#484 The Missing Elements for Perfect Health with Dr. Anthony Gustin

Dr. Anthony Gustin joins the show to talk about what to do when you feel like you’ve hit the pinnacle of your health. Maybe you’re doing everything, eating the right diet, exercising daily, and taking the best supplements, but want to improve your health even more. Well this is the podcast for you!

Dr. Gustin covers all of the things you can do to improve your sense of being, engage your spiritual journey, and find your sense of purpose. He discusses addressing emotional trauma, connecting with your food and the people who make it, as well as the importance of community in staying healthy. So many interesting discussions and ideas of what to do to take your health to the next level, so many sure to tune in!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • Why supporting and connecting with you local food system can improve your health.
  • Having community, and sharing your skills could be a missing factor for your health.
  • How to create community and connect with others in healthier ways.
  • Top ways to address your trauma without generic therapies.
  • The role of spirituality and religion in health and wellness.
  • Why have a sense of purpose is key in overall health.
  • Is using plant medicine and affective strategy for upgrading your health?
  • The incredible steps Dr. Gustin used to find a new level of well-being.


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About Dr. Anthony Gustin:

Dr. Gustin is a former sports rehab clinician turned entrepreneur, author, podcast, investor, and amateur farmer. He’s currently working on some new projects to help save our food system and scale regenerative agriculture. He last founded Perfect Keto (acquired) to help people with metabolic dysfunction and Equip Foods to provide people with whole food nutrition supplementation. He’s always exploring how to live like a human on his podcast The Natural State Podcast and his newsletter The Feed.

You can learn more about Dr. Gustin and his work at dranthonygustin.com

Make sure to listen to Dr. Gustin’s incredible podcast, The Natural State Podcast! Click here!

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They work with the ranches, processors, and the butchers and deliver right to your door, direct from their land. Their goal is to remove the middleman distributors and shipping companies and connect the best farmers and most conscious meat-eaters together.

Other companies source from enormous industrial operations across the world, paying for ocean freight, enormous warehouses, and then ship their meat frozen across the country. This forces massive compromises in quality & means pennies for the actual producers.

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