#210 EMF Protection with Crystals Infused with Global Scalar Waves with David and Margie Slinger

David and Margie Slinger talk to us this week about scalar waves and how adding them to crystals dramatically improve their ability to protect you from EMF!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How EMF is affecting your sleep, mood and energy levels
  • How adding global scalar waves and metals to crystals dramatically improves their ability to balance and protect your energy
  • Interesting research on how EMF is causing different types of illness
  • Simple solutions to erect you from EMF and negative energy
  • How to save your marriage with EMF protection


Click here for the full transcript for #210 EMF protection with Crystals Infused with Global Scalar Waves with David and Margie Slinger!

About David and Margie Slinger

David and Margie Slinger started their journey into the world of EMF and energy balancing while living in Kenya.  While digging the foundations of their house in South of Mombasa, they found human skeletons! They were living on a burial ground for slaves.  The place felt creepy, dark, and disturbed.  They wanted to walk away from it all, but because they were financially committed, they couldn’t.

They started searching around for an answer, and they discovered the work of Wilhelm Reich a 1940’s scientist who discovered a way to move life energy.  After they made some devices, they buried them all over their land.  Almost immediately they noticed a change in the energy and even a change in their own health.  And thus this led them to start their research and education on life energy and EMF.

After moving to New Zealand they started making and testing a range of devices, and have continued to perfect their devices through years of research.

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