#3 Paleo Diet and Ancestral Fitness with Evan Brand

Evan Brand of NotJustPaleo.com is a Paleo diet enthusiast and advocate of ancestral fitness. Come explore with us how to maximize your health with the Paleo diet and other aspects of ancestral health. Our ancient bodies operate at their best when we follow in the footsteps of our ancestors, treating our bodies how they were evolutionarily designed to function — even in our modern world.


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About Evan

Evan Brand is a holistic health counselor and podcast host. He uses diet and fitness as the starting points for health and happiness, but uses many therapies including meditation, stress-management training and custom supplementation protocols. Evan provides in-person and online consultations worldwide.

At the inception of his research, Evan was lethargic and frustrated with incessant digestive issues. He was diagnosed with IBS in 2009. Conventional ideologies about nutrition, lifestyle and fitness had led him down the wrong path.

After discovering the relationship between digestive issues and gluten consumption, Evan set on a path to educate millions of people worldwide that are unknowingly destroying their health.

Within less than a year, the Not Just Paleo Podcast hit the top 25 chart in the Health & Fitness category on iTunes. Although the core of the show and Evan’s health comes from the Paleo lifestyle and diet principles, Evan also discusses and provides expert discussions about many other alternative therapies including earthing mats, acupressure therapy, essential oils, sensory deprivation float tanks and light therapy.

Listen to his fantastic Not Just Paleo Podcast.

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