#515 Permanent Pain Relief Using an Equiscope with John Thorp

On today’s Myers Detox podcast, we’ll learn about the amazing Equiscope from an expert, John Thorp, whose company, Intelligent Bioenergetics, is the exclusive international distributor.

Electro-Equiscope® technology is a microcurrent electrotherapeutic technology proven to rapidly eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in every area of the body. It is an excellent integrative therapy to increase wellness and help alleviate symptoms from chronic diseases, inflammation, injuries, and even sagging or tired skin.

Equiscope can impact at the cellular level, so results are often long-lasting or even permanent.

On Today’s Podcast, You’ll Learn:

  • About John Thorp’s interesting life experiences and his passion for healing through Electro-Equiscope.
  • The technology behind the Equiscope and how it works.
  • All the diverse health issues and injuries the Equiscope can successfully treat.
  • That our cells are controlled electrically, setting up the biochemical response, and how the Equiscope works to stimulate that response.
  • Where you can learn more and get Equiscope treatments.
  • Where practitioners can get a device and training to use in their own practices.


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About John Thorp:

John Thorp founded Intelligent Bioenergetics to globally distribute the Equiscope, an advanced intelligent bioenergetic microcurrent device. John is also Founder and President of Thorp Institute of Integrated Medicine (TI), a medical management company established in 1995 – and a leading authority on microcurrent technologies. With 30 plus years of experience in the field of electro-medicine, he’s administered and taught proprietary clinically proven protocols to clients and practitioners worldwide.

John Thorp’s introduction to electrotherapy came in 1986 when he shattered his tibia, fibula and femur bones, under his right knee. He was told without a total knee replacement he would most probably be crippled for life. But he used his devices to recover fully and compete in a triathlon one year later.

After attending the Institute of Oriental Medicine to study acupuncture, John established protocols for this technology, producing unheard of success rates in the reduction of chronic pain.

John’s expertise in the clinical use of this world-renowned microcurrent device led to eventual ownership and operation of two full-phased medical clinics.

You can learn more about John and his work at intellbio.com.

Find a Practitioner near you to get Equiscope Treatments

Our providers receive unparalleled long-term support and training to align state-of-the-art bioenergetics technology to a holistic and caring approach to health issues. As a patient, you are heard, understood, and offered sustainable solutions to drastically improve the quality of your life. Experience the Equiscope with a preferred provider today!

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For Health Providers – Bring the Electro-Equiscope® into Your Practice

The Electro-Equiscope® technology is a microcurrent electrotherapeutic technology proven to rapidly eliminate pain and reduce inflammation in every area of the body. It is the new standard in electro-neural and myo stimulation. It’s a safe, tested, and registered Class II medical device. It has been used by thousands of patients and is an affordable therapy option, finally available to the general public.

Intelligent Bioenergetics provides affordable training & on-going support. Become a provider & join the network. To learn more, click here.

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