attention to whatever that was, but it literally got rid of his headache. And I said, “Are you sure your headache’s gone?” And he shook his head like that. And he goes, “No, it’s definitely gone.” So I don’t know, I haven’t actually tested that again. But who was me, I had about six hours of just really uncomfortable in my throat, probably because I put the water into my trachea, which he didn’t. So it was more like absorbed into the mouth and throat rather than washing it down. And it was about six hours of just really uncomfortableness. And then that all went away. But about two days later, my voice cracked. And all this stuff came off my vocal cords, off my trachea. And I spit out a whole bunch of this stuff. And my voice went super deep and silky smooth and resonant. I was like, “Wow, I got a new voice.” That was after two days. So I don’t know if you can drive. But just be careful. If you do that, don’t drink water after it. And so the other thing is, when you are dosing it, like say if somebody is really sick, and I’ve done this to see if it worked, 50 drops into one ounce of water. And then I have a glass of water right beside it. So you shoot it back and immediately wash it down with clear water, and you get no sensation at all. You don’t get any numbness, nothing at all, but you get a good dose. So that’s one thing that people can do to alleviate any symptoms from the discomfort of the stuff being numb.   Dr. Wendy Myers   You had talked about calcification of your tissues, and a lot of people are going to be coming kind of hardened. And we see that in people getting older; their soft tissues become hardened. And there’s lots of different materials that can do that, including calcium. Calcium is not bad; it’s just the wrong form of calcium is bad. I think a lot of heavy metals like cadmium also will harden your tissues as well. Can you talk about how Solaris can help with stiffening that can happen with people?   Ian Clark Right. Well, the main place that I think, you know, people should focus on as far as the hardening of the arteries, the stiffening of the arteries, and also the plugging up of the arteries, which can give a heart attack or a stroke. And what we found out was that the inside of the aorta are the larger blood vessels. If you have a bank Through overgrowth inside your cardiovascular vascular system, it makes the inside of the arteries rough, sort of a roughness that happens. So people have some small size LDL or different things that can potentially eventually block off their arteries over time, or have a slug of small LDL that can give an immediate heart attack, which is one of the biggest killers out there. It takes because the slayer is dealing with that bacterial growth to the bloodstream. It just smooths it out and gets rid of that bacterial overgrowth, then the interior of the arteries are smooth, and they will not pick up, they won’t be rushed to grab all that stuff. And people of course, shouldn’t be watching, but they’re eating anyway to make sure they don’t have these LDL problems. But that is a major help in that regard. And so people’s cardiovascular system will eventually go back to being supple using this kind of thing.   Dr. Wendy Myers   Great, right? And then can you talk a little bit, just anything else that comes to mind when it comes to using Solaris or any other stories that you’ve heard?   Ian Clark Well, this is not so much the story as it is a clinical trial. And in Kenya, one of the biggest killers is malaria. And this friend of mine who has a great passion for the malaria problems around the world in India, like out of a massive problem, too. We’ve never taken it India. Yeah. But at the end of 2019, it was arranged. It took a year to arrange this because you have to get a license, you have to get the doctors and you have to do a clinical study by proof, right. So you have to buy all the test kits for testing for malaria, which is either positive or negative. And we had four different trials. November, December were the first two and 2019 in January, February was the next two of 2020. And there were a total of 904 people. And they were all different ages and all different levels of malaria illness 45%, it was pretty much consistent on all four tests. And all I did, I didn’t set up the trials or anything like that, my friends said that all he paid for all that, all I did was send them 1000 bottles, and 45% of the people within 12 hours went from a positive malaria to a negative and then the next 50%. And the second dose of two drops goes from positive to negative. And then the last 5% was either one dose or three doses of the two drops four or five doses. So the worst case is only taking 10 drops over the course of that time, because every 12 hours, they would take it again if they got a positive test. Right. And that was pretty much standard. It wasn’t exact numbers each of the four times but it was close. And that was 100% Kill malaria, which got the attention of the Kenyan government. So then they’re like, “Okay, well, that’s interesting.” and it didn’t make anybody sick. Because there’s other things that people take for malaria that makes them very ill while they’re recovering, they, you know, they’re down, or they’re vomiting or something. And it just caught their attention. And we thought, “Oh, this is going to be really cool. Like, we’re going to, we’re gonna get some interest from the government level and can help the people in Kenya.” So they started asking all these questions, we had to show all of our certificates because we’re, Health Canada site license and USDA organic, and who are we and how long have we been around? And what have we got, and we were expecting very large orders, but those orders never came in to this day. We thought we would be able to help a lot of people, but for some reason, it just didn’t happen. After all that work. What it did is it showed me that there’s something very significant about the power of this even at the tiny dose. I was also told that it would get rid of dengue fever, but we’ve never done the test on that at a similar rate in a similar way.    Dr. Wendy Myers   I mean, I believe it just from what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, and I’ve just had so many anecdotes like family and friends and clients that use Solaris that just absolutely love it. And it’s just this is a phenomenal product that I use nearly every single day. For one reason or another. I definitely why you first introduced me to this in, I had a rash that I’d had for nine months. I was eating hydrocortisone cream, I was using essential oils, and I didn’t, I look back now I think it was a fungal infection but tea tree oil and manuka honey oil all kinds of stuff just was not working and it was gone within two days using Solaris so I had this same thing with another friend of mine, same day rash, nothing worked. Solaris got rid of it within a couple of days. And so it’s just there’s, I mean just hundreds of stories I can tell like that. But this is Sunday, this is my go-to, I can use anything. I’ve got all kinds of tools in my toolbox and not rife devices and just you know bioenergetics Access to really any supplement that I want. This is going to be my go-to, when it comes to any kind of infection or rash. I use it for detoxification, it’s just an all-around. Amazing, amazing product.   Ian Clark Right? Two of the things that it’s really effective in supporting the body to get rid of any kind of parasitical infections, parasites hate this stuff with a passion. And the other one is, we’ve seen a lot of people getting Lyme from these tick bites or wherever they’re getting it from. It’s not necessarily on the ticks. But it is great at bringing the symptoms of the Lyme down. And we haven’t done it again, we have not done a test on this to say, “Okay, we’ve done a clinical, it has not happened.” But we’ve gotten good feedback on people who had Lyme symptoms drop down, I would love to do the clinical on that, because we’re getting a rash of this stuff in Canada now. So the ticks with the Lyme infection that had been migrating up in ticks are so nasty, because I couldn’t understand like, how would I not notice a big tick eating away at me? Well, you can’t notice it. Because it’s so tiny, when it crawls up on your body and gets up to where it wants to go. When it borrows in, then it becomes big from eating you. And if you don’t get it out properly, or are able to get you infected from that bite, it’s a problem. You know, people get the spin-off pretty quick if they have a real Lyme infection. So anything to do with Lyme, the sooner you get anything like that dose, this stuff.   Dr. Wendy Myers I got a tick on myself, too, I was in Texas, and I thought it was a mole because it was near a mole that I thought was kind of a large mole that I have on my stomach. And I literally thought that this tick was a mole. And I just looked at it for like, a few days, and then I just realized there was something off about it. But I was like, “Oh my god, that is a tick that and then it had been there for days, you know, and they, you know, transfer whatever, whatever potentially had in it from blood from other people or animals, it’s, it’s really, you know, not a good thing to discover a tick on you.    Ian Clark For pets, pets get ticks often. And so one of the things in even pets is getting sick. One of the cool things with pets is this one, they won’t drink the water, like you put it in, they’re like, “Ooh, I’m not very good at water.” So because it’s so concentrated, you don’t, don’t squirt it down their throat, you just open the mouth up and just gently put a couple of drops on their tongue, it’ll go right into their tongue right into their bloodstream. So you know, you can put it under their tongue as well. But most of the time I’m with you, they will lift or downgrade. But just right on the tongue. It is a wonderful pet product, just to keep your pets healthy and happy. And keep those pets exposed to all the things we are.   Dr. Wendy Myers   Yeah, and they’re full of parasites. And you know, I think a lot of the antiparasitic agents and the flea collars and all this stuff that people do with their conventional veterinarian is very, very toxic for them. And there’s much better solutions for pets. I think Solaris is a great alternative.   Ian Clark They’re one of the things that we didn’t notice also, and I haven’t done a clinical audit, but we noticed that definite upgrade for people who have ever had injections that they had a reaction from because a lot of people who have had injections, they didn’t get the reaction. But the ones who did get the reaction, and they felt bad. Solaris has helped to relieve those symptoms. And I think it has to do with this whole, like the tech that the technology that they’re putting into people’s bodies have metals and and there may be intelligent technologies, I don’t quite know. But Solaris going in goes right after that stuff. So if people have made the mistake of getting an injection is definitely a support to help to wash that garbage out of the system. But they do have to dose it in a 90-day sprint that they’re going to do at around 50 drops a day. And I’ve had lots of reports back from people who said they immediately started to feel better. They didn’t have to wait, like pronto   Dr. Wendy Myers   Yeah. And I think you can tell like when you first start taking this, you can tell that it’s working. Absolutely. There’s no doubt. And so and that’s why people try to continue to take it because they know that it works on a multitude of levels. So Ian, thanks so much for joining us today. Why is there anything else that you want to tell people or any parting words about Solaris?   Ian Clark I think the only way that anyone actually knows anything works is that they take the product and the product teaches them what it does. I could only learn by taking Solaris and I could only learn from seeing what people did so it brought my enthusiasm up that’s why we worked very very hard to establish a good steady flow. It is abundantly available right now. We can have enough to make 400,000 bottles of that. And so we have people that are relief like okay, good testing is a tool I want in my little medicine. You know, the box here is real natural medicine.   Dr. Wendy Myers   I admit I’ve had fear about Solaris not being available. Like when you’re first you know just Governor, you know, he was developing it and, and there was like a shortage of it and they couldn’t, you know, there’s maybe you weren’t sure if you’re going to be able to get more, or whatever the issue was, I was definitely very concerned that I wasn’t gonna be able to get more of this. Because of how, just how effective it is for so many things. I was just thinking, what am I going to use to replace this, there’s many things that I use that aren’t as effective as Solaris, and a number of different categories.   Ian Clark Yeah, the abundant, abundant availability is, I’m so thankful and happy. But even 400,000 bottles is not much but we can produce that much in a month if we had to. We’re at that level now. Because when I find things that are must haves, it’s not like wanting to have what they have. These must have tools in your toolbox. And then you like to have one to have stuff and you got your luxury stuff. They’re all fine and dandy. But you’ve got to have the must haves. It doesn’t definitely fit a major category of must out.   Dr. Wendy Myers   Okay, fantastic. Well, Ian, tell us what your website is and, and where we can get some Solaris.   Ian Clark So the is activation products.com. And you should have a link that where people can get a special deal to you because people who follow you, we always make sure that they get the preferential treatment, because they’d like the early adopters and the first ones to hear about it. And if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, you definitely want to make sure you get the take advantage of pricing on this because it’s super affordable to start with. And we made sure is even more affordable.    Dr. Wendy Myers   and I think you can see a special down below if you buy multiple bottles, you get even better deal on it. That’s what I recommend. So Ian, thanks so much for joining us today. And really appreciate your time and everyone. Thanks for tuning in and listening.   Disclaimer   The Myers detox podcast is created and hosted by Wendy Myers. This podcast is for information purposes only statements and views expressed on this podcast are not medical advice. This podcast including Wendy Myers and the producers disclaim responsibility for any possible adverse effects from the use of information contained herein opinions of guests are their own, and this podcast does not endorse or accept responsibility for statements made by guests. This podcast does not make any representations or warranties about guests qualifications or credibility. 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