#138 Causes of Chronic Fatigue with Dr. Tim Jackson

Dr. Tim Jackson is an excellent physical therapist with a huge interest in functional medicine. He healed his own body using functional medicine and has great tips on how this can help you rid yourself of chronic fatigue by treating the underlying causes.


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So many people are suffering from chronic fatigue and they are not addressing the true causes of their illness. Dr. Tim Jackson has the answers you’ve been searching for! I’ll give you a hint: detoxification!

About Dr. Tim Jackson

Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT received his undergraduate degree in Health Science and Chemistry from Wake Forest University in 2003. He completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the Medical University of SC in 2009. Realizing that manual therapy and orthopedic care helped only some of his patients, he began studying functional and environmental medicine, as well as digestive health, in an effort to help others achieve wellness.

Dr. Tim is educated in nutritional biochemistry, digestive health and its systemic effects, as well as functional endocrinology. He recently completed the Spine portion of the Active Release Technique methodology, a system that addresses musculoskeletal trigger points and helps to expedite the healing process.

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