#423 How Hormones are Impacted by Toxic Mold with Bridgit Danner

Bridgit Danner joins the show to talk about everything related to toxic mold, what it is, what it does to the body, and how to address mold toxicity. Bridgit also goes over how toxic mold affects your hormones and weight gain, and the best ways to detox mold from your body. If some of the symptoms you hear in this episode sound like yours, it might be time to look at mold!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What is toxic mold and where is it hiding.
  • How toxic mold gets into your body and can wreak havoc.
  • How to properly test for mold.
  • The main symptoms of toxic mold exposure.
  • How toxic mold can affect your hormones and hormonal balance.
  • Why mold may be the cause of your persistent weight gain.
  • The best techniques and supplements to detox mold.
  • How to address a mold problem in your home.


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About Bridgit Danner

Bridgit Danner was working as an acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon when her health started to deteriorate. She learned a lot, tried a lot of things and even completed a functional health coaching program in an effort to heal herself and become a better practitioner.

Although several things kind of helped, nothing helped completely, and she hit rock bottom in the winter of 2014. Soon after she discovered toxic mold in her 100-yr old home and began the long journey of home and body repair.

Bridgit got into the natural medicine field in 2000 as a young environmentalist. She practiced as an acupuncturist and integrative clinic owner for 13 years, performing well over 10,000 sessions, before transitioning to the online space as a functional health coach and educator.

Bridgit loves to teach about everyday detox, functional living and toxic mold illness at bridgitdanner.com. She is also the founder of a line of detox supplements called Functional Detox Products. Her Instagram handle is @bridgit.danner

You can learn more about Bridgit and her Functional Detox Products at www.bridgitdanner.com

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Join Bridgit to learn step-by-step strategies to identify and address toxic mold issues in your body, assess and properly remediate your home and create a low-tox home environment!

Symptoms of mold toxicity can be varied and may include headaches, asthma, chronic digestive issues, weight gain, chronic pain, anxiety, depression and more.

Unfortunately, toxic mold illness often goes unidentified for years. Yet most buildings have a history of water damage, which, if not handled properly, can lead to lingering mold spores and mold toxins.

Not everyone reacts to toxic mold in the same way. One person could be symptom-free, and another quite sick. If you are experiencing mysterious symptoms, you could be suffering from toxic mold exposure.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to recover from toxic mold exposure!

This Toxic Mold Masterclass will provide you with all the information you need to:

  • Begin recovering from toxic mold exposure
  • Recognize symptoms of mold toxicity in adults, kids & pets
  • Identify the materials & moisture levels that grow mold
  • Manage hypersensitivity to foods, stimuli & supplements
  • Utilize supplements & detox strategies effectively
  • Home tests for mycotoxins
  • Understand how genetics influence mycotoxin breakdown

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