#142 Are You Still Using Toxic Toothpaste? with Shannon Drake

Are you still using toxic toothpaste? Find out why you need to detox traditional oral care products and try Shannon Drake’s healthy recommendations instead.


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Many people don’t realize that the toothpaste they are using contains titanium (for whitening), sodium laurel sulfate, fluoride (known to cause cancer, demineralize bones and lower thyroid function), food colorings, and so many other toxins. You really want to think about detoxing every aspect of your personal care products, including your toothpaste and mouthwash.

About Shannon Drake

Shannon Drake is a serial entrepreneur, wellness alchemist, and spirit-realm trailblazer.

Deemed a “Cultural Revolutionary” by Dr. Christopher Ryan, she has created and launched over 30 consumer products in the personal care, nutrition, and medical marijuana industries.

When Shannon is not boldly balancing on the bleeding edge of human optimization, she can be found deepening her kundalini yoga practice, busting out some ecstatic dance moves, or inspiring those around her to live to their fullest in her home of Los Angeles, California.

Find her projects at Givemethedirt.com & Jambosuperfoods.com



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