Wendy is a guest on the Optimal Health Show with Ameer Rosic

Listen to Wendy on the Optimal Health Show Podcast with Ameer Rosic. Ameer and I discuss how potatoes are a superfood and why you should include them in your diet.

It may be the scourge of low-carb dieters, but the humble spud may hold the key towards Optimal performance. According to scientists. A new study has found that eating a portion of potato twice a day can lower blood pressure.

And the best part is… your daily potato intake won’t make you put on weight if you are active!

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Ameer-Podcast-website-_zps7889a00dAre Potatoes a Superfood for optimal health?
  • What about the Glycemic index?
  • Which Potato is the most nutrient dense.
  • Best way to cook Potatoes?
  • Resistant starch your BEST prebiotic
  • Should you eat the skin of the Potato?
  • How many Potatoes should you eat?
  • Carb back-loading with Potatoes
  • Do you think Athletes need Carbs?
  • What is the Best rice to eat?

Listen to the show!

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