#133 Next Generation Air Purifiers and Why You Need One with Debra Lynn Dadd

Debra Lynn Dadd is an expert on one of my favorite topics: toxins! It’s so important to remove harmful toxins from your home and Debra is going to tell us how to do that with the next generation of air purifiers!


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About Debra Lynn Dadd

Debra Lynn Dadd wrote the first published book on toxic chemicals in consumer products way back in 1984, and her updated books have been continuously in print since. She became interested in the subject after learning that exposure to toxic chemicals in her own home were causing a variety of health problems. She restored her health by identifying the toxic chemicals in her home and removing them. After seeing the harm toxic chemicals can cause and that safe alternatives do exist, Debra made it her life’s work to educate consumers on how to make safer choices so everyone can be healthy and happy. Today Debra has the most extensive website in the world about how to live toxic free and continues to expand her work into new areas. She’s got a directory of hundreds of website where you can buy toxic free products, a food blog, and information on how to remove toxic chemicals from your body. Debra is the host of Toxic Free Talk Radio and you can even call her directly for a personal consultation. Visit Debra’s website at www.toxicfree123.com.


Screen shot 2014-08-25 at 12.57.59 AMToxic Free-How to Protect Your Health and Home from the Chemicals That Are Making You Sick. Exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products underlies virtually every symptom and illness. Toxic chemicals are now so common in our world that reducing toxic chemicals in your home and your body is now necessary for good health. Easy to read and filled with practical tips, Toxic Free tells how to both reduce the amount of toxic chemicals you are exposed to and increase your body’s ability to process and remove the toxic chemicals already stored within it.

Debra’s Favorite Air Purifiers

You can check out some of Debra’s favorite air filters and air purifiers here. You can also find some exclusive discount codes on her website! She also helps you to decide which  air filter is best for you in an easy-to-read comparison chart.


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