#98 Got Cancer? Now What? with Denise Messenger

Denise Messenger talks to me about what to do after a cancer diagnosis. It can be a bewildering diagnosis and people need Denise’s book, Got Cancer? Now What? to make informed decisions about how to heal themselves from this disease.

In the United States, and worldwide, up to 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will have to face this devastating diagnosis. This podcast will serve to help those people, and their loved ones, on their journey after a cancer diagnosis to regain their health with as much information as possible. The most important thing is to take responsibility for your health by taking control and becoming as informed as you can, instead of relying on just one doctor’s opinion. Got Cancer? Get informed!


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About Denise Messenger

0Denise Messenger is the award-winning author of Got Cancer? Now What? A Layperson’s Guide for the Newly Diagnosed. Her book was a winner of the 2013 International Book Award, received the 2012 eLit Gold Medal award for excellence and was a finalist in the 2013 Indie Excellence Awards.

She was also featured on Inspiremetoday.com as “Today’s Brilliance.” Because of her love for the written word, she continues to write by contributing articles to magazines, newsletters and journals. She is also often a guest speaker at major health conferences.

Currently, she is the radio host of the “Health Media Now” where expert guests, including doctors, authors, practitioners and healthcare providers entertain and share cutting edge information.

“Got Cancer? Now What?”

got cancerIn this award winning book, Denise Messenger gives vital information for anyone diagnosed with cancer or wanting prevention.  Find out reasons for cancer and how to save your life.  What you do after a cancer diagnosis is critical. Will you remain in shock, denial, or take charge and make decisions that could prolong your life? In this easy-to-read guide, Denise describes precisely what to do after the devastation of a cancer diagnosis. She uses her own experiences of having been diagnosed with two different types of cancer to illustrate how being positive and prepared can have an incredibly beneficial effect on cancer outcomes.

Her unique perspective and determination to navigate the world of cancer treatment results in an inspiring and informational read. Whether you have been diagnosed with cancer or know someone who has, this book will help you decide how to select doctors and treatments, as well as how to take care of your body with both traditional and alternative therapies. This is an excellent place to begin gathering information to help you navigate the mysteries of cancer. Got Cancer? Now What? is a truly empowering guide, one that covers both the scientific and personal aspects of cancer. Even if you feel like the world of cancer is too complex, after reading this book, you will know exactly what to do!

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