#486 How Toxic Chemicals In Everyday Products Disrupt Your Hormones with Jenna Hua

Dr. Jenna Hua joins the show to talk about hormone disrupting chemicals that are in everyday products found in your home. Dr. Hua covers how these chemicals affect your hormones, the different hormones that they can impacts, as well as how to test for these chemicals with at-home testing. She also covers important topics like how these chemicals affect fertility, your ability to sleep, mood, and are contributing to the obesity epidemic. If you want to take back control of your hormones and get the harmful chemicals out of your home for good, make sure to tune in!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • The top sources of hormone disrupting chemicals.
  • The dangerous chemicals you’re exposed to when you eat out.
  • The most problematic hormone disrupting chemicals, and how they affect out health.
  • The symptoms of hormone imbalance that you must look out for.
  • Why fertility issues are on the rise.
  • How EDCs or endocrine disrupting chemicals are hijacking our hormones.
  • The best ways to reduce your exposure to dangerous hormone disrupting chemicals.
  • Why fragrance free doesn’t mean the product is safe.
  • Dr. Hua’s incredible hormone testing company Million Marker.


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About Dr. Jenna Hua:

An environmental health scientist and dietitian by training, Jenna is passionate about the environment, public health and everything food. Frustrated by the lack of data for how harmful chemicals (like BPA, phthalates and parabens) from plastics and everyday products affect our health and clinical outcomes, and the absence of personalized approach to mitigate harmful chemical exposures, Jenna is set out on a mission to change these.

From there, she founded Million Marker, a health-tech startup dedicated to empower everyone with the data and tools to determine how the products they use, the food they eat, the water they drink negatively or positively influence their health. Million Marker helps people understand what chemicals are inside of them, and then provides simple solutions for quickly reducing harmful chemicals through mail-in test kits, lifestyle audits, product recommendations, and counseling.

Their mission is to get one million people to take their test, building the first ever dataset on how environmental exposures like microplastics impact our bodies. Starting with a few markers of harmful exposures, their vision is to discover over a MILLION MARKERS to inform and improve individual health and to advance precision medicine.

You can learn more about Million Marker and their work at www.millionmarker.com



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