#476 How to Achieve Radical Emotional Acceptance with Dr. Alex Wills

Dr. Alex Wills joins the show to talk about how to achieve radical emotional acceptance. Negative emotions suck, but can actually be a great benefit to our lives. Many time we resist negative feelings, pushing them down instead of accepting them for the tools that they are.

Dr. Wills discusses so many amazing topics on how to get in tune with your negative emotions and use them to your benefit. He talks about the 5 steps to radical emotional acceptance, how to make fear self-serving, and the techniques he uses with his patients to help them use negative emotions to their benefit. We also go over my own journey to overcoming negative emotions, and what you’ll find in his incredible book Give a F*ck Actually. 

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • What is radical self-acceptance?
  • Why is it essential to get in tune with your negative emotions.
  • How to properly reveal the emotions that you are feeling.
  • Are negative emotions actually helping you?
  • The 5 Steps to radical emotional acceptance.
  • How to make your fear self-serving.
  • Why Dr. Wills uses the term “name the f-bomb” throughout his book.
  • My own story of overcoming negative emotions and jealousy.
  • Dr. Wills’ incredible book Give a F*ck Actually.


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About Dr. Alex Wills:

Alex Wills, MD, is a board-certified psychiatrist. He is the owner of Perma Mental Health, a private psychiatric practice. Alex’s clinical days are spent using the Radical Emotional Acceptance method to help patients heal from issues ranging from past traumas to interpersonal struggles in their marriages. Alex’s book, Give a F*ck, Actually is based on that experience.

You can learn more about Alex and pick up a copy of his amazing book, Give a F*ck, Actually, at RadicalEmotionalAcceptance.com


Give a F*ck Actually | Reclaim Yourself with the 5 Steps of Radical Emotional Acceptance

Stop battling your emotions and engage them to live a better life.

You’ve been told that it’s a subtle art to not give a f*ck, to only live, laugh, and love, and to f*ck your feelings. That’s impossible and unhealthy. What if you could stop trying to fix your emotions and work with them instead of against them—even the “bad” ones?

Give a F*ck, Actually is the self-help guidebook to doing that with Radical Emotional Acceptance, a simple five-step process for having a healthy relationship with your emotions in real time. Developed by psychiatrist Dr. Alex Wills through over 15,000 hours with patients, REA stops the fight against your own feelings and allows you to acknowledge, accept, interpret, and act on emotions—even the painful ones that you are told to suppress—before they become a problem. Rather than pretending you don’t give a f*ck, REA helps you embrace your f*cks and learn from them emotional data to live a fuller life.

Give a F*ck, Actually integrates teaching with anecdotes, historical lessons, and narrative encounters with patients to demonstrate REA in action. The result is an unforgettable how-to guide for emotions that will change your life.

To learn more about this incredible book, and pick up a copy, click here!


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