#219 The Underlying Causes of Hair Loss with Amy Gibson

Transcript 219

Amy Gibson talks to us this week about the underlying causes of hair loss and how you can approach improving the look of thinning hair!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Using hairpieces to mask hair loss
  • What to do if you received chemo and lose your hair
  • Underlying causes of hair loss


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About Amy Gibson

Amy Gibson, “The Voice of Hair Loss” is the leading Personal Consultant in the country for women suffering from hair loss.  As the founder of CreatedHair.com, Amy has created a company for women to turn to for solid solutions as she addresses the concerns of women globally who are living with the effects of hair loss as well as those who are seeking to renew their appearance, self esteem and radiant healthfulness.

Amy’s commitment to help other women comes from her own tumultuous journey with Alopecia Areata. an immune disorder that causes different stages of hair loss.  Her struggle began at the age of 13 while starring on the daytime drama, Love of Life.  At that time, little was known about Alopecia so she had to learn to cope with her “Crowning Glory” literally, ‘on the job’ while creating ways to still keep her secret. Today these same techniques – her “Pearl Program” – has been shared with thousands of women worldwide.

Amy Gibson has since become the country’s leading personal consultant to women afflicted with hair loss and is a national spokesperson and alopecia activist. She has spoken openly in the press and before the State Legislature of California in her efforts to bring attention to the issues surrounding hair loss for women and present viable solutions.

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