#362 Emotional and Spiritual Aspects of Detox, Liver, and Parasite Cleansing with Josh Macin

Josh Macin joins the podcast to discuss the emotional and spiritual aspects of detoxing. Detoxing is not just about ridding your body of toxins, it also plays a role in releasing trauma, anxiety, and depression, and can help you become more in tune with your mind and intuition. Josh also goes into some lesser known aspects of detox like jaw alignment and the impact of stress on a successful detox.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Why you must control stress in order to detox.
  • Best ways to handle relationships while going through a healing process.
  • Why we can become angry and irritable when we have a congested liver.
  • Josh’s parasite killing protocol.


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About Josh Macin

Josh Macin was the 2010 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World Champion and the 2012 Pan-American champion. Suddenly, in October of 2013, he began to experience debilitating panic attacks, suicidal despair, and gut-wrenching anxiety.

After pharmaceutical drugs provided no relief, he found himself on a hero’s journey traveling to the corners of the earth experimenting with some of the worlds most powerful hallucinogens. When neither ayahuasca, float tanks, fasting, meditation, colon cleaning, nor yoga could provide him with relief he began to lose faith.

In a surreal sequence of events that transpired three years after beginning the journey, he found out about heavy metal poisoning and started a comprehensive detoxification protocol. Now, alive and well to tell the tale, Josh has created TheDetoxDudes.com a company devoted to helping people overcome toxicity.

You can learn more about Josh and all of his extensive detox strategies at www.thedetoxdudes.com/

Also make sure to check out his information packed youtube channels!

Detox Dudes YouTube:
Macin Your Face YouTube



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For the past five years Josh has devoted himself and obsessed over spiritual, physical, emotional, and psychological healing.

He has trained under some of the best detox doctors in the world, lived deep in the amazon jungle for 8+ months working with plant medicines, and experimented on his own body with every single modality, herb, and supplement he could find.

Josh took everything he learned and created a comprehensive video series and interactive Facebook community for you to achieve maximum vitality, health, and well-being with all of the information and techniques you need in one place.

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