#154 Ozone Therapy 101 with Bill Quateman

Bill Quateman has the scoop on the best uses and benefits of ozone therapy. Learn how ozone is used to heal disease and how you can use it for anti-aging and to vastly improve health.

Bill has been using ozone therapy to benefit many of his clients. He has an abundance of knowledge in the field of functional medicine and has so much to share about ozone therapy. Tune in to hear:

  • The health conditions that ozone therapy can help
  • How ozone kills Lyme and other infections
  • Some forms of ozone therapy are more effective than others
  • Why ozone therapy isn’t used more widely
  • Why everyone should employ ozone therapy to improve health


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About Bill Quateman

Since 1978 as a passionate student, Bill has studied wholistic health and natural medicine, including a 32-year tutorial with wholistic professor of psychiatry at Northwestern University, Dr. Bruce Boyd. He has also worked with and learned from some of the most progressive and visionary medical doctors and integrated natural medicine physicians in the field, for more than 15 years.

Mr. Quateman consulted as Health Coach on the set of the acclaimed TV series, NYPD Blue.

Since 2000, Bill has been in business development in the field of orthomolecular treatment and mineral analysis testing. He has worked with some of the preeminent doctors and experts in the field of cellular nutrition including one of the founders of orthomolecular medicine, Dr. Abram Hoffer.

Advanced BioCell is a concierge regenerative wellness company that guides each person in a step by step strategy to create personalized cellular nutrition ‘environments’ in a toxic world. Mr. Quateman’s most comprehensive individualized program engages, guides, and educates clients with a gold standard customer service in the rapidly growing field of systems-based personalized cellular nutrition. The Advanced BioCell model now represents the leading edge program in the regenerative wellness industry.

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