#114 Feed Your Brain with the Right Thoughts with Mark Laisure

Mark Laisure is here to tell you how to feed your brain and body with positivity! It’s time to rid your life of all those negative thoughts and negative people that hold you back and prevent you from reaching your goals!  A lot of the time we hold on to these negative things in our lives but we have to learn to let them go. That is the only way for us to achieve our full potential and be our best selves.


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About Mark Laisure

Mark Laisure is the executive producer / co-founder / co-host of The Life Changes Show. His Specialties: Intuitive Strategic Guidance, NLP Practitioner Certification, Hypnotherapy Certification, and a Time Line Therapy® Certification. Mark is a venture strategist, inventor and award winning entrepreneur. He has won an Emmy award, R&D 100, NAB Award, and Business Week Product of the Week.

His primary focus has been on disruptive technologies, sustainable business solutions, conscious media and transformational events. Mark has been a guiding force behind several start-ups, takeovers, and turn-arounds most notably, Inktomi corporation (acquired by Yahoo!), Teranex (video processing), Mesh Networks (acquired by Motorola). Mark has also devoted considerable effort towards a greater understanding of the psychology of transformation and global awareness of consciousness and healing. He has a general interest in promoting unity and new and cutting edge innovations, systems and culturally viable solutions which advocate a harmonious integrated lifestyle for all at home here on planet earth.


lifechanges_logo_FINAL_128x191_stackedChange happens, and lately, lots of it, and much more is coming. Love it or hate it, our current living generations have experienced more change in their lifetime, then arguably, the whole of civilization in recorded history.  The increasing number of suicides, prisoners, wars, anti-depression drugs, illnesses, obesity, etc., prove that people are having a hard time with it.

When it comes to changes, LIFEChanges is setting new trends and ushering in a new paradigm, with experts who have either changed their lives, changed the lives of others or are changing the world in their own little or big way.  From activistic celebrities to ordinary people who have achieved extraordinary things; from spiritual leaders, futurists, ufologists, conspiracy theorists, to book smart, degreed and/or doctored scientists, physicians and scholars, hear what they have to say and be part of a conversation that matters on our way to being cool with change. Listen here when I was a guest on the show.

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