#97 Are you Allergic to Heavy Metals? with Dr. Aristo Vodjani

Dr. Aristo Vodjani talks to me about how you can be allergic to heavy metals chemicals . One person can have a small exposure to a heavy metal and become very ill – whilst another person won’t show any reaction at all to a heavy metal or chemical. It’s all up to your body’s own chemistry and biology. Dr. Vodjani tells us all about the tests we can do to reveal our allergies and what we can do once we determine which allergies we have.


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About Dr. Aristo Vodjani

Dr. Aristo Vodjani obtained his Ph.D in the field of microbiology and clinical immunology with postdoctoral studies in tumor immunology at UCLA. Dr. Vodjani’s ongoing research, spanning a 40-year career, focuses on the role of environmental factors, such as toxic chemicals, infections and dietary proteins and peptides in complex diseases. An owner of 15 U.S. patents for laboratory assessments, he has published 120 peer-reviewed articles in scientific journals. If that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he is also the CEO and technical director of Immunosciences Lab., Ic. in Los Angeles, CA, a member of the editorial board of four scientific journals, and a guest editor of six more journals. He is also the chief scientific advisor for Cyrex labs.


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