#248 Changing your Brain and Fighting Depression with Exercise with Tyson James Lee

Tyson James Lee talks to us about his own personal relationship with fitness and depression, as well as strategies for altering your brain chemistry with your exercise routine.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • The latest research on how exercise affects your brain
  • The difference between using antidepressants vs. exercise
  • Recommendations on how you can start to break free from anxiety, depression, and ADHD


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About Tyson James Lee

Tyson James Lee went from being homeless to being one of the higher paid online health coaches in the world. In his first year of business, he did 240k – all through organic facebook videos without investing a dime into marketing. His company, Tyfit, is built on providing the real truth about nutrition and fitness. Tyson’s goal is to impact and change the obesity epidemic.

Due to his passion for others, he has taken his life’s knowledge online, in hopes to educate and heal people around the world. Tyson is well known for his anti aging workout programs and is constantly referred to as The Action Boss, as he reminds us to take a stand, and be all about that action, boss.

To learn more about Tyson, visit theactionboss.com.

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