#107 Finding Epstein Barr and other Infections in Hair Mineral Analysis with Gary Moller

Gary Moller teaches us how he uses hair mineral analysis to detect an array of viruses in the body on the podcast this week. Gary is an expert in hair mineral analysis and the Epstein-Barr virus.  

Gary also focuses on what to do after we detect these viruses in a hair mineral analysis and how you can strengthen your body so you can reduce your vulnerability to the virus and its side effects.


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About Gary Moller

Gary Moller is an expert in Hair mineral analysis. He is regarded as unique in the way he uses this -5196assessment tool with elite athletes, the injured, children, the elderly, infertility and to pinpoint infections. He is an expert in adrenal fatigue, especially as it relates to athletes. Gary has more than 30 years of full-time hands on experience working within hospital and rehabilitation services; and as a professional advisor to coaches and athletes about injury management and high performance conditioning.

He has numerous certifications and degrees in sports medicine, HTMA, adrenal fatigue, and nutrition. He is about to pursue a doctorate using HTMA to detect viruses like Epstein Barr.

Gary is an accomplished endurance athlete, with a competitive career spanning  40+ years. Teaming up with his two brothers, Gordon and Bruce, they dominate the Australasian 40+ multisports racing scene. Now 61 years of age, Gary is unbeaten in the 60+ age group.  He is also the top three or four 50+ age group mountain bike racers in New Zealand and he is yet to be beaten in the 40 years and upwards classes in Australia. His goal is to win the world mountain bike champs next year and prove he is the fittest over 60 in the world.  His use of Nutritional balancing with HTMA is the key.

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