#140 Resolve Spousal Disputes about Your Child’s Healthcare with Nikki Jencen

Nikki Jencen and I had a similar struggle. We both had similar issues with our spouses over what was best for our children and their health. She’s here to talk about how you can get on the same page as your spouse regarding your child’s healthcare!


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About Nikki Jencen

Nikki is a tele-summit host, founder of Women’s Wellness Academy and Weight Loss to Wellness and Wheat Free Adventure programs. She is also a gluten-free paleo chef who specializes in helping clients with gluten free living and weight loss. Nikki carries degrees in sociology, social sciences, broadcasting and is certified in nutrition and the culinary arts. Nikki is passionate about inspiring women to live their best life, and helping co-create a healthy future for our world. When she isn’t working, she is off enjoying life in sunny San Diego with her husband and two kids. 

Women’s Wellness Academy

Nikki has spearheaded a virtual learning academy, the Women’s Wellness Academy, that gives women the tools they need to live their best lives. She has developed this program to help women on the path to leading healthy natural lives. Women learn to cook healthily for themselves and their families, stop the cycles of sickness in their families, inspire others and ignite the truth. There are a range of different virtual classes each week covering yoga, nutrition, meditation, sex, and much more. Take a free class and become a student now!

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