#172 Best and Worst Fitness Supplements with Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown reveals the best and worst fitness supplements, including protein shake pitfalls. And we’ll talk about the best diet and supplements for fitness, fat burning, and muscle gain. 

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Best and worst Fitness supplements
  • Protein powders to avoid
  • How to choose a good protein powder
  • The ideal diet and best foods for fitness


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About Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown’s health and nutrition portfolio includes personal training celebrities and professional and Olympic athletes. He’s the founder of Fit 365 shakes; co-creator of Fierce, Sexy, Empowered Workshops; workshops for Fortune 500 companies; author in top ranking fitness magazines; and as a childhood obesity advocate. Kyle is the CEO and creator of Fit 365, an all- natural, complete, low calorie, delicious meal in a shake. And you can learn more about that at Fit365.com.

Fit 365 is now available in Whole Foods Market and other health food stores. Kyle is the host of the ESPN radio show, The Empower Hour with Kyle Brown. Kyle brings on celebrity guests and covers topics from fitness and nutrition secrets to mental toughness to longevity to childhood obesity, a big range of topics. Kyle is also the creator of Fierce, Sexy, Empowered. You can learn more about that at fiercesexyempowered.com. This is an incredible fat- burning system used by busy women to get in the best shape of their lives in just three short weeks.

Kyle’s holistic approach to health and fitness supports mind and body and must be given everything they require to maintain motivation and vitality. In his first book, entitled How Much Does a Zebra Weigh — I love that title — Kyle empowers you to build self-confidence through a sound mind and a healthy, strong body. Kyle partners with organizations including National Police Athletics/Activities League to join the fight against childhood obesity.

The Medicinal Supplements Summit

Did you know that of the 54,000 dietary supplement products sold today, only a third have some levelmss-ongoing of safety and effectiveness that is supported by scientific evidence? Many supplements, even organic
ones, are contaminated with toxic metals like lead, cadmium and arsenic. You could be taking supplements that are actually doing more harm than good!

That’s why I hosted the Medicinal Supplements SummitSeptember 12 – 19, 2016! And this talk with Kyle Brown was a part of it!

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