#84 How the Government, BigPharma and BigAgra are Conspiring to Ruin Your Health with Ron Garner

Ron Garner, author of The Disease-Free Revolution, talks about a very controversial topic I’ve been wanting to talk about for a long time – how the government, Big Pharma and Big Agra are conspiring to destroy our health for profit.


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About Ron Garner

Ron GarnerRon Garner is the author of The Disease-Free Revolution and earlier book Conscious Health, was the winner of a Nautilus Book Award in the US as the “Best Health and Healing book for 2007”. He has been a guest on many radio shows all over North America in recent years. And now he is here with us today to talk about his new book.

Ron Garner is a BEd, MSc, with a Diploma in Natural Health. He is a health researcher, educator, author, and speaker. For a major part of his life, he worked in the public school system in Canada, where he held positions as a teacher, Principal, Deputy Superintendent in British Columbia, and also served as Regional Superintendent of Schools in the Yukon Territory.

Ron’s passion for truth and his desire to help others is abundantly evident in his writings. His own search for health solutions has convinced him that the human body is a miraculous self-healer—if it is given the support it requires to build and maintain health.

Ron currently lives in British Columbia, Canada.


The Disease Free Revolution

Disease free revolutionThis is the health book we have all been waiting for. Easy-to-understand, timely and transformational, it gives you the keys to gain personal power over your health and shows you how you can live a disease-free life.

In The Disease-Free Revolution you are presented with research-based facts that show how our reliance on conventional health care systems is not working. This reliance is making us dependent on pharmaceutical treatment of symptoms, while doing nothing to help us understand and heal the causes of disease. This trap has been laid to make us the market for huge profits generated by the pharmaceutical, medical, and chemically-oriented food industries.

This book takes the mystery out of how the body operates – by showing why it succumbs to disease and how health problems can be reversed – and clearly explains the tools required to build your health.

The Disease-Free Revolution exposes deceptions that are at the root of our growing disease statistics. If you want real and lasting health, this book is a must read!

Conscious Health

Conscious Health CoverTimely, transformational, and content-rich, Conscious Health presents a personal health plan in the form of five keys we must use to ensure optimum health and lifelong vitality. A natural health library in one book, it can be read from cover to cover or used as a family reference manual. We are shown what we must do to give the body what it needs to keep us healthy. With the awareness that Conscious Health brings, we can move from hoping for health to conscious creation of it.

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