#450 Osteoporosis & Osteopenia: Top 10 Tips for Stronger Bones with Kevin Ellis

Kevin Ellis joins the show talk about osteopenia and osteoporosis and the top ten tips to help reverse these very common health issues. Kevin discusses the prevalence and the common causes of these health issues, and the best diet and supplements you can take for reversing them. Kevin also covers the exercises you need to do to build strong bones, the side effects of conventional medications, and the role that PEMF therapy can have in rebuilding your bones.

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Kevin Ellis’ Bio:

Kevin Ellis, better known as Bone Coach™, is a Forbes-featured certified Integrative Nutrition health coach, podcaster, youtuber, bone health advocate, and is the founder of BoneCoach.com.

After an osteoporosis diagnosis in his early 30’s, he realized just how challenging it can be for the average person to make sense of what needs to be done to improve and how to move forward confidently with a stronger bones plan.

Today, not only has he transformed his own health, and made continued progress on his own journey, he’s now dedicated his life to helping women with osteopenia and osteoporosis gain clarity and confidence that improving is possible.

Through a unique 3-step process and world class coaching programs, Kevin and his team of credentialed experts have helped people in over 1500+ cities around the world get confident in their stronger bones plan.

His mission is to not just help over 1+ million people around the globe build stronger bones, it’s to help our children and grandchildren have the education, resources, and nourishment needed to prevent osteoporosis and other diseases in the future so they can lead long, active lives.

You can learn more about Kevin and his work at bonecoach.com

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  • The surprising reason why many people don’t have a shot at better bone density (and how to avoid being one of them)
  • The 4 “internal disruptors” that prevent salads, smoothies and supplements from making ANY impact on bone health
  • Why a faulty “bone plan” now can lead to debilitating fractures and even loss of independence later in life

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