#467 How to Detox Aluminum and Forever Chemicals with Dr. Bill McGraw

Dr. Bill McGraw joins the show to go over the dangers of aluminum and forever chemicals, as well as best ways to support your body in naturally detoxing them! Dr. McGraw is a detox expert who has written multiple books on how to detox these toxins. Not only does he go over his recommendations, he also covers where these toxins are coming from, how they are entering our bodies, and what you need to be supplementing with to protect yourself.

On top of that Dr. McGraw goes over some of his favorite technologies for detoxing environmental contaminants and forever chemicals – like saunas and Rife machines. An absolute must-listen episode if you want to keep you and your loved ones safe from these extremely dangerous toxins!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What are forever chemicals and where are they found?
  • How forever chemicals are causing obesity and chronic disease.
  • How Dr. McGraw uses a Spooky2 Rife to detox forever chemicals.
  • The main sources of aluminum and why it is so prevalent in our environment.
  • Why everyone has aluminum in their body, even if it’s not showing up on tests!
  • Why silica is the best thing you can take to naturally mobilize aluminum and support your body’s elimination of it!
  • Dr. McGraw’s top tips for facilitating the body’s natural excretion of the pollutants like forever chemicals and aluminum from your system.
  • Why sweating is the best thing you can do to start detoxing these toxins.


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About Dr. Bill McGraw:

Dr. Bill McGraw is a multi-discipline research scientist working in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, fisheries, coral reef ecology, and naturopathic medicine. 

Dr. Bill began studying medicine because of a healing crisis he was experiencing that began in 2010. He could not find a doctor or therapist that could help him and so he had to become a doctor of medicine to heal himself and medicine became a sincere passion to help others do the same. 

Since then, he has become a very adept healer with many full cancer cures, detox successes, and countless resolutions of many different chronic diseases for a variety of people from many different countries. 

Dr. Bill knows that the cure for all chronic diseases can be found using Rife technology, supplementing for mineral deficiencies, and removing toxins from the human body. He continues to educate in all of his chosen fields and he achieves a better than 90% success rate in healing people from chronic diseases.

You can learn more about Dr. Bill and his work at www.drbillmcgraw.com


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