#73 The True Underlying Causes of Bulimia and Anorexia with Dr. Renae Norton

Dr Renae Norton talks about eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. Learn the true underlying causes of these devastating eating disorders. She is a clinical psychologist specializing in eating disorders that uses a holistic approach to treatment that has a very high success rate.


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About Dr. Renae Norton

dr renae nortonA family practice psychologist for more than 20 years, Dr. Norton specializes in the treatment of Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder, Obesity, and the consequences  of disordered eating. She has researched disordered eating extensively for the past four years in writing her upcoming book, Under the Radar, and continues to research the topic 20 hours a week. She also applies what she has learned in practice and tracks the astonishing recovery rates along with low relapse rates that clean eating delivers for her patients.

Dr. Norton has presented workshops and seminars for such prestigious organizations as the American Psychological Association, which currently offers Dr. Norton’s workshop on Food Pollution for continuing education credits. A former business consultant, she has been an executive coach for several Fortune 500 companies and was Vice President of Global Inclusion and Diversity for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. She has published several books and is also an inventor.

Dr. J. Renae Norton became interested in the treatment of eating disorders while still in graduate school. Her primary areas of expertise during her doctoral training were family systems theory, and Neuro-psychology. She began her practice in 1985 after doing her residency in clinical psychology at Good Samaritan Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Over the years her reputation as the go to therapist for the toughest eating disorder cases has spread to other states and professionals around the country. Presently, she offers the only alternative to inpatient treatment in cases where the individual is suffering from a severe case of Anorexia, Bulimia or a combination of the two (often referred to as Bulimarexia). 

Dr. Norton did her dissertation in 1985 comparing the identification and treatment of eating disorders from a Gestalt, Behavioral, Psychoanalytic, Neurophysiologic and Family Systems perspective. Her research convinced her that the traditional view of the causes of serious eating disorders, i.e. the overprotective mother along with the critical father, was a gross over- simplification for understanding such disorders.

Her belief then and now is that you must treat the individual with an eating disorder taking into consideration all of the various systems that impact her, i.e. the family system, both her family of origin and her current living environment, the current status of her nutritional system, her support systems and emotional coping mechanisms, and at the macro-level, her interpretation of her culture.


Screen shot 2014-08-21 at 10.37.04 PMRecently, Dr. Norton completed the first two books in a series of children’s books on lifestyle issues designed to help parents protect their children from the dynamics that would otherwise rob them of their health and well-being. The books delight readers from 3 to 10, because the adorable pups, Maji (rhymes with magpie) and Mongo (rhymes with bongo) make being healthy an exciting and fun-filled adventure.

The first book in the series is entitled “How Maji Gets Mongo Off the Couch.” The second book is entitled Let’s Eat! How Maji Teaches Mongo What It Means to Eat Clean! Fitness is an important part of the problem, but it is not the only issue. The other important piece of the problem is the nature of the food that our children eat. Unfortunately, the U.S. food industry targets children’s foods for additives that damage weight regulatory systems.

The next Maji & Mongo book, “Let’s Eat!” addresses this issue in an endearing and encouraging way, as Maji introduces Mongo to foods from the ground, not from a bag. Maji also helps Mongo discover the amazing power of Water, Water H2O! In the next book in the Maji and Mongo series.

The remaining Maji & Mongo books cover Green Living, Eating Disorders, and Diversity in the same appealing and engaging way. Dr. Norton is on a mission to shed light on these problems, particularly as they relate to obesity and eating disorder prevention for U.S. children, who currently hold the dubious distinction of having the highest rate of obesity (tied with Scotland) among the world’s developed nations.

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