#463 Top 10 Benefits of Healing Infrared Pads with Robby Besner

Dear friend and inventor, Robby Besner, joins the show to talk about all the incredible benefits that you can get from using full spectrum infrared heating pads. Robby recently developed an infrared heating pad that has been shown to help with so many health conditions, like pain, inflammation, stress, sleep, blood circulation, improved HRV, and much more. Infrared heating pads are key if you suffer from acute injuries, old injuries, chronic pain, a variety of chronic disease, or are just looking to detox and help your body recover from everyday stressors. Lots of great infrared topics covered in today’s episode so make sure to tune in if you’ve been interested in investing in an infrared heating device!  

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How infrared wavelengths help our body heal.
  • The major differences between infrared heating pads and traditional heating pads.
  • The major health benefits of using an infrared heating pad.
  • Robby’s line of amazing infrared healing pads.
  • How infrared pads help reduce stress and improve HRV.
  • How they improve sleep and your sleep cycles.
  • Why Robby added Jade stones to his healing pads.


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About Robby Besner:

Rob Besner, PSc.D, CEO and Chief Science Officer of Therasage, has always been an advocate of natural health and wellness. Graduating from Boston University in Pre-Med, Engineering, Psychology and Business, he continued onto post graduate work at Case Western Medical School and Holistic Medicine. 

After many years of illness, Mr. Besner’s daughter was diagnosed with Lyme disease. This began his mission to find alternative, holistic and homeopathic avenues of treatment. He discovered the natural healing effects of infrared frequencies and began developing specialized devices and applications to help his daughter with her health challenge. 

When he saw the positive results, he felt compelled to share what he had discovered, and formed Therasage.com, recognized as the leader in integrated Infrared technology. Therasage has built a reputation with the healthcare community and mainstream public by educating and creating special cutting edge applications and protocols.

Robby is a professor for the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies, annual contributor at the World Committee on Infrared, a member of the Education Committee of the Hippocrates Health Institute, a presenter at many medical, integrative, and anti-aging health conferences, a contributor on podcasts, on-line summits, radio and TV shows around the world. He’s a best selling author and considered a leading scientist in the field of Integrated InfraRed technology. He continues to research and develop new applications to bring the power of healing with nature to the world.

You can learn more about Robby and the products he developed at www.therasage.com


Infrared Healing Pads by Therasage

Therasage has completely revolutionized personal healing products with its proprietary line of TheraFusion™ Instant Calmer™ Healing Pads. The difference is Infrared heat. Therasage Instant Calmer Infrared Healing Pads feature full spectrum, deep penetrating infrared heat, with natural jade stones to generate negative ions and grounding therapy.

Without exposure to harmful EMF’s, soft and flexible, comfortable to lie on or wrap around your body, this is not like any heating pad you’ve ever used!! Relieve Pain, Increase Circulation, Immune Enhancement, Relax Muscle Spasms and Cramps, Sleep Better and “Heal with Heat”!!

Conventional pads use heating coils and emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation, or EMF. Such products only heat your skin. Their unique Infrared Pads, with enhanced therapeutic benefits effectively relieves pain, increases circulation and naturally removes harmful toxins. Infrared technology is the wave of the future in the health and wellness industry. Listed with the FDA as a class II medical device with CMS and DME listing numbers.

To learn more about the Infrared Healing Pads by Therasage, click here!


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