#148 How to Break Negative Food Associations with Tyson James Lee

Tyson James Lee is renown for his Tyfit fat burning workouts.  In this podcast, he inspires you to break your negative food associations, reach your goal weight and develop a healthy relationship with food.

Tune in to learn about:

  • How food associations are created
  • How you can change or break your food associations
  • Tips to overcome bread and sugar addictions


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About Tyson James Lee

Tyson James Lee has been training clients for over 7 years and has his bachelor’s degree in sports medicine. On June 1st he launched his own company called TyFit. Tyson is now one of the highest paid online trainers in the world.

TyFit is a company built on delivering the truth to the world about nutrition and fitness.The goal is to have a direct impact on the obesity epidemic in America. TyFit teaches weight loss, muscle gain, injury recovery, anti-aging and ultimate human performance. Tyson spends countless hours researching and trying the most effective ways to achieve your ultimate body of health. Tyson’s clients lose an average of 30 lbs in 8 to 12 weeks.

Tyson has overcome several career and life threatening injuries from a Strep A blood infection that left him crippled to blowing out 3 discs in his back. Each time being forced to discover more effective ways to achieve peak performance without putting severe stress on the body. After each injury Tyson has come back bigger, stronger, and faster only gaining a wealth of knowledge in the process. It is fair to say that Tyson defied all odds to get where he is standing today.

Due to his passion for helping the world he has taken his life’s knowledge online in hopes to have a greater impact that stretches across the globe.

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