#204 Stimulate Mitochondria with Near Infrared Saunas with Brian Richards

Brian Richards talks to us this week about how near infrared saunas help you to make more energy because they provide heat and light.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How light helps to stimulate energy and fight fatigue
  • Heat shock therapy and why you want it
  • The health effects of stimulating mitochondria with near infrared wavelengths
  • Near infrared Vs Far infrared explained


Click here for the full transcript for #204 Stimulate Mitochondira with Near Infrared Saunas with Brian Richards!

About Brian Richards

In 2008 SaunaSpace founder Brian needed to make a decision: fill prescriptions for acne, insomnia, and adrenal fatigue, or take a chance with Near Infrared Sauna Therapy, as recommended by an alternative medicine doctor.  For Brian, it was a no brainer.  But there was a problem, at the time you couldn’t find a Near Infrared Sauna.  So, he began his journey to change that.

A born tinkerer, Brian cobbled together his first sauna from scavenged parts and chicken wire.  Within days of Near Infrared Sauna Therapy, his insomnia vanished.  But Brian also began to notice something strange.  A brain fog, which he hadn’t been aware of, lifted – Brian started thinking clearer and quicker than ever before.  With continued treatment his acne and adrenal fatigue disappeared as well.

Over the following years Brian became consumed with creating the perfect product, fueled by the healing transformation of his personal experience with Near Infrared Sauna Therapy.  At the beginning, SaunaSpace was one big DIY project, where Brian did everything from designing his logo and website to building every sauna himself.  As SaunaSpace continues to grow, Brian is just as fervently tinkering in his passionate quest to spread the power of Near Infrared Sauna Therapy.

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