#195 What is Bioenergetics? with Debbie Ventura

Debbie Ventura talks to us this week about Bioenergetic Power and NES Health.  Curious about how they work and why we are raving about them? Then make sure to tune in!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What is Bioenergetic Power with NES Health?
  • Why you need to clear energy blockages from your body to reverse and prevent disease
  • How emotional trauma causes disease – and how to clear it
  • Using PEMF device, the miHealth, to stop pain and enhance healing


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About Debbie Ventura

Debbie Ventura worked as a professional in the legal technology field for more than twenty five years. Her great love and passion, however, is the study and application of bioenergetic and informational healthcare. Debbie knew when she first discovered NES that it was revolutionary and held the potential to change the way we understand energy and information in relation to well-being. She also intuitively knew that if anything could help her loved ones suffering from debilitating illnesses and their treatments, it was this amazing therapeutic system.

After a prolonged chronic illness and journey back to health, she received a degree in classical Homeopathy from the Texas Institute for Homeopathy in San Antonio, Texas, and subsequently gained certification as a NES Health practitioner. She see clients in her office in San Antonio, and works remotely with folks in all regions of the country and beyond. She also train and lectures on a range of topics relating to bioenergetic healthcare.


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