#147 The Importance of Meditation with Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is the essence of bright, positive energy and she credits it to meditation. She truly has a wealth of knowledge and is here to discuss the many benefits of meditation.

As a meditation coach, Emily is committed to teaching her students how they can become self-sufficient meditators and truly benefit from their practice. You can improve your daily performance, mood, sleep and so much more with meditation. Listen in to find out about:

  • Benefits of meditation and how you can achieve them
  • How meditation improves SEX! What??!!
  • Common misconceptions about meditation
  • Styles of meditation
  • Her online program zivaMIND


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About Emily Fletcher

Emily Fletcher is the founder of Ziva Meditation and the creator of zivaMIND, the world’s first online meditation training. She’s a leading expert in the field who has helped thousands of people become self-sufficient meditators.

Emily discovered this practice during her 10 year career on Broadway which included roles in “Chicago”, “The Producers” and “A Chorus Line”. She experienced its immense physical and mental benefits during a high stress time in her career. Transformed by her practice, she traveled to Rishikesh, India to begin her years of training to become a teacher.

With her high-performance background and intensive meditation training, Emily helps successful individuals integrate meditation with their fast-paced, modern lives. Emily has spoken at Harvard Business School, Summit Series, Awesomeness Fest and The Omega Institute. Innovative companies like Google, Coca-Cola, Barclays Bank, Viacom, Relativity Media and sweetgreen have all invited her to up-level company performance through meditation.

About ZivaMIND

ZivaMIND is an in depth, yet easy to follow, online meditation training course. This is not another ‘challenge’. Over 8 days you’ll move through a carefully curated program that gives you a sustainable meditation practice that you’ll want to commit to.

ZivaMIND only takes 35 min a day for 8 days, 20 min in the morning and 10-15 min in the evening is recommended but feel free to do the program in your own time. This can be done anywhere in the world!

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried meditation before. Emily will be guiding you step by step and teaching you how to make it non negotiable. You’ll quickly learn that meditation can be effortless and enjoyable. It doesn’t require sitting in uncomfortable positions or becoming a vegetarian! After only 35 minutes a day learning new techniques you’ll quickly discover the game changing benefits of meditation.

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