#65 Living the Primal Lifestyle with Mark Sisson

Mark Sisson talks to Wendy about living a healthy primal lifestyle and everything you should be incorporating into your life regarding work, sleep, exercise and play. By the way, Mark is the Paleo God! He’s also my neighbor here in Malibu. 


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We are going to go on a Paleo safari today, talking about all things Paleo. We’re going to be discussing his ideas about the Paleo diet and living an ancestral lifestyle to promote the optimal health that is fundamental in living to 110.

About Mark Sisson

Mark SissonMark Sisson is an American fitness author and blogger. You can find his websites at marksdailyapple.com and primalblueprint.com. He has written five books about the Paleo diet and living a Paleo lifestyle including the seminal The Primal Blueprint and his most recent book The Primal Connection. He provides so many ways for you to learn about Paleo.

He has travel events like the PrimalCon conventions in Tulum and Oxnard, CA, and a weekend retreat in Malibu. He has a publishing company, having published many books on the primal way, including Denise Minger’s Death by Food Pyramid. He now hosts the Primal Blueprint podcast and enjoys over 400,000 subscribers to his blog. He is the PALEO GOD!


UnknownHealth researcher Mark Sisson’s innovative program, The Primal Blueprint, empowers you to identify and flip those switches that control your weight, health, energy and your destiny. Combining modern genetic (DNA) science with the principles of human evolution, Sisson presents a simple, easy-to-follow program based on ten Primal Blueprint laws that will forever change your life. In this book you will learn

  • Learn the one concept that will guarantee lifelong weight con- trol—no matter how much extra weight you carry, or how “bad” your family’s genes.
  • Learn a few easy steps to permanently eliminate cravings for sugar and sweets.
  • Naturally and completely control your appetite and blood sugar levels.
  • Reprogram your body to get most of its energy by burning stored fat 24 hours a day.
  • Discover proven strategies to get through the “cold and flu season” scot-free.
  • Find out why a high-fat diet can actually be healthy.
  • Forget eating multiple small meals! Eat whatever “Primal” foods you like until you are satisfied at every meal.
  • Achieve incredible fitness with less time and suffering than you thought possible.



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