Travel and EMF Radiation: Do You Know Your Level of Exposure?

Every year our planes and trains become faster and more efficient, but what price are you paying for this convenience? As technology creates more “ease” in your travels, the silent side effect is an unprecedented amount of EMF exposure. 

In fact, federal authorities state that flight crews on airlines may be exposed to just as much radiation as someone working at a nuclear power plant. [4] That’s right; you read that correctly. Your pilot and flight attendants on your next flight may be exposing themselves to the same amount of radiation of nuclear power plant workers. 

So, what does this mean for you? 

In this article, you’ll learn:

  • What EMFs are 
  • How EMF radiation can damage your body on a cellular level
  • The impacts of EMF on your own energy field
  • Travel and EMF radiation – underling your EMF exposure
  • Why planes are one of the most concentrated sources of EMFs
  • How sitting on a train is like bathing in an EMF pool
  • Tips to combat EMF radiation when you travel

What Are EMFs?

EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) are everywhere in our environment and airspace. They’re emitted from sources like computers, cell phones, powerlines, WiFi, and home appliances. 

These electrical fields may be invisible to the eye, but they impact your body on an energetic and cellular level, potentially causing a wide range of harmful health conditions. 

To understand how EMFs impact human health, it’s first vital that you understand that your body is not just material but energetic and electric as well. Beneath the surface, your heart, brain, metabolism, and every other system in your body all work in concert with the electrical impulses and fields provided by charged ions in your body[1].

Furthermore, every person on this planet walks around with a field of energy surrounding their body known as the biofield. Your biofield interacts with your body and is considered a part of the human system. Although you cannot see your biofield, TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) doctors, Ayurvedic and other energy workers for thousands of years have been able to bring coherence to the fields of humans to bring more balance and health to their entire system[2].

Being both electric and energetic, EMFs can impact your body’s electric currents and cause imbalances in your biofield.  

This is why so many people are up in arms about the rollout of 5G, which is an incredibly strong source of EMF. 

Travel and EMF Radiation: How You’re Exposed

Traveling can offer a great escape from your day-to-day life, but depending on how you’re getting around, you may be putting yourself in harm’s way when it comes to EMF. 

As our systems of travel have become faster and more reliable, the amount of EMF required to keep things running smoothly has skyrocketed. This is especially true when it comes to traveling by plane or train. 

Plane Travel and EMFs

Air travel is by far the worst offender when it comes to EMFs and travel. 

Although hopping on a plane and traveling across the country in five hours is incredibly convenient, human bodies may not be made for such high speeds at such substantially high altitudes. 

When you travel on a plane, you’re basically stuck in a small space for several hours with several sources of EMF streaming through the airways. You have EMF coming from jet engines, electrical wiring on the plane, static electricity, in-flight WiFi, and computers. 

And although all of these sources of EMF are dangerous enough on their own, there’s another even more potentially harmful source of radiation when you fly — cosmic radiation. 

Cosmic radiation is rays of high-energy atomic particles that move through space at a rate close to the speed of light. These rays can come from our sun and outside our solar system from distant galaxies. 

The atmosphere on earth protects humans on the ground from cosmic radiation. However, at higher altitudes, the air is thinner, and the atmosphere’s defenses aren’t as strong. The danger is that cosmic radiation is ionizing — which means that it can remove electrons from atoms, knocking these charged particles off their axis and potentially causing chemical changes on a cellular and tissue level in your body[3].

The danger of cosmic radiation is well-understood by authorities in the airspace world, even though we hardly ever hear about it as passengers. 

In fact, airline flight crew are currently classified as radiation workers in the United States. This is a federal designation that means these individuals are consistently exposed to radiation. Even more startling, flight crews on high-altitude routes are exposed to more radiation annually than nuclear plant workers[4]. 

Research shows that airline workers with long-term flying experience may be exposed to ionizing radiation levels that damage their DNA. Specifically, one study found that this level of exposure resulted in the rearrangement of chromosomes in the DNA of pilots[5]. 

While this research wasn’t carried out on the average traveler, it’s alarming enough to take note and question what’s happening to your body at a cellular level as you fly through the air. 

Train Travel and EMF

Although traveling by train will keep you on ground level, safe from cosmic radiation, trains come with another set of concerns regarding EMF.

With the advent of electric trains, we’ve been able to move away from using energy sources like diesel. While this may benefit our environment and help us get places faster, the replacement for fuel is electrical energy that produces electromagnetic fields. 

Specifically, the third rail and the overhead rail lines provide power for electric trains to keep things moving fast without the need to re-fuel. The train transformers transfer the current of electricity from these lines to the motors of the trains — creating a current, or loop, or EMF in the train. This produces a tremendous amount of EMF. 

In other words, when you sit in an electric train, you’re basically bathing in a consistent pool of EMF coming from high-frequency electric fields, low-frequency magnetic fields, and high-frequency electromagnetic emissions[6][7].

Electric Cars and EMF

Electric cars are increasing in popularity as these vehicles offer a way to decrease our carbon footprint and lighten the toxic load of pollutants on the environment. 

Unfortunately, another risk comes along with a car that’s fueled primarily on electricity — EMFs. 

Although the research is still inconclusive as to how the EMF in cars impacts the drivers health, there is concern around the neurological implications of driving in a car where you’re surrounded with these frequencies every day[8][9]. 

Furthermore, the majority of the studies that have been conducted are financed by the car companies themselves, creating an obvious conflict of interest[10].Beyond electric and hybrid cars, however, sources of EMF in your vehicle like navigation systems, BlueTooth, and so on are also of concern. Research shows that modern cars with these new technologies may present a threat to your health due to the high levels of frequencies released from these devices and radiating into and around your car[11].

How To Combat EMF Exposure During Travel

At this point, you may be wondering if there’s any safe way to travel. Unfortunately, if you want to get anywhere fast, you’re going to be subjected to EMF exposure. 

Is the answer to just stop traveling altogether? Not necessarily. 

While there’s little we can do about the EMF radiation in our environment, there is something you can do to help protect your biofield and electrical currents that run through your body. 

The Harmoni Pendant offers a unique, practical, and simple way to combat the effects of EMF wherever you are. As someone who is passionate about health and detoxification, I’ve created a home environment that I feel pretty safe in regarding EMF exposure. With that being said, the moment I step outside my door, I know that all bets are off. 

I wear the Harmoni Pendant every day to give my physical and energetic body that edge it needs to maintain balance in a world that’s flooded with radiation. 

How does it work?

The Harmoni Pendant is scientifically designed with sacred geometry and the understanding of electromagnetic fields to combat the harmful effects of EMF and give your body the resources it needs to maintain balance. 

In a clinical trial, participants exposed to EMF wearing the Harmoni Pendant showed a decline in their stress index by 48%, while the regulation of their autonomic nervous system shot up by an astounding 310%. This means that their bodies were more resilient to stress during exposure to EMF. So while the Harmoni Pendant is not 100% protection, it does protect from some of the stressful effects of EMF. 

This means that while you’re sitting on that plane with EMFs coming at you from all directions, you can have some peace of mind that your Harmoni Pendant is working with your biofield to promote balance and combat the potentially dangerous effects of this radiation. 


As the world opens up more and we’re able to get back to regular travel, it’s crucial that you keep your physical health in mind. EMFs are a silent stressor that will slowly wear away at your cellular health if you’re not proactive in protecting yourself from overexposure.

Wearing the Harmoni Pendant, you can travel with more peace of mind, knowing that you’re taking steps to counter the growing levels of EMF radiation in the environment.

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