#64 Are Small Farms in Danger of Going Extinct with Rocky Angelucci

Rocky Angelucci talks Wendy today about the dwindling rights of small farmers and how BigAgra, with the help of the government, is methodically and maliciously edging out their competition. 


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Today we talk about how bacterial outbreaks are being handled by the government in ways that hurt small farmers, why the government can illegally seize small farms and many of the issues facing small farmers that are forcing many of them to sell or go out of business. Learn what you can do to stop the government takeover of our food supply.

Small farms are in danger. It’s frightening to think:

  • According to the CDC, more than 50% of food borne illnesses come from imported food, not from food produced in the US
  • According to farmaid.org, 12% of the farms in the US produce 84% of our nation’s food
  • America’s dairy farms have dropped in number by 90% since 1970 from over 600,000 to fewer than 60,000 today

About Rocky Angelucci

My guest today, Rocky Angelucci, is an everyday 40-something person who became frustrated at today’s health and nutrition advice. After nearly two years of intensive research and self-testing he has written Don’t Die Early; released in May 2012.

He’s not a doctor, nor is he a healthcare professional. He is doggedly determined to separate good advice from bad in a quest for preventive health. While there have been some zigs and zags along the way, the past two years have brought incredible improvements to his lipid health, cardiovascular fitness, body mass, blood glucose, inflammation indicators, and a variety of other parameters. As Rocky describes in Don’t Die Early, much of what he’s done is ignore conventional medical advice in favor of the more forward thinking clinicians and researchers practicing today.

Rocky is a technical writer with a background in chemistry and mathematics. He has written in the fields of medical device development, nanotechnology and software development.


DontDieEarlyObesity, diabetes, heart disease, and inflammatory diseases are all on the rise. And even though it seems everyone has answers, incessant sound bites in the daily news and magazine articles offer little more than superficial, generic advice. Combined with clever marketing intended primarily to sell products, this chaotic and fragmented advice results in a confusing, and typically incorrect, guide to being healthier. How does a person know what’s right and what’s wrong? How do we separate fact from carefully crafted half-truths? What can we, as individuals, do to be healthier and how can we avoid the most common diseases that plague us today? Don’t Die Early is a remarkable framework to guide any of us towards a more aggressive approach to our own healthcare. No matter our age or condition, Don’t Die Early is a plan of wellness and longevity, written for the everyday person who no longer wants to be at the mercy of their provider but wants to take control and become the healthiest that they can. “In Don’t Die Early, Rocky Angelucci explains the actual science of diet and health in clear, simple language anyone can understand. If you’re confused by all the conflicting health advice in the media, read this book. By the time you finish it, you’ll probably know more about nutrition and health than your doctor.” –Tom Naughton, creator of the documentary “Fat Head”

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