#376 The Ability of Scalar Light to Help Fight Pathogens and Toxins with Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino joins the show to talk about how you can use scalar light to fight pathogens and toxins in your body! We also talk about bioenergetics, or energy medicine, and the different ways light and energy can be used to help improve many areas of health.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What is scalar light?
  • How the quantum energy from the sun and stars heal mankind’s suffering.
  • The father of scalar energy is Nikola Tesla.
  • How scalar energy can be utilized as an unlimited supply of energy.
  • How scalar energy unbinds the RNA/ DNA bonds of microbes.
  • How everyone can get a scalar light treatment via a photograph (no matter where you are in the world)


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About Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino is a researcher and humanitarian seeking to make a difference in the world by providing people with the education and tools to restore optimal health, and by helping enhance their quality of life. Tom began research with Scalar Energy during his undergraduate years after developing a deep admiration for the father of Scalar Energy research or knowledge, Nikola Tesla. He was also able to study the work of a man Hieronymus who continued research on Scalar Energy. Hieronymus’ major contributions included unbinding the RNA/ DNA bonds of microbes plaguing the agricultural industry (rendering them harmless).

Tom theorized that all energy in the universe initiates as scalar energy; and that the sun of our solar system and the stars of the universe are the points of origin, “the storehouses,” for scalar energy. He further theorized that scalar energy is instructive energy, as the entire universe is instructed by this Divine Essence. Subsequently, all spiritual, cognitive, emotional and physical action in the universe is initiated and maintained by scalar energy instructions. Scalar energy provides order in the universe.

The existence of such energy not found within the electromagnetic spectrum, fascinated Tom. Inspired by these findings, he pursued a course of independent study seeking to better understand and subsequently harness Scalar Energy, through the development of an instrument called “Scalar Light.

You can learn more about Tom and his work, as well as sign up for one of his complimentary sessions at www.scalarlight.com


Scalar Light – Quantum Healing 15 Day Free Trial

Experience deeper sleep, enhanced mood, and energy and regain
your zest for life. Scalar Light is from the sun and stars and
safe and gentle for people and pets.

When electromagnetic energy degrades over time or distance, the term used is “entropy.”Scalar Light energy can travel from one side of the earth to the other instantaneously with NO loss of power. The scientific term is known as syntropy or negative entropy. Neither time nor distance affects the power of a scalar wave.

When we LOSE some of our life force energy due to stress or illness, similarly, we experience entropy. Vibrant health would be considered syntropy. No loss of life force. So, disease states are a state of “losing light.” A human form of entropy. Scalar LIGHT instruments harness scalar energy from the atmosphere – from the sun and the stars and send that energy directly to you by simply scanning your photograph.

To learn more and get your free complimentary session, plus a 15-day free trial, click here!




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