#421 How to Detoxify with Electrons with Spencer Feldman

Spencer Feldman joins the show to talk about the different ways electrons affect our body, how we get them, why we lose them, and the difference between getting electrons and grounding. Spencer also goes over why oxalates and crystals form in your body, how electrons help your body detoxify, and his awesome device that he developed to help add electrons to your body.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What electrons are – how we get them, and how easy they are to lose.
  • Grounding Vs. Electrons
  • How low electrons inhibit our ability to detox.
  • How polluted air is stealing electrons from the air, which then steals electrons from our lungs.
  • How you get electrons from raw food.
  • How low electrons cause crystals to form in our bodies like gout, kidney stones, and oxalates.
  • How to break up these crystals in the body.


Click here! #421 How to Detoxify with Electrons with Spencer Feldman

About Spencer Feldman

Spencer Feldman is a multiple patent holding inventor with more than 20 years experience formulating and manufacturing detoxification products for doctors and their patients.  His trailblazing use of suppositories to deliver ingredients that would otherwise require intravenous therapy has changed the way many doctors do detoxification.  

The owner and formulator of the Remedylink brand of products,  now in his 50’s, he lives with his partner completely off grid on his 100 acre farm where he spends his time tending his orchard and garden, while continuing to design new products to help detoxify people in our ever more toxic world. 

You can learn more about Spencer and his work at remedylink.com


Electron Charging Machine

In addition to light and warmth, the sun also supplies a steady stream of electrons to the Earth which is then transferred to the planet surface via lightning.  These electrons are also what gives us the northern lights.  Animals absorb these electrons through their skin touching the ground, eating raw food and breathing in electron rich clean air.  We humans rarely make direct contact with the earth, cook most of our food and breathe in polluted electron-deficient air and as a result, we are electron deficient and our physical, mental and emotional health are not at their optimum.

Spencer Feldman developed the Electron Charging Machine to help bring a healthy flow of electrons back into your body through, which aids in detox, breaks down dangerous crystals formed in your body from the lack of electrons, and improves overall functioning of your body. Using a combination of techniques and attachments, the Electron Charging Machine can supply electrons through our lungs, the food that we eat, and directly into the body using metallic pads. The machine will charge up your cellular batteries, improving antioxidant effects, a better resilience to harmful EMF, and allowing you to trickle charge your body through normal grounding techniques.

To learn more about the Electron Charging Device, click here!




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