#457 Reclaim your Menstrual Cycle: Top Tips to Improve Your Cycles with Jema Lee

Jema Lee, an amazing Menstruation Coach who helps women from around the world regain control of their cycles, joins the show to provide insights into menstruating and menopause and the many factors at play when it comes to having healthy cycles. She talks about the best foods for your period, how toxins affect our menstruation, and the things that interfere in our hormones that can cause problems in our cycles. So many great tips and info in today’s podcast, so you won’t want to miss it! 

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Why is it important to reconnect with your cycle.
  • The 4 phases of the menstrual cycle.
  • The best foods for each of the 4 phases.
  • Major lifestyle factors that impact PMS.
  • How toxins and heavy metals impact menstruation.
  • Top tips to track your cycle.
  • How to get back in tune with the phases of your cycle.
  • Top recommendations for people in a peri-premenopausal phase.
  • How to best support the transition into menopause.


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About Jema Lee

Jema Lee is a menstrual cycle expert, natural contraceptive teacher, qualified Ayurvedic coach and the creator of Wellsome. For 13 years, she’s helped guide women in over 22 countries to embrace their monthly cycles and deepen body awareness through personalized coaching, online courses, retreats & workshops.

She’s known as the down-to-earth, raw and authentic teacher who makes periods fun! Her teachings are analogy-filled, helping to make the complicated stuff practical, easy and memorable! Located in Australia, Jema is a day time mermaid, a full time human who spends her days coaching, dancing and creating.

You can learn more about Jema and her work at www.wellsome.com

5-Day #LoveYourCycle Mini Course

Discover a new cycle knowledge and understanding in under a week with this 5-Day Love Your Cycle Mini Course. A course that was designed to give you a completely new understanding of your cycle, how it works and how you can support your cycle. With daily videos, guides and support eBook you’ll learn how to embrace your flow, take charge of your life and celebrate your period.


This cycle immersion will guide you to:

  • Reconnect with your body and your monthly cycle.
  • How to use tracking to support your before, during or after coming off contraception. (even if you don’t have a bleed)
  • Eat in tune with each phase of your menstrual cycle.
  • Customise your exercise to be in alignment with supporting a healthy cycle.
  • Reduce, eliminate and identify PMS and Cycle signs as they arise.

Includes:  Love Your Cycle eBook + Audiobook and 5 Daily live classes.

Start date:  This is a self-study course.

Delivery:  Email. This course is drip feed daily to your inbox. Day 1 will begin the day of enrolling.

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