#424 Is Collagen The Fountain of Youth?

In this week’s episode I discuss everything about collagen. Is it the fountain of youth? Or is it an edible hoax and are you falling prey to slick marketing? I also go over the benefits of collagen, how to use silica to produce collagen in the body, and a variety of different topics around silica supplementation.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What is collagen
  • The benefits of collagen
  • Where you can get collagen
  • Why is silica important in collagen production
  • Why are people deficient in silica
  • Different forms of silica
  • Other supplements you can take with silica
  • The best strategies for taking silica supplements


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Ageless AF Silica Supplement

Ageless AF contains a number of  ingredients that synergistically work together to create this powerful anti-aging, beauty-enhancing, detox-supporting, and immune-boosting supplement.

This advanced beauty boost for hair, skin and nails contains a combination of silica, biotin, selenium, and hyaluronic acid to provide you with the ultimate support in achieving flawless, glowing skin…from the inside out!

It supports your body’s natural ability trap and gently eliminate the impurities that can affect your skin and promotes:

  • Tighter, firmer skin
  • Reduced wrinkles
  • Stronger hair and harder nails
  • Bone mineralization
  • Flexible joints
  • Healthy ligaments, tendons, cartilage
  • Tissue elasticity
  • Collagen/elastin production

Taking Ageless AF once a day can help your body’s natural anti-aging efforts by bringing hydration and nourishment to your skin, enhancing your collagen production, and protecting your skin against oxidative stress.

Ageless AF is gentle on the system and incredibly effective keeping a range of toxins – like Arsenic, Aluminum, Tin, Cesium, Thallium, Bismuth, and Antimony – out of the body so that you can maintain normal health.

And – thanks to the combination of silica, garlic, and selenium –  Ageless AF is wonderful at reinforcing and boosting your immunity! While selenium comes in as a potent antioxidant to fend off oxidative stress, garlic upregulates your immune function. Meanwhile, silica can help facilitate the body’s natural excretion of the pollutants from your system that mess with your energy production and inhibit optimal immune health.

To learn more about Ageless AF and pick up bottle up for yourself, click here!





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