#427 First Steps to Take After a Breast Cancer Diagnosis with Dr. Carol Lourie

Dr. Carol Lourie joins the show to talk about the first steps you can take if you get a breast cancer diagnosis. She explains why you shouldn’t panic, and how to get all your ducks in a row to pursue a treatment plan for your diagnosis. Dr. Lourie then goes on to speak about integrative care, and the many holistic protocols that woman can use to start to treat a chronic disease such as breast cancer.

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • The first steps you should take after a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • What is integrative care and how Dr. Lourie uses it in her practice.
  • Why you shouldn’t panic after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.
  • Why mindset and the mind body connection is so important.
  • Steps woman can take to prevent a breast cancer recurrence.
  • Various diets that are essential for a cancer diagnosis.
  • Dr. Lourie’s programs and approach to breast cancer treatment.


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About Dr. Carol Lourie

Dr. Carol Lourie is a dedicated practitioner with over three decades of clinical experience as a Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and Homeopath. She’s helped hundreds of women recover their health and restore their life through her holistic protocols involving focused nutrition, targeted supplementation, lifestyle changes, and a centered mindset.

Carol specializes in complex and chronic disease management, focusing on women’s health specifically breast cancer, fertility for older women, and autoimmune illness. When the body and mind work together, healing is always possible.

You can learn more about Carol and her work at www.CarolLourie.com


Calm Your Cancer Anxiety with Dr. Lourie’s Empowered Against Recurrence Program

You’ve completed treatment and rung the bell. Your doctor has told you that you’re “done”. And yet – you’re held hostage to that little voice in your head…”Is IT going to come back and make me sick again?” “Is taking a pill all there is for me?””What else can I do to make my body stronger so it doesn’t come back?”

Breast cancer took over your body and your confidence was ripped away with the diagnosis. You have been searching for answers for a long time. Here’s the secret…You CAN reduce your risk of recurrence. And everything you need is right here to make your body inhospitable to cancer. With that, comes the peace of mind that you are doing everything possible so it doesn’t come back. Empower yourself to recover your health and no longer be held hostage to the trauma of your cancer.

The Empowered Against Recurrence program brings together holistic and science-based strategies which remove the chaos out of managing your health. These strategies have been developed over the course of 35 years while working with women in their journey after treatment. The program is delivered over 6 weeks of LIVE coaching calls with Carol and other expert guests. You’ll learn the secrets of preventing recurrence and how to easily incorporate them into your life. Become empowered — know you’re doing everything possible so it doesn’t come back, and live the life that you truly want and deserve. 

To learn more about Carol’s incredible Empowered Against Recurrence Program and sign up, click here!




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