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Beryllium Toxicity

Beryllium toxicity doesn’t make headlines, but this heavy metal does affect some people and I wanted to bring it to your awareness. In fact, beryllium was first identified as a health hazard in the 1930s, and its use is still widespread today[1].  Although workplace safety … READ MORE

#505 DNA Testing for Detox and Diet Optimization with Kashif Khan

On today’s podcast, Kashif Khan, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The DNA Company, will passionately explain the importance of using DNA testing to alleviate a host of chronic health issues, from anxiety and depression to diabetes and eczema. Mr. Khan takes a functional approach … READ MORE

Top 3 Dangers of Vaping

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#504 The Truth about SIBO and The Best Ways to Heal Your Gut with Dr. Michael Ruscio

On Today’s Podcast, Dr. Michael Ruscio, acclaimed author of Healthy Gut, Healthy You, delves into the intricacies of SIBO, explaining its origins, causes, potential solutions, and the complexities surrounding testing. Unveiling the diverse range of issues that can stem from SIBO, Dr. Ruscio highlights that … READ MORE

Toxins in Your Workout Clothes: What You Need To Know

One of the primary reasons people exercise is to achieve or maintain optimal physical health. Physical activity can help you lose weight, get strong, maintain cardiovascular fitness, and so much more.  But what if your workout clothes are working against you? What if your workout … READ MORE

#503 The Electric Water that Supercharges your Mitochondria with Rob Gourley

Get ready for an enlightening episode featuring Rob Gourley on the show, a return guest and the mastermind behind the ingenious WIT machine. This remarkable invention is responsible for producing Watt-Ahh, a drinkable water enriched with oxygen, hydrogen, and electrons, heralding the advent of the … READ MORE