#489 Why You Must Cleanse Before You Conceive with Dr. Mary Shackelton

Dr. Mary Shackelton joins the show to talk about the importance of detoxing before you get pregnant, and if you’re in your child bearing years and plan to conceive. Dr. Shackelton discusses how long you need to detox before you conceive, if you can detox while you’re pregnant or nursing, as well as the testing that you should get before you get pregnant. She also goes over why the MTHFR gene and toxins have been involved in miscarriages, what nutrients your body absolutely needs, and the best types of detoxes for pre-conception. So many great tips on how to prepare your body for pregnancy, so make sure to tune in!

What You’ll Learn

Tune into today’s podcast to hear all about:

  • How long you need to detox before you conceive.
  • Can you detox when you’re pregnant or nursing?
  • Why it’s key to eat fresh herbs to detox.
  • Why MTHFR and toxins are involved in multiple miscarriages.
  • Is the master cleanse good as a detox?
  • Is water fasting recommended as a detox?


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About Dr. Mary Shackelton:

Dr. Mary Shackelton, MPH, ND, founder of Holistica Integrative Care, has been practicing naturopathic medicine with an emphasis on women’s health for 25 years in Boulder Colorado. She also has a Masters in Public Health (MPH) which focuses much of her work in the area of prevention. Her current focus is on Environmental Medicine and the conditions associated with toxic exposures including autoimmunity, chronic fatigue, cognitive decline, hormone imbalances, mitochondrial dysfunction and neurologic conditions.

Dr. Shackelton has written a book called Pre-Conception Cleanse for women who are pre-conception to help them reduce the lifelong impact of chemical exposures, creating the foundation of a healthier neurological terrain beginning in utero. It is her hope that those who find this book will learn the fundamental principles of living a life of detoxification. The results will be a stronger, more resilient healthy life for you and your baby.

Dr. Shackelton has co-founded numerous companies and projects including: Insulite Laboratories, a company dedicated to reversing disorders related to insulin, PridePads Africa (PridePads.org) whose mission it is to provide sanitary pads to girls in Cameroon Africa to keep them in school. She has been an avid life long gardener, runner, skier, hiker and has raised 3 children with her husband in Colorado.

You can learn more about Dr. Shackelton and contact her at maryshackelton.com

You can learn more about Dr. Shackelton’s integrative care center, Holistic Integrative Care, at holisticacare.com

Pre-Conception Cleanse: Detoxify Your Life – Inside and Out – For The Optimal Health of Your Baby

A paradigm-shifting book from an experienced doctor, a witness to the impact of environmental exposures on health.

The answer lies in detoxifying before conception.

What we once took for granted — an easy conception and a child coming into this world with robust health — are no longer guarantees for many women.

The information in this book will help empower a new generation of moms to identify and remove obstacles to conceiving and to lowering your and your baby’s toxic burden.

If you are contemplating conception, if you are in the planning stages of pregnancy, or if you are in between pregnancies, this essential guide will help you understand all that is necessary for a successful pregnancy outcome. It will help reduce the lifelong impact of chemical exposures and help create the foundation of a healthier neurologic terrain beginning in utero.

After a problem arises, resources for help are usually available. This book offers an opportunity to prevent problems before they arise. Here you will find fundamental principles for living a life of detoxification that will help give your future children a strong foundation, reduce their risk of being born with conditions related to toxic exposure, and build the basics for a healthy life.

To learn more about Pre-Conception Cleanse and pick up a copy, click here!


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