#507 How Deuterium Depleted Water can Help Detox Your Body with Michael Hobson

In this captivating episode of the Myers Detox Podcast, we’re thrilled to welcome a true water expert, Michael Hobson. Michael explores critical topics like spring water versus distilled water, the role of silica in your drinking water, and the revolutionary concept of deuterium-depleted water. But that’s not all – Michael also delves into the lesser-known issues within tap water, including the presence of negative frequencies alongside toxins and medications. Discover the incredible nature of water and its ability to store energy, send healing messages, and help your body detox. This episode is a treasure trove of information you’ve never heard before about water. Tune in now and learn how to unlock the transformative potential of water.

On Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • About Michael Hobson and his passion for water.
  • What health benefits and harms derive from various water properties.
  • The impact of vibrational frequencies of water.
  • The importance of minerals in water.
  • About deuterium-depleted water and the significance of silica.
  • The source of Aquene Springs water and how you can get it.


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About Michael Hobson:

Michael Hobson has spent his life studying frequencies, as a mathematician, an econometrics professor, corporate business consultant, and through his several businesses in the music industry,

Hobson’s interest in frequencies eventually brought him to water. He started a nearly decade-long deep dive into understanding it in all its capabilities.  After years of studying water, water structure and water frequencies, Michael heard about a special water that came from a source in a remote part of Idaho.

Thorough a series of coincidences, he found his way to the spring where pristine water, that tastes like no other, finds its way to the Earth’s surface at 139 degrees Fahrenheit and naturally comes out of the ground at 80 gallons/minute.  It was here, in this special place, known for centuries to Native Americans as Crystal Spring, that it became clear to Michael that he would have a role in helping to bring this water to the public.

Hobson sees frequencies as a way for humanity to connect, communicate and heal – and knows water plays an important role in life, longevity, and health.  Michael built Aquene Springs with the intention of shepherding this Source Water to the world, and protecting the untouched nature that surrounds the spring from which it comes.

You can learn more about Michael Hobson at aquenesprings.com

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Aquene Springs Source Water is naturally distilled and mineralized. Soft, slightly sweet and naturally alkaline, it is silica-rich, deuterium-depleted, pristine primary water. 

The best way to replenish silica in our bodies is through silica-rich water. Aquene contains 77mg/L of digestible silica, more than 99.9% of other waters on the market. Silica is important for optimal collagen synthesis, improving skin strength and elasticity. It decreases hair loss, improves lung function, and accelerates wound healing.

Deuterium concentration is linked to aging. The most recent research reveals that the ability to deplete deuterium decreases with age. Aquene Springs water is considered deuterium-depleted.

Primary Water is water created deep within the earth from a synthesis of hydrogen and oxygen as a result of magmatic processes. It is free of toxins that affect most waters that are part of the hydrological cycle, including Mercury, Lead, PFAs, hormones, and glyphosates.

Aquene Springs Source Water mission is to shepherd its unique and sacred water for the betterment of human health and longevity.

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